Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to make 1-4= something greater than zero..

Lately I've been getting Grimrpr steamrolling into as much content as possible.

I haven't gotten IN to see Ony yet, but I have been in 3 groups that just suddenly dissolved or lagged on forever and still didn't get in. So.. I'm hoping to get in there and get an upgrade or two for my dps/tanking sets to move myself up a little. I may give up on tanking altogether though..

I have found the yearning within my heart.. Arena.

With mcgoo it was terrible. My job was to dot everyone before they all killed me. Sometime in the 70 cap days, there was a bunch of super-uber locks that pwned everyone. It wasn't me, but I sure felt the backlash. Start a match, let the rogue hide and walk out alone away from the group. The WHOLE other team (healer, dps, cc) all ran right at.. ME. So I got to die VERY fast. My team did okay for the pure reason of me being such easy fodder, and my spellpower really sticking it to people even after I died.

Now.. With Grimrpr.. Its, um. Mostly the same. Only with plate. I am in a 2's team most frequently with my buddy.. a rogue. He outgears me by a lot, but I am competitive with survivability and dps output. I'm the bait. I'm the lure to pull people in. So I run out.. run in a circle and hide behind a pillar. Most people in 2's will divide to have 1 person on each side of the chicken, in this case me. What this does is give my roguish buddy a chance to pwn someone without their helper around to do squat. Well you get the idea.. we suck something awful, but we've improved a lot each week so far.

So.. what is the problem? I play wow about 14 hours in a 7 day period. That time sounds pretty steep, but consider.. WG is a every 2 hours kinda funtrip, and lfg takes TIME. I have a great desire to make grim a higher end raider.. I also have a desire to make him viable in arena matches.. The solution?

I don't have one.. I was really hoping you did. Right now I feel like I'm splitting my time and so everything suffers (gamewise). I just ditched my blood tanking spec for something more saucy for PVP and arena. So far I pwned a lot in WG, but haven't had a chance to partner up for some practicing. I am itching now to replace my weapon with a arena one, but with OUR rating? That'll never happen..