Friday, June 20, 2008


Well even though my rise has been meteoric until outlands I've stalled horribly. I was doing 1 level in 1 night from 50-61 really. 62 took me several nights (all be it shorter periods of play so who knows on the time scale) to get to and 63 is starting off that way also.

Really unsure of reaching my 70 by 7/1 goal, but I'm still pushing. My rate of ascent has slowed considerably though so it is doubtful. Ati has started dealing with more "real life" things like moving, etc.. So he's gaming a bit less, which leaves me to solo. Well don't cry for me argentina, I'm a BM hunter. The premier solo class for ever and ever, amen. Soloing is great for xp progression, but it sucks butt when it comes to speed, I mean with me and ati doing dps, and my pet tanking we were running through mobs at light speed.

I think a big slower on my time right now is mana. I have been away from my hunter forever so this thirst for more mana is new to me, probably not to the seasoned hunters though. I'm considering checking my enchanter buddies for +int or +mp5 enchants (if they are even worth it). When I was dual wielding my twink 1'handers I put mana oil on them and used that to supplement my mana sucking. I find that mana is my biggest problem. I can almost kill a lvl 66 elite (don't ask) at 63, but I run out of juice and the guy is at 20%. What? 20% is pretty F'ing close for a 63, don't be a jerk! Of course he kills my pet (my ravager I named "eatsfaces"), who I am trying to keep armored and HP'd up for his tanking job (yes I know he'll stop tanking when I'm in instances, and only need resistances but still makes him more effective as my tank). Right now he's got big armor/hp, and decent showings in frost/nature resist.. Why? poison = nature.. rooting by freezing = frost. Holding down most of that poison keeps him alive longer, and keeping him from being rooted means I don't have to think like a warrior and melee ppl.

Ah.. now if I can just hit 65 by monday..

"Shyeah.. and monkeys might fly out of my butt.." -Wayne

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

timeline issues..

Well my elegant timeline of getting to 70 has crumbled at my feet.


Well at my current rate of progression I won't ding 70 till after 7/4 weekend. That puts me at least 5 days past deadline.. and leaves NO time for money raising to get epic ground mount for the druid. So this whole thing has become a big debacle that I just don't know if I'll be able to fix and still have 3 70's at launch (with mcgoo flying on his epic netherray).

So now I'm eating into my druid's timeline unless I get really lucky with the questing in higher levels.. but I doubt it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

100th post.. WOOT!

Well I pushed all the way out of hellfire peninsula and into zangarmarsh. I've completed all the quests from the druid encampment and have started picking up quests at talredor and the camp near the BEM area.

And... I'm still not 62...

According to my schedule I had worked out I would need to be.. Oh.. 62. So I'm like ALMOST there.. and I haven't even leveled 1 level a night. How the crap did THAT happen?

Just as well though. The optimum goal is to be 70 by 6/23 so I can start dailies and spend a week or so pushing gold accumulation. Although on 7/1 I start playing the druid every day to push him up to 70. I think the druid will be the most fun personally but we'll see. Right now he chews through everything and with ati's druid running with me (if he doesn't get distracted)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow.. The best laid plans..

Ok so my dibble dabble in black temple set me behind a level. I managed to get that back, but I remain a level behind my schedule (I should be 62, but that hasn't happened yet). I dinged 61 last night and kept pushing until I found a good stopping point. I'm about 10-20% into 61 now, and things are getting a bit taxing. I think even with quest helper the craziness that IS outlands may mean I'll need to utilize a leveling guide also if I'm going to ding 70 in the allotted time. This brings all new issues to bear on when or if I'll get my druid up to 70. Which worries me..

Well time will tell.. we'll see what tonight holds

Friday, June 6, 2008

Priorities.. and overlap

Wow is a priority to me. Not the TOP priority.. but I find if I go too many days without playing SOME video game.. Life tends to beat me down a bit too much.

Now in game of late my priority has shifted off of Mcgoo and onto my hunter (dwarfenstuff.. just "dwarf" when I talk about him). Goal is to have 3 lvl 70's by expansion (what Val says and scares me, might be november) which shouldn't be hard by any standards. I've been ignoring raids and ignoring invites from ppl doing heroics for a while now (by ignoring I mean I say no thanks), to push these guys up to 70. Last night.. I got weak.

Raid leader: "Hey black temple?"
me: "um.. gosh no but thanks for asking!"

