Thursday, August 30, 2007

PvP problems, and arguments

I love my guild. I love my guildmates. They tolerate my goofiness, and generally reflect it back as much as possible. To me WoW is a game, a good game to sit into and relax for a while, while doing some wicked cool things. It also gives me a chance to socialize with typically like-minded folk from around the world.

That being said I had an argument last night with a guildy. I don't think we got "ugly" or anything, but we were clearly at odds with our perspectives. The standing was, I was complaining that I seem to be in more loosing bg's than winning. The response was that since WoW PvP was basically ruined, PvP would perpetually suck.

His arguments were these:
  1. In the "old days" people toiledover PvP all the time, pushing their skills to the utmost, where now ppl just jump in for their 30 marks and then move on.
    1. Rebuttals: These people had been (in most cases) playing for a long time, had main characters to provide gold to buy expensive enchants, and possibly were in raiding guilds that supplied even MORE funding/materials to "twink" their character to its utmost. This is great, but as a non twinked, non assisted character that loves to fight, I am inevitably gimped as I haven't got 300g to buy all the best crap and enchant it with the uberist of uber enchants. So I loose. There's almost no scenario when a guy in greens, can stomp a guy in all blues/purples, with wildass enchants on their stuff. I mean, I have managed it before, but to go into a battleground against 10 of these guys is a nightmare for normal folk.
    2. I aggree that people do this, but "twinking" still goes on, but blizz tries to match up wild ass twinks with other wild ass twinks. Thus making an EVEN game, unlike before. Now people do a bit of PvP for gear and then move on leveling. While not as financially rewarding as farming lower instances (I mean really, find assassins blade a few times and you can get an epic flying mount!), PVP is more fun. So many people choose this option. Which is fine with me. I am on a "main" character, and I don't have a dumptruck of gold waiting for me on a lvl 70 guy to just feed my gear wants/needs. Nor do I beg/cry/whine for guildies to run me through higher instances than I should be in, just to get the uber-est gear. This would gimp me even today. Now I'm not saying I suck, cause I really don't. I fight, and kill more "Marshalls" and other PvP ranked dorks all the time. I'm no easy target for ANYONE. Unless a rogue gets off an ambush on me, I never get killed 1:1 without taking the other guy with me ( I actually will stay at my body for a sec just to watch them drop).
    3. I disagree that this is a problem though. People want their gear as fast as they can get it. So there is more of a PUSH to get that honor, to get that mark so you can turn em in and get your gear.
  2. (I insulted him, unfortunately by this next rebuttal though) He said that there was a "right" that earning that stuff in the past served you with IRL prestige for doing the battles and getting all the honor saved up
    1. First of all, to do it in "the old days" you were required to do a LOT of PvP, and win a LOT. Plus the honor degraded. Get the flu? you loose honor in that time frame, that you have to make back.
    2. The sheer weight of getting to marshall or whatever was immense. It required, not skill, but TIME. Massive amounts of consecutive hours of gaming in PvP. This is a known thing. I referred to these individuals as "ppl with no lives". It was wrong, and I regret it. But seriously, if you can play for 24 hours in 3 days, you don't have a life. Its just too much to be realistic. Not saying those people did that, but they had to do close to it, just because of the expiration/degradation of the honor points. This is when he got his feathers ruffled..
      1. he told me he HAD a life, and (didn't say if made it to marshall tho) thought those with ranks EARNED them. I aggree they earned them, but the goal was unrealistic. According to blizzard, the PvP system was put in to provide rewards for more casual gamers than Raid players. There is better RAIDING gear in RAIDS. But the PvP gear was a reward from donig PvP only. I remarked that these "ranks" were outdated and meant nothing. As the person could have been a marshall at one time, but then the system changed, now they are permanent marshall, even though I spanked them 4 times till sunday in battleground, my guy is a "private" (my only pvp rank for only 1 character) and theirs is a higher rank. Rank is a privelage, true.. but to say that this joker with a big rank is better than me at PvP is BS. He isn't. We can dual all day long and he'll lose. Well probably. Some guys out there are good. But some guys just beefed up rank and then got to keep it. The next expansion would be a good time to remove the ranks altogether. While this will upset some, I think its a worthless/meaningless badge of times gone by. I choose not to show my "private" rank, mostly because its not attainable anymore.
  3. He wanted the PvP ranks to return.. mostly for ranking purposes
    1. I'd actually like this. So long as the honor doesn't degrade over time, and you don't LOOSE honor for being a casual gamer.. Oh and don't put me in a room of ultra-uber guys and expect a fair game. Really I've been the aggresser in unfair matches, and I know its fun to annihilate someone, but I've also been the guy 4 rogues with flaming and other associated enchanted weapons run down to kill in WSG. So having lived both sides of the equation, my vote is to keep the grouping setup the way it is, and why not bring back ranks? Or maybe just ranks for 70's guys in arena, ya know?
So I was basically unruly, and he, like me, thinks that everyone that disagrees with him is a dingleberry. He's a higher level than me, probably on several characters, but I continue to maintain, having 20 lvl 70's on a bunch of servers doesn't mean you are better than a first timer. I've been schooled before, and I appreciate the chance to error check myself in how I could have done it differently. I also keep a list of folks that are really good in PvP on Horde side. I use this to scale how I'd setup my character from that class, etc. As far as locks go, I haven't seen anyone special. All locks have their purpose.. Demon locks are good for using demon tricks, destruction is a mini-mage with dots.. and affliction pwns them all!! hehe. In PvP, I think destruction has an advantage.. in grinding, I think affliction has the advantage, and ths split difference is demon locks. I LOVE banishing lock pets when they are running around. its almost a hobby. I don't rely, nor do I need my pet.. in PvP I have my mana battery, oh I mean my Imp out. I could use my Succy to seduce ppl, or my VW for the shield, or even the felhunter to all but neutralise casters.. but I wanna do the damage. Just like with my hunter, my pet was there to help me, not to kill them. I was marksman. My pet was a tank to have you attack while I sent an aimed shot for 700 at your head. People play different ways and thats fine, but thats what works for me.

