Tuesday, September 23, 2008

alchemy0-300 in almost no time

Well I had long decided that I needed to drop LW on my hunter and push alchemy for the mojo that is PRIMAL MIGHT. I had been chicken and not done it for a LONG time. Well I switched not long ago and pushed up a decent amount..

Then the other night I pushed HARD. I hit 298. I blew more gold than I'm comfortable talking about... But I'm close to 300 and will be going to the outlands guys to push the rest of the way in a single night. I'm done horsing around with all this foolishness.. I want to start transmuting stuff asap. Mostly because I have a few primals in my bank.. Not enough to DO anything with but enough to keep a transmuting fella like myself busy till long after WOTLK pops.

Stay tuned.. I'm sure I'mm do something crazy and have to fix it and then complain about my noob-ness shortly there after...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well this is the score from a winning AV we had. It was a sick win.. seemed to take no time at all. I don't really have the gear to do much "surviving" so I'm not competant to solo anyone on the field. So I play highschool and run with the group. The group did the old fashioned thing and zerged FW RH and capped fast.. I was astonished how well I did with the dmg.. and was scouring this.. and I saw this...

I read Megan's blog "Out of Mana" all the time.. and knew she was in my battlegroup but never saw her.. I did once.. sadly I was on my scrubby hunter toon at the time. I am awaiting her blog post about how the morons in a AV pushed RH and she saved us by defending (which she and her counterparts did, BTW).. Sorry I couldn't help!!

check her out at Out of MANA

Friday, September 5, 2008

Compelling post numero Uno

Like the title? Well that's what this is.. a post of compelling information... of stories.. Of how-to's..

Ok so its not really.. Really its fluff.

I haven't done much in wow lately. Real life issues and the continued obvious procrastination of not having my main rig running wow.. Its just been a pain. Even with ati back.. Now I seem to have so much fun goofing off that I'm not pushing any toons up. I'm running around killing 70 hordies in lakeshire.. or.. killing belfs in southshore.. or.. killing belfs anywhere.. I have lost interest in PVP where I am often outgeared more than outclassed.. and outnumbered (due to poor alliance teamwork). So the real world aspect of PvP is better for me. I come accross some 70's flagged.. I wax em. I have said it before on this blog, but 1:1.. I am REALLY hard to beat. REALLY REALLY hard. I have lost about 2 duels.. maybe 4 ever. EVER with mcgoo. I duel a lot too. I try dueling any class at all times with any pet I have out. So far I have lost to a full s3 priest (holy if you believe it), and the best Enh shaman I have ever seen (we ended up about 50/50 so I consider that a point of pride). The priest.. simply burned me.. then healed himself everytime my felpup left him for a second.. he had like a dozen things healing him at once.. and I couldn't get him below 10%. This was his resilience beating my (at the time, almost no PVP gear) +dmg. I still think that the affliction and destruction tree need a bit of a boost to overcome resilience in their dots, or bolts. I mean it seems odd that a sl/sl lock can roll with you and has no pvp gear.. but mcgoo would loose to him even though all this other stuff.. due to the high resistances of the felpup (fine, demo's need that), and the rediculous utility of soul link and siphon life (neither of which should be nerfed, btw). What I am saying is if you are that deep into affy you should be given a 'this talent negates 100,200 resilience to all dots' addition to UA. This allows the other trees to PVP also. (and of course I meant that shadowfury should do the same for destro's..).

I don't want to PvP all the time anyway, or level. But right now killing random looser hordies makes my day.. (again.. I'm full affy raiding spec, so its not like a reasonable pvp class in pvp gear shouldn't be able to stomp me, the fact that they don't means they suck).