Thursday, October 23, 2008

Headless horseman!! zomg

Well the gathering of "leet epix" has all but stopped for me and my toons..

Or has it?

Behold.. some headless guys in the silk farm I call "scarlet monastery".. and he drops epics.. not great.. but good enough.

So I put dwarf in a group and beat him up really good and got myself 2 EPIC rings.. ok so they aren't amazing.. but a lot better than what I had. Then while I was laughing at how easy the HH was.. I thought.. wait doesn't mcgoo need new rings? Well it helped that all of the caster rings dropped and nobody wanted them in our group with dwarf.. but I digress.

So last night I took Mcgoo in for HH-fest. I managed to get myself both caster rings.. and a broom. Ok so I don't care about the broom.. still it was great to round out my epics in that way. I realize everyone in my guild thinks the drops are "lame" but I didn't get in to the same things they did.. and these rings were awesome for me. Now to see how many weeks until all my epics are just rags compared to my 72 questing greens.. ROFL!!

Ati and I have taken to doing nightly runs of the isle of Quel (what I call it). Firstly for my pet.. dwarf's wasp is only 65 so he needs to go up a lot of levels just to be of use.. Secondly.. well I need some cash. I have 2 70's and almost no money. I don't even have 1k gold anymore. Of course me cessation of selling my crud on the AH hasn't helped that but I hate dickering with the AH.. I like doign it with auctioneer but my POS PC won't allow me to monkey with more than 1 or 2 addons.. and now my server has a wait to log on!! So who wants to logout as my banker and then back in so he can sell my crap with the correct addons? (I know you don't have to do this, but I never have the foresight to set the guy up legitimately..)

Ah well.. counting down to WotLK.. and LOVING it.