If you are my guildy, and you're mad at me.. Please confront me. I don't mention names as thats dishonorable, but if it was you, you know who you are.

Build woes..

Well I've been doing some planning. some scheming and some plotting.

What I WANT, is Unstable affliction. Why? cause it sounds cool, and its an extra dot that has some punch to it if you even TRY to get rid of it. But I do a lot of farming for leather, etc. And for my 2 cents, massive taunt with VW, with siphon life and corruption on all, followed by a run in and hellfire means I take down up to 6 mobs at level. Which is GOOD. But what's bad is, there is a talent to improve upon my hellfire/soulfire/rainoffire abilities in the destruction tree. Its a 2 tiered talent, one decreases chance to interrupt, the other gives chance to stun. Personally, I love the idea that I might stun all 6 mobs I'm hellfiring. I think it would mean, more damage to them, less to me.

My issue is, of course, that I can't have BOTH of these abilities. To be more precise, I don't think I can have RUIN and Unsatable affliction. Ruin, is just a must for me. Personally I don't want it in raids, just because I think a massive damage hump coming from me would be a thing that would make a freakin-huge dragon come down and eat me. So that's a concern. BUT for solo, the only time I use destruction spells are for hellfire, and for my nightfall shadowbolt proc. and if nightfall goes off, and I can deliver a bigger punch in the stomach to the enemy.. I'm down for that! I really don't know which way to go. Ruin is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I am what used to be called a SM/RUIN lock, so I do a crapton of damage, on everything I do. I would like the extra DOT to help drain more life off of tough guys, and to really help in PvP (dispell it NOW shammy!!) Healers are my favorite target, them and shadow priests. Shadowpriests cause they try to beat me at shadow damage, and I serve them up with an apple in their mouth. I started a priest with the SOUL intention of making a shadow priest. And I'll tell you, if you solo a priest up to level 40, regardless of spec. You have my deepest respect as a player, as it is Terribly, terribly, mind-numbingly boring. Priests are only REALLY good at healing. Everything else they can do "ok". They have an armor buff for themselves, fort buff is great too.. spirit for some abilities they have to give more mana faster. In shadow form, there are some good things they can do too.. I just don't see the issue. If you're on Medivh server with a 59 shadowpriest, send me a email and we can arrange a dual. I'd just love to go against a good one and see how much is hype, right now it seems ALL hype.

