Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well I have been barely on WOW in like 5 days. I'm shaking a little, but my small bursts keep me from loosing it.. So I'll be okay.

What have I been doing when I'm on?

Playing Grimrpr (my DK). I have been sending him stuff to mill (since I am only sitting at the PC for like 5 minutes at a time), and I leveled him a bit.. It takes almost NO time at all to push up a level at this point with him. Ironic I think as I don't remember it being so easy with Mcgoo or Dwarf at 60. Dwarf had an easy time, but hunters always do. I mean i fall you ever had to do was Send pet > shoot > loot, you'd notice almost no downtime. Then add in Viper aspect (as it WAS, not IS) and everythings great. Not the case with Grim.. Grim is actually having SUCH an easy time its somewhat rediculous. I made a few mistakes here and there, like doing the telhamat quests before I did the honor hold ones. Which if I remember I had a bit of a time with, with mcgoo, weren't an issue with Grim. I can't stop this nagging feeling that DK's are going to be hit with the "nerf stick". Its sick to see a lvl 61 DK take out a 63 undead mage. I really wish I could get to 70 before my buddy Yara gets his main toon (yara) up to 80 so I can duel his warrior (well geared, not great, but good) with Grim to see how Grim sits vs a warrior at level when the warrior outgears him. I KNOW a warrior can't level the way Grim does.. I run with my friend atikam's warrior and he can't run like that, so I know that PvE wise DK's smackdown on warriors.

I plan on pushing my inscription up to about 125 or so in the next week. The problem is I also plan on pushing mcgoo to 80 by 1/1. Is this pure hopes/dreams or can I do it.. I think I can. I know I need to do some mining in zuldrak and do the ampitheater quests (like ring of blood) and then I can roll out of that zone ( I missed a few quests but not enough that I'm hurting for xp, I mean I'm 2 bubbles into 76). After that I'm going to the Sholazar basin and kill everything, mine everything and pop up maybe a level or 2. THEN I'm off to the next zone to push up a level or two. The last level I plan to sit in the highest level zone and just go kamikaze on everything. Then I can get done with my leveling, respec to affliction/destruction hybrid and hit instances whenever possible.

sigh.. more leveling.. with mcgoo..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

76, FINALLY.. jeez

Ok I hit 76 last night after.. well after too long goofing off and not playing enough. It was refreshing to see the bright lights of leveling up. I don't use the abilities at 76 that Thottbot says I get, so I am not training yet for it (why spend the gold?).. Well there was health funnel and soulstone but I don't seem to have an issue keeping the felguard up at this point. Well if I need to get into an instance I'll go train.. Maybe that's better..

Anyway. I am hammering out the zul drak's quests I am now doing the troll quests where I run all over finding relics.. and all that nonsense. Its not hard, just time consuming. I think if my PC was better I could find them better as I lag a lot, and don't see the "sprinkles" or whatever to tell you that a item is a important one (quest related). Kill quests though... with Mr Felguard on my side, its not a problem. I pulled I think 8 undead in the ampitheater or wherever that is (where they are trying to over run the FP/inn).. and slaughtered them all relatively easily. I noted that my new last resort technique involves me popping a healthstone, a health pot, and then going metamorphosis on the group in front of me.

More and more finding that my lock is "ezmode" and not exciting to me anymore. Sigh... we'll see how things progress though..

Monday, December 15, 2008

Frostweav'ing my @ss OFF!!!

Ya know.. I pick up 20-100 pieces of frostweave cloth a night, and just recently spent some time burning through it all making bolts and all. I found two things..

1) It takes a holy-jeez-I'm-going-to-die-from-all-this-cloth amount of cloth to make a decent pile of bolts of this stuff..

2) You would have to have TWO-THREE times the amount in 1) to have enough cloth to level tailoring.

Sadly I have only about 200 bolts of frostweave at my disposal now, I sold 2 stacks of 20 a while back for a quick cash infusion (has anyone SEEN the prices?!?!?!), but since then have done very little to level tailoring at all. Unfortunately frostweave may be more of a pain in the butt than netherweave was... sigh..

sigh.. stuck in Zul Drak

Zul Drak. Funny thing is when I first heard the name I thought immediately of the Sci Fi show "Farscape". (If you don't know of this show, go watch it all now.. its great.. trust me, you'll thank me later). In Farscape, the word "Dren" is the curse word for poop. So I have always thought of Zul Drak, as Zul Dren. it is