Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zomg, WotLK is coming!!

Well as I was patiently reading news on some blogs.. a hint of WotLK was put out there. I immediately swarmed to WoWiki to see what they had to say again..

Here's a quote: "A public beta has been announced, but no date has been given; the game itself is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2008"

Wait.. second half of 08?


So I've given myself June to get dwarf to as high as he can get before I park him and spend the rest of the time allotted (I'm betting on a close to christmas release) to get my druid to 70. The druid is really the priority, but dwarf is closer, and for insurance purposes he's my sure thing bet. So now its not a slow grind to 70, its a paniced-screaming-mad-dash to 70.

Stay tuned for more details of how I whine/cry to get Atikam/Wulven to run me through places or quests to make things faster for me..

(get ready you 2..I'll be calling)


I am an independent person. I don't really like waiting on others to get their head together or to anything. I'm not a people person.

These given facts are needed to understand how happy I was that my longtime amigo Atikam was able to run me through sunken temple to get my blue (har har) Hunter Trinket (devilsaur eye). He's a tough customer so I thought soloing would be easy, but nobody really ever says they just solo'd ST, so how would I know? We went in with another long time amigo of mine.. Veyona. She's just 47 at the start (dinged 48 at the end) but she did great. All 3 of us were hunters, and we all worked really well together. The group pounded straight towards Morphaz, who had a tooth we needed for the trinket I was after. I'll diverge a bit here..

If you have ever DONE ST, you know its a long drawn out very annoying instance. You run in circles for quests.. you run up and down stairs for quests.. it seems to never end. And just when you think you ARE at the end.. You go into a main hall with 900 friggin dragonkin in groups of 4-6 all waiting to smack you down.. We made a beeline to this room as its just a heck-of-a lot shorter than running around forever and ever. Now back to my story

.. Anyway.. So we started taking the groups apart, Ati doesn't really NEED help, but I wanted to push my dps so that I could account for a decent amount of it even though he was running US through. I'm always the guy looking for "scale". So I want to always compare how I do with how someone else is. Ati I know is one of the better hunters I've seen for pvp. I've never raided with him to know if he can even POINT the xbow in the right direction, but to a hunter.. you send pet.. you shoot.. there's no real science here. My goal was (admittedly low I think in retrospect) to be dealing 5% of the total group dps. I ended up in the 20th percentile for damage, which I think is REALLY good. Veyona did her part and nailed down my goal of about 5%. Veyona isn't really geared right (she's UBER casual as a player) and has been powerleveled a lot more than she probably should have been.. All things considered though she did as well as ANY hunter in her range could do, regardless of gear. Unlike Me, Ati, and Wulven (Veyona's husband) who had to wander around mostly confused and lost till we hit 70.. She is definitely reaping the rewards of others' experience. Jealous? nah.. V's my buddy and the sooner she gets to 70 the sooner me and her husband can put her on an arena team and watch another team tear her to shreds.. Ok so we will probably do that, but its all in fun. Sooner she is 70 the sooner I have 1 more person I know and can depend on at a high level for support (when needed, of course).

Anyway.. we stomped everything. Nothing lasted long at all.. Ati used his improved hunters mark, me and V shot and set our pets to support (growl off, of course). That is till we reached some quest area to use an egg to revive Hakkar or something..

Everything spawned FAST (first time for me/ati so we didn't know wth would happen), and everything killed her in like 3 seconds. Me and Ati stomped the event and a good time was had by all. BUT she had to do it again.. so we had to run out and reset the instance.. run back and do the thing again. This time we had traps all over her and pets left in the circle on aggressive (mine was anyway..) and ready to defend our lowbie pal. This one went like clockwork. Stomped out and laughed at how easy it was..

well easy if you have Atikam doing everything.. hey.. a win is a win, bite me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I think the title is self explanatory really.. Lately WoW has been all meh..

Went to SSC, meh.. Didn't really want to go, but my hours on the soapbox over "never getting into raids" kinda hogtied me into it. I got a great offhand.. meh. I was happy to get it, but I have totally tunneled and only Tier Gear and my alts really matter to me now. Selfish? yes very. Rude? Probably yes there too.. Honestly my alts are plain and simple THE priority. While having Tier 99 headpiece would be sweet.. I just don't think I care enough about it to really deserve it. This attitude, while until now was unspoken, I think ruffled some feathers. (thats polite talk for really ticking ppl off). I TRY to have enough where-withall to SAY when I get invited to do stuff that this new raid/thing isn't a real priority for me atm. I failed to do so last week. My guild is awesome. They are all fully bad mo-fo's and not to be fooled with. I have begun to wonder if my lack of push to become "attuned" or "geared" for the next great raid hasn't really removed me altogether from the guild proper.

Why? Why you say? Well I think the big reason is this.. PvP is getting boring, dailies are a grind and boring without enough money to do what I want (epic flying) in any short time frame. I can't RELIABLY get into raids at my typical signon time. So that leaves me with 70 and nothing of interest to do.

  1. stop playing, cause everything has gone to a shade of "meh"
  2. get someone else to 70 for the fun and thrill of "yeah I'm 70.. kneel at my all green gear!"
  3. just goof around and try to make the most of it
I've honestly gone with like 2.5 somewhere between 2 and 3. My druid is who I REALLY want at 70. They can do a LOT of things, and I want to be able to do that kind of thing.. However, he's not quite 40 yet so he's still unmounted. I ran out of rested xp like 2 weeks ago and haven't gone back to him.. so what have I been doing?