Back to my woes.. I'm going to put up a poll, I wanna know if you think UA, or RUIN is a better way to go.

AV woes, continued

Well got into 2 AV's last night.. and for the first time in my now 5 attempts at it, I got to SEE the horde general. So I am getting either progressively better, or the groups I'm in are getting progressively better. Either way though.. still lost both. I got a whoppin 200 honor for it though. Which is good enough I suppose. I actually don't like AV as much as WSG or AB. There is a need for a more cohesive group effort in AV, and its just never there. In AB, 3 good players can surround themselves with fodder, and hold 3 nodes and win. In WSG, if the ppl are fighting in the middle.. run on the side..

AV however has actual NPC's that are just rediculously difficult. While mostly melee (as a caster these only bother me when they come AT me), they have a crapton of healthpoints. I mean a LOT. Like a boss of an instance really. I mean most all players, even elites at my level I can solo and go through 2 cycles of dots (apply, then reapply) while wanding, or just pummeling with shadowbolts and they drop like a stone. These guys.. warmasters I think, and they took at minimum 4 applications of my DOT's (unlike most groups, I can die, and still do great damage to ppl). So regardless of who was fighting what.. I found a warmaster with my dots.. reapply and wait for him to run over and 1 shot me. There is a wild NEED for tanks in AV. Most warriors don't PvP. I don't know why, I guess its because warriors either go protection (extremely crappy damage dealing) or fury/arms (great damage, terrible survivability). Neither of which provides an ideal PvP experience. I mean I have been soloing twinked warriors for some time with no difficulty whatsoever. And even moreso with my hunter. My friend has a warrior, and he's pretty far out there. Aside from Kang (purple axe for 49's), he has ALL the purple lvl49 weps. Even has Hurricane!!. So he's insane with his damage ability, and his survivability is really high too. His problem is, as a tank, he's a melee machine. He can't out burst the rogues, but in most cases he can outlast one. Where I can solo 2-3 rogues in AB, he can mostly just go 1:1. The hard fact is, tanks are made to get beat up. So they deal good damage, and keep going. Rogues deal GREAT damage, but if you put their scenario in YOUR favor, they die.. very fast. I keep telling him he should have a rogue. He wants to 2 shot ppl and have piles of bodies around him. Anyway, Warriors are not big in PvP, except the uber wama wama ding dong warriors.. Who are usually Tauren, so I have to kill them.

THOSE guys are wild. Big friggin cow ppl running at me with a HUGE weapon almost always on fire, but some guys are really mean and have mongoose on their weps. That's insane. With a big honkin weapon, the damage (as far as I know) is based on speed. Mongoose effectively negates that and can take a 3s swing down several degrees, to where a good blue would have been in speed. So you end up with a guy basically with a melee form of a rapid fire Howitzer. Anyone with mongoose gets deathcoiled, thats just my rule. They get dotted with corruption (my big spell) and then feared.. warriors can break fear pretty easy, but you can always hope. If you get "IMMUNE" I put curse of exhaustion. I improve the curse so it lasts longer on them too. I figure if I can't slow down their swing with their uber enchant on it, I can slow down their travel ability for a while.

So all in all.. decent honor, even if I lost..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trials and tribulations of an alt-a-holic

I have too many alternative characters.. (alts).

