Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tic ToC

I am in such a rush to get into the new heroic and normal dungeons Trial of the Crusader.

If you haven't heard of this... its the new Argent Tournament style dungeons (and a raid to boot!)

I'm not sure exactly how hard these new places are.. The reason for that is.. I can't get in a bloody group!

I think this is the new DK mecca so there are a million groups looking for healers/tanks.. but full on DPS. I have seen 2 groups with 3 DK's in it. The heroic version drops a axe (oooo yum!) that is the only REAL upgrade to titansteel destroyer (ahem.. my mace) until Late 25man Naxx. So its a big deal. My dps is holding pretty solid at the 2k mark, not shabby.. but I still can't find a group that needs my particular brand of mayhem and slaughter.

So in the mean time.. I'm running a ton of dailies on my 2 80's and piling up the gold for the eventuality that Grimrpr will be my only epic flying character.. on his nifty dragon.. So there..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OMG.. where am I?

Well with for frickin ever past since I posted (which was when Grimrpr was dinging 70), here are some updates...

1. Grimrpr is now 80!!
2. Grimrpr can now sustain 2k dps!
3. Grimrpr can now pwn everyone! (especially healing druids..)
4. Grimrpr.. can't um.. get in a raid to save his life.
5. Grimrpr won a dragon mount (woot, COS timed lootz)
6. Grimrpr can't ride it.. :( saving up though.. getting there soon
7. Bored with Grimrpr for now.. so started leveling Bigscrybear
8. The 'bear' hit 62.. and is dealing with life fine..

So basically I'm using mcgoo and grim to run tournament dailies and see if I can get grim into a heroic nexus or something.. Which is boring.. doing the same quests 2x's in a row. But oh well.. I seem to be looting over 70g a day.. and this is ONLY doing the super fast quests, solo.

Jeez.. when did I forget how awesome mcgoo is? I one-shotted a dragon in icecrown, and was literally cursing aloud at the power. Crit for 8k? srsly? dang. I am still bored with him though. Nothing is a challenge and I can't get into raids. Realistically, I should be guild shopping for one that raids during times I can.. But I'm not. There are a few I have looked into, but they are either not wanting warlocks, or full on DK's. At this point Grim is 'part of the package', and frankly more fun. Running TOWARDS ppl trying to kill me is a new thought for a guy who played a short warlock. I usually ran away.. (insta curses/diseases FTW!!). That is still proving to be fun (the plate wearing skull bashing).

Well.. I have begun my 2nd siege of the AH as well, and I am doing well. I am not necessarily pushing for MAXIMUM GOLD!!! but I am pushing for SOME gold. There is a margin, which is small, where you can undercut most competitors, while still making some decent gold. My time spent farming is being fruitful? Nah. I'm not farming. I am just doing H VH. Skinning all the dragons and OS10 skinning there too. Sometimes I get dragonscales (which oddly don't sell as fast) but I at least get leather. Now realize that for a long time I was hitting there (both) daily, and you see how I got so much leather. Managed to make a paultry 800g in selling it all. Could have probably pushed to the 1k's if I had spent the time on it and all, just didn't feel like it.

More to come, this time for sure!!