Dwarfenstuff returns!! I've been working with him. I'm chipping away at 60 and should have it before too long. At which point I'll have to decide if I want to push dwarf to 70 and get his flying and have him/mcgoo do dailies.. till I have the gold for a epic on my druid.. OR just leave him on his lvl 40 pewpew mount till my druid gets his epic and starts laying some gold down for the cause. I've tried to get the 2 (in my mind) hardest gathering professions to skillup. Mcgoo: mining (oh so awful to level).. and BigScryBear: herb (not all that fun to level as it is..).

Why gather then? Honestly its cause I want stuff. I WANT things like jewelcrafting.. engineering.. alchemy. And those things NEED the gathering professions to back them up. So there's a reason.. I'm debating on it being a "good" reason or not though..

Herb has netted me $0 to date. I keep it all in the bank. I will be making someone my new alchemist in the future. Who? I dunno.. I have a rogue as an alchemist but she's only 18. So unless I want to start dragging another alt up to 70 she won't work. Big could do it, but then I loose a skinner. Dwarf could do it, but I'd loose LW or skinning. I'm not 100% on keeping LW anyway. All my buds who do it whine a lot about how bad it sucks.. most of them are still not at max after a few months at 70.

so back to meh..
if you have something awesome to say.. SAY IT.. or go back to your meh..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update weirdness..

My favorite wild/crazy thing to happen after an update was when I was in Darkshore, and I caught the boat to Menethil.. and after it finally zoned.. I was in Dalaran. Literally. I was on top of a purple bubble and I totally freaked out.

I freaked out.. and by that I mean I checked the map to make sure I wasn't on crack.. and I immediately zoned back to darkshore and was in the water at the edge of the "dead" water.

So forgetting to take a screen shot.. FTL. :(

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nifty at 50..

I have been getting SO bored with my druid. My leveling guide makes things un-challenging while maximizing xp and time.

“I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...”

So I logged on to all my alts. Looking for what I was after.. Then.. when logged into an alt.. I thought: "this is what I want.. I don't know why but I want it"

So I ran to Tanaris.. and hit level 50 with Dwarfenstuff. It felt weird.. Not "bad" but not all that great either. So I started picking up quests and turning them in. Then I hearthed back to SW and trained.. well there was more than that. I respec'd to BM. It works so well for Atikam why wouldn't I try? My damage is ridiculous now. I was mowing down mobs at level or 1 below so quick it was really kinda silly. I am following no guide with him as he's more of a distraction than a serious toon to level. Although I fully intend to do quests in appropriate zones he's not a priority. Mainly because his mounts will be all out of pocket where my druid will get his flight form for free.. and 2 70's can stir money faster than 1 flying 70 and a non flying one. I have sufficient gold to get both toons all the way to their flying mount. Although this would all but drain me completely.

Me and some folks ran through Maraudon in some wild time. We wiped, and by WE I mean.. THEY wiped.. (FD FTW!!). My damage was crazy high I outdamaged everyone significantly.. and by significantly I mean I did 38% of our groups total damage, beginning to end. All this with a shammy in good gear and a lock doing dps with me. I don't know how I'd have faired as a MM, but this definitely worked well for me.

I have pushed so far as to even ding 52 last night. Putting my first of many points into MM to get some decent damage out of my new crazy fast shooting speed. I'm using King B as my pet still ( no ravager, :( ). I may swap out to get another pet.. just to horse around with till I can get a raptor and or ravager in outland. I should probably do some planning.. I know I want 3 pets in my stable.. scorpid, ravager, and probably raptor. I don't know when I'd want them but I don't really like leveling pets.. although BM spec makes even a lower level pet do great damage..

More to come on this guy.. He's not stopping.. can't stop.. won't stop.. Looks like I may get my 3 70's by expansion.. but instead of lock/pally/druid.. it'll prolly be lock/hunter/druid..

but it is real nice horsing around with the dwarf again tho..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lazy dog..

I am like .5 bubbles away from level 35.

I was using quest helper but the thing is kinda bonkers to be honest with you. I can't get my pathing right on it yet. It is really pretty good for finding quest objectives though..

I should ding 35 tonight.. maybe even get a good run at 36 before I get too tired to go on..

If I can get a buddy of mine (Veyona) to log on to her hunter, I may start leveling my twink to 70 again.. but you just can't count on that kind of thing.. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Updates for all...

Well I've been a while without an update..

Its been a busy time, I was being powerleveled for some time with my druid by a buddy of mine (atikam).. He apparently HAS a life, so he's gotten kinda iffy when he can be around, and I don't want to monopolize his time... So I've been pushing my druid on my own. He dinged 33 and then 34 last night exhausting my rested xp gain. I finished my first big push in STV and my leveling guide has me running into wetlands, which seems odd for me, oh well. I doubt this guide all the time, but it is what allowed me to level Mcgoo at the speed he was leveled.. Actually I slowed Mcgoo down by doing a lot of warlock quests that left me way out of the way from the guide's points.

I will be installing a new addon that is to allow me access to my leveling guide via a submenu from the bartender such that I don't have to ALT+TAB to see what my next move is (very bad short term memory). I'll update you guys/gals with that info as soon as I have it.

I have a bit of reading I have been putting off (you know who you are, and I'm sorry its been delayed) which should prove useful for a LOT of people.

So much more to come.. I don't know how long it'll take me to reach 40 and get my mount (money in hand as of now) but I'd assume by next weekend I'll be on a saber mount. We'll see..