The shortlist of toons is this
Medivh: Mg,Hu,Wl,Rg,Pa,Sh,Dr,Pr
Frostmane: Hu,Wl => PVP server so these are horde
Gurubashi: Wr => alliance, and haven't played in 4 ever.
Eonar: Wl(horde), Hu(alliance)

My real issue is, I want to play more on Frostmane, cause I like the folks there. But I also like the folks on Eonar (although my friends are on hiatus). The main guy I know on Frostmane is a big wig. Main healer kinda shaman (which I love the idea of). I don't really care what class I play on there, but since its a PVP server I want the ability to fend off people. I have a huge handicap with horde guys cause I think like a human, not a zombie, cow, troll, orc, or blood elf.. Their town construction makes no sense to me. I have spent MOST of my time in Orgrimmar, and I STILL don't like it. Undercity is a nightmare, and I plan to never visit. I went there once on Eonar, and it was so crazy looking I just decided.. hm.. screw this, and moved on. I will treat undercity like I do darnassus. I go there ONLY when I absolutely positively have to. And even then grudgingly. For the most part, alliance towns are spread out. Thunderbluff seems to be okay too, btw. But I notice its not well defended, so I may take mcgoo there to kick some butt someday. Anyway, I have been to silvermoon, UC, TB, and ORG. I only like Org/TB. Silvermoon is the opposite of alliance places, its TOO spread out. I feel like I run all day to get places. Its pretty, sure. I can't stand either of the new capitals.. Exodar or silvermoon.

Anyway, I like the horde races, appearances, and especially their abilities. I just can't get into their cities! I have an Orc hunter and a blood elf warlock on Frostmane, my lock is tough, and my hunter is a twink-in-the-making. (buddy of mine hookin me up, cause I don't have anyone over 20 on that server). I'm good at PvP.. I'm not perfect, I've had crap games, but for the most part.. I top damage charts and recently been topping HK charts. Meaning if I'm in your crowd of ppl, and the enemy shows up.. Mostly they die. I hope to bring that to the 19bg's on Frostmane, but I am doubtful.. Some of these twinks are SO far out there, I'm just like.. scared I won't even matter to them. There is lots I need to be doing to get things moving for all my alts, and I'm not doing much for them ATM. I'm focussing on getting Mcgoo his spellblade. Which is a horribly monotonous activity for a halftime student, father of 3, fulltime working adult. There's just not enough time in the day. I'll be off around my birthday, and I FULLY intend on whippin some butt and racking up some MAJOR honor points.

Missing my hunter more and more..

Well I am really enjoying my lock.. I mean REALLY. But the tyranny of dwarfenstuff on the battlefield has been forgotten TOO long. Classes are kickin my butt about now anyway, so I don't have the time to level a hunter again. I maintain, that I will be doing a hunter, just not now. In the meantime, the 40-49 bgs will see a resurgence of dwarfenstuff, and his pet wolf, grendal.

I've actually only spent 50-70g on updating this guy with armor etc.. But I still consider him a twink (please note, no great knothide for legs, or enchants for my 2h'er.. I was saving for that when I started Mcgoo, so its a big after thought at this point). I am mostly marksman spec'd but I deliver a lot of surprises, I have the distance talent from survival, and the rapid fire bonus from hawk aspect in beastmaster. So.. occassionally from an incredible range you'll get POUNDED, and at rapid fire rate.

If you see me out there gimme hey howdy mcgoo (even though the name in 49 bg's is dwarfenstuff) Same server, cause.. well cause I just can't leave medivh.

Alterac Valley sucks

Now I know this is a flame for a post title.. but seriously..

All I've ever heard was "alliance pwns in AV man". Well apparently I manage to end up in the retard group every time and loose terribly. Now Ive been in 3 times, and consider myself a basic noob, but the mechanics are simple. Get a graveyard closest to the opposing side HQ. Then mass troops.. storm in. Kill everything(there's a way to do this, I know.. but its still the point).