Sounds like I said no right, and its not a big deal. BUT in guild chat.. the poor guy is like BEGGING for a dps for BT. Now I feel like an ass. This guy has gone out of his way to help me out in ways that no other guild has.. and in ways many guilds could not. So my first thought is..

"dude.. you gotta go.. They've been awesome to you, even when you are in greens they took you to SSC, thats rediculous! don't be an ass log onto Mcgoo and put your hat in the ring"

Sounds sensible.. Then my second thought...

"zomg.. BT?!?! are you friggin kidding me? YOU are not a spec for any REAL damage.. You're PVP spec'd still. Going will hinder them more than anything else as they'll be waiting on your friggin corruption and shadowbolts for dmg, and the damage just won't be there like it would for a raiding lock spec.."

Also logical. Its Black-friggin-Temple. Until the sunwell thing fell out onto WoW it was the NEXT TO THE LAST raid for the WHOLE HONKIN GAME. How awesome is this guild to even give an SL/SL lock a invite for this? Sure my help will be marginal.. sure I'm close to the same damage level output as the healers.. but they need a guy.. so I'm going.

Well guess what...

We got STOMPED. Horrendously. I don't even know the guy's name, but was told he's the first boss and not really hard. For some reason we couldn't do anything right and it was a huge cluster.. well you get the point. Nobody reacted to the "spine", people popped the bubble early.. it was ridiculous. We got him down to a pitiful 15% and that was as far down as we ever got him. We wiped 3 times on him also. So I think to myself.. man it'd have been nice to blow this guy away and see what kind of goodies he drops.. (another thing.. my guild gives me a fair shot at loot, even though I've been in less than 20 raids EVER. I'm not a regular.. I'm not a top dmg dealer.. and they give me a /roll on stuff. These guys ROCK. I have gotten a few goodies in raids, most of it is stuff that nobody else wanted, and thats fine with me.. one of the benefits of everyone being better geared than me, is that I get a few goodies nobody wants. My one thing I got that a LOT of people drooled over was my sword "fang of the leviathan". It was precisely this win that made me smile big and be proud of the open mindedness of the guild. Nobody even complained.. There were only "grats goo" on vent/raid. Now they prolly all hated me but I was the only guy without an epic weapon.. so I feel no shame in taking it). I log back into my dwarf and start pushing to 61 again now almost empty of playtime and send a msg to atikam who I left to go raid..

me: "hey man"
ati: "hey how was Black Temple?"
me: "sucked, all I got was a repair bill.. LOL!"
ati: "LOL"

A good T shirt idea? I think so.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boom.. lvl 60

So last night keeping with my 1 night = 1 level idea.. I hit 60. I made it about 25% into lvl 60 before logging so there is SOME cushion to deal with on tonight.. Me and Ati's alt are all push, and all business..

At this rate I might actually reach 70 ahead of time.. although I remember the xp grind to be painful at 68-70. I think my new addon (questhelper) is like MONEY in the BANK! I don't have 7 lvl 70's that I've gone from 1-70 with no help on.. all I have is 1 so I don't KNOW all the quests and where to get things.. This little dandy helps with that, and really well at that. Makes the lvl grind not so painful.. It has its bugs.. and its flat out wrong-ness.. but I still think it is a tool that everyone who is just interested in dinging 70 should have on them almost immediately. It even shows me Ati's quests just in case I don't have one, I know where he's going and what he's doing so there's no "zomg.. wtf are you going?" Ati's a hardcore guy really fast at leveling, but he's holding himself back for me since..
  1. Leveling alone is boring
  2. I'm really funny
  3. he's a warrior and its much slower without a OP hunter.. :)
Well see if tomorrow Its BOOM lvl 61 or not..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well good ole dwarfenstuff pushed and pushed and finally kicked down the door to outlands. I hit 58 and moments later stepped through to meet the wild war in front of the portal on outlands side. Now knowing what I learned from Mcgoo doing this.. I know there is a griphon on the left of the portal to go to honor hold. (If you have read me for long you remember me getting stomped continuously as I tried to sneak past all the demons attacking.. not fun.)

I pushed and pushed and I am about 4 bubbles from hitting 59. I am LOVING it. So far I'm still mostly in my twink gear and doing just fine without any sizable upgrades.

** update dinged 59 on 6/3 post was originally on 6/2***
Now have a new 2her axe to replace my 2 1h axes.. and a new xbow and a new chest/head/belt.. so upgrades are flowing in much faster now..