The "general" is a raid lvl boss. What this means is I can't solo him. What it also means, to me, is that we need at least 15-20 people to take him down with any great ease. My DOT's bring the pain. I can wind down anyone with enough time and with very little mana cost. What I can't do, is manage to get in kill all the opposers on my own. Then get the "marshals" (sub-bosses) dead.. THEN get the general. To be honest.. I'm not sure I've SEEN the general yet. What I know for sure is this. I would think an ideal group would be 2 hunters (MM spec, but with the range buff from survival), 2 warlocks (hopefully affliction), 3 healers (druid, pally, priest, shaman), and 3 tanks. The rest, to me.. is fluff. with enough healing, and a good tank (in my case I'm saying 3 good ones). Hunters should ahve their pets on attack, but not the growl(don't want aggro) and if one has a wolf, do the howl and let the tank benefit from that extra damage. Mages always seem to be a problem in a group. I get the guys who want to throw 2k crits all day long, and a good tank, can't keep aggro. So I'm biased against mages. They bring the pain, but for my taste, most bring it too early.. killing everyone (this has been the case EVERY time in AV for me). There is one guy in particular that I always get smited by in a quick fashion.. and its usually because (after reading wowwiki) someone drew aggro and he goes and kills the clothies. I've taken aggro once (but seriously, if a affl lock takes aggro from your tank.. your tank sucks).

I won't advise other classes, but affl locks in AV need to:
  1. Find a big guy
  2. stand behind him and dot the piss out of everyone he fights
  3. if the guy takes a BIG beating and is still fighting the big guy.. wand him.
This should just go without saying really. Drainlife heals, and as such seems to draw aggro. Soul siphon does good damage, but I don't like having a clear line from me to a target.. (makes me pretty easy to find if you are a sneaky SOB rogue). Also.. Affliction locks should have their imp out and keep on passive. If he dies the group takes a huge stamina cut, so him alive=group alive. If there are 2 of you, someone get out a different pet, so there isn't 2 imps sitting there.. now if one imp dies because the lock is a moron, pull yours out immediately.. actually if you see the other imp slinging fireballs.. pull yours out and put him on passive

My preference for another demon is succubus. Thats cause you can have her on defend and if someone tries to jump you.. they get seduced. If the mob you are on has a healer, use felhunter and take him out. Healers that get healing spells spell locked become cloth targets with no saving grace. Also, if you see a caster put curse of tongues on them and make sure it sticks. a healer that can't heal quickly, or at all is a worthless enemy that can be easily killed.

I forgot to mention, but a hunter with detect invisibility, should be your rear guard. Both times we got close to getting something done, a rogue came in with a few stealthed guys and killed off our big guns. Which stagnated our damage, and led to our healer overhealing.. and boom.. wipe. Rogues are a problem, thats just the facts.. Rogues and tauren druids. I like hunter the best against rogues as rogues need to be IN your face, and hunters can shoot you from FAR away, slow you.. poison you (to break your stealth), and engage. I prefer BM or SV specs for rear guard, as traps are handy, and that spirit bond thing makes BM guys harder to kill. Don't know if you see dividends on it either, but putting detect invisibility on a pet and putting that pet on aggressive, should help find ppl.. Or thats my thought.

Well if I ever WIN in AV, I'll post how we squeeked one out. Till then.. more crying that I can't get my spellblade.. WAA!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Gold woes..

Man.. I have spent so much money buying up crap for my Epic mount quest I'll have to do. (walock, remember)..

I have less money than I have had since lvl 40's!! I feel impoverished! I still have to get my shards (large brilliant variety), and another 10 ghost mushrooms (thats not bad in cost though), and 1 bar arcanite.
  • Arcanite bars run 8g per on my server
  • Shards go for 7-10g PER, and I need 6
  • Shrooms seem to go for about 5g per 10
So altogether, that makes (worst case) 73g. I have 78 on me right now. Now keep in mind once I START this quest, one of the NPC's will require me to BUY something for 150g. So I basically need to raise 150g. I totally see why people buy gold now. I won't/don't, because a friend of mine told me that paying real money for funny money (in game money) was the craziest thing he ever heard of. I agree. But still.. Got a crapton of stuff you want, and don't want to farm needlessly for a month.. drop $50 and you can get it all. Of course you might get banned.. for like.. ever. I hear a lot of ppl that do this, and haven't gotten caught, so I assume that this is unlikely. I'm just saying, I understand.

I think its absolute rubbish to do all this crap and then STILL need stuff to do. Unlike other classes, Warlocks have a quest to do to get their mount. Mind you, not just farming for a while (which I am reasonably good at).. I have to GO PLACES, and DO THINGS. I don't mind the travel, but I mind pug'ing. I am always in a group of dingleberries when I group. Some have been so bad I have a postit on my monitor with names of ppl I call the "F" troop.. (get it?).. anyway they are the F'n ppl that I won't group with again.. hehe So the group aspect of #1 need a group to get an item for the pre-quest, quest. Then I need a group to go in to the place where I need to go to get my mount. And even this isn't that simple. Got to make it tothe middle of a hard instance (it sounds hard).. and then FIGHT a crapton of guys WHILE doing something else.. THEN fight the mount, and tame it (so to speak).. THEN some huge demon guy runs in and I gotta whoop him. And lets face it.. It's a lot easier to just farm.. But the lock lvl 60 mount is pretty sweet lookin. I haven't seen many that look better. (the he-man battlecat mount is cool though!) I plan on, eventually buying an elekk (big elephant the friggin dranai ride).. Why? cause as a gnome I'd look hilarious.. that's why. I figure I could run through all the quests on dranai homearea and do the cltoh quests and maybe get enough rep with them to get one.. But that'd be later....

Oh well.. back to farming and PVP!!

Good grief I need HOW much honor?

Through meticulous, and somewhat crazed anticipation of 59 battlegrounds.. I found some items I wanted. YEAH!! but wait..

I want some of the coolest, and bare minimum items from PvP possible. But apparently these (being purple) require a crapload of honor. Grand total required for me to walk with it all is as follows
  1. 46070 Honor points.. (notice this is #1 on the list..)
  2. 55 Alterac Valley medals (I've not done this bg yet)
  3. 20 Arathi Basin medals (I have these already)
  4. 30 WSG medals (I have 2 so far.. :( )
The medals don't seem very daunting really. Being done with #3 already. Its #1 and 2 that are keeping me nervous. I have heard reports of alliance rocking Alterac Valley hard core, which would be nice to go in and pop pop get some marks and roll out since I need so many of them. But then again, I kinda need this to last.. I need a crapton of honor points. This weekend is Eye of the Storm weekend (I think), so I get no bonus for doing this stuff as is.

I seem to PvP when everyone else is grinding, and grind when everyone else is doing PvP. So I'm always in crazy mixed up groups. I look forward to alterac valley, especially me winning bg's quick. I heard an estimate of about 150 honor per match and them going quickly, leaving a gross honor per hour to be about 1k. I can devote some hours to getting what I need over the course of next week, and maybe this weekend. My goal though is to have all of what I want or my bare minimum of my minimum.. by next week.
Bare minimum I want
  1. 20,060 Honor points
  2. 20 Arathi Basin marks (already done /cheer)
  3. 25 Alterac Valley Marks (yikes, still a lot!)
This gets me an off-hand, and a dagger that are all I'll need for a while. I'd miss the wacked out stats of the other gear I wanted, but time is time, and I need to hit 70 before ppl hit 80!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Arathi basin strategy

Personally, I think the best way is to control Blacksmith, Lumbermill, and stables. Keep 3 at stables at all times 1 at road to Lumbermill from stables and 1 at road to lumbermill from blacksmith/farm. You basically control a triangle. Lumbermill is great for casters and hunters for defending, as you can shoot through/around things and hold people off for a while. Blacksmith needs all 3 people there Lumbermill is basically the site that suffers. 3 at stables, 3 at blacksmith, the 2 on the roads, 2 on lumbermill. Did you notice this is not all the people you have in Arathi Basin? Good. That's 10 people strictly on defense. The rest should be mounted and always start from blacksmith using long distance viewing abilities. They should rush in and attack any node the horde leaves available. Eventually they will come, and come in MASS. Fight hard and don't worry, the 5 that run keep the game in flux when horde attack. They capture the flag of the farm/mine (farm is best). This keeps their resources from climbing if they capture a defended node. Note: once this place is captured, leave it. The only reason for capturing this is to slow the horde in resources. Immediately charge to where horde was attacking, but stick together.. clothies in back, armor in the front mets on aggressive on THEIR clothies. Take out healers first (warlocks especially, do not EVER focus.. pick each horde and dot all of them, this keeps the healer busy, and drains their mana and is pretty efficient for you). If there is more than one lock on your team they should travel together and hopefully one is destruction, one is affliction. Affliction owns PvP. They are the best team players since they can hit everyone in a crowd without a big "boom" and a jump in life(since ppl notice this and go looking for who sent the boom). Drain tank the warriors, and don't forget to use nightfall when it goes off.

This will work unless your group is all lvl x1's and fighting x9 twinks. Period. Problem is no one wants to work together.. I have been in some premades and that makes this kind of strategy very VERY effective. Me and Yara are incredible together in a group in PvP. He makes the boom.. I drain their life.. its all good. We've grouped before with a hunter a rogue and a pally.. this was really nice.. having a healer in your direct group really helps

I'll be commenting on Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley in coming weeks so stay tuned!

Arathi basin info

PVP this week

Ah, the joy of kickin butt in Arathi Basin.. Well it would be if I had the heart to turn off the Battleground chat.. Alliance folks seem to LOVE to complain.. complain about not enough ppl here, too many there.. don't fight here.. fight there... and the ever present condemnation of a lower level character with no HK's to be seen in armory, referring to everyone as a "noob".

Pathetic. You know, I really enjoy the abilities I have as an alliance character. I REALLY like the sense the cities make to me.. But I am just a hair away from saying screw the alliance and just only do PvP on Horde side (whom I've been told do not complain like old women for the WHOLE battleground). There is always at least 1 guy running his mouth about "Thatz why alli always loose ab".. This done 3 minutes in, and when alliance is in the lead.. Sometimes my temper takes over and I give these teenage morons a good "talking too". I typically just take it all as just people being stupid and inexperienced, but thats just most of the time. Not ALL the time.

Typically I find when Alliance looses its because we have 90% of our people at 2 places.. (you need 3 nodes under control to get/maintain a lead). Or it can happen when you are fighting against all x9 level horde, and you have a few x1,x2,x3's. Not saying "don't come here.. grr" (some people do), just saying.. stay with a high level guys. And ifyou group up against x9's and the group is MOSTLY x1's.. Expect to loose. It would be incredibly hard for a series ov x1's to take down a lesser group of x9's. Its not impossible, but it would take an exceptional x1, and a rather pathetic x9.

As a side note, in AB.. You hear "fight @ flag" all the time in chat. This is because rogues are sneaky turds and will capture the flag while you fight off 2 hunters that do not care if they die or not so long as you don't notice the rogue. I endorse groups in which a defending body has a hunter, or 2. 2 hunters are ideal in defense as one can hide and have a stealthed cat @ the flag. Hunters can slow/wear down people from a great distance.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mmm.. orcs taste pretty good!

Not many things on WoW are as satisfying as being a gnome, a teeny tiny guy.. wearing only cloth.. and smokin a huge orc. I have thought the irony of a little guy killing a huge character seems to be very steep, but listed among our human mentality. The "david vs goliath" kind of battle is pretty common.

Anyway, I was running around in the plaguelands fooling around with the in world PvP (capturing towers, etc). Well I ran into a tower that was flagged red, so I flagged myself so I could give it a go to capture the tower. Well then a Orc showed up. he was flagged and we both just kind of.. stopped. We looked at each other for a second, and then we turned it loose. I got zapped with that insta-fire attack mages have.. and he got curse of shadows, and then shadowburn. I don't remember his level but I smoked him, he must've been several levels below me for it to have almost killed him. The Voidwalker was hitting him reasonably well (albeit, not the demon of choice against a caster) and doing enough damage to make him worth his while. It was fun, and it was satisfying. I then ran off to go do some questing/grinding for scourgestones.. I wonder if he showed up with a 70 to smoke me? if you did, sorry.. I was just determined not to die first..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ok, so I know blogger is relatively "played out", but until I can get me a domain and setup something really neat.. this will have to do.

Look me up on armory Mcgoo, Medivh realm (in case you have a handicap that prevents you from looking at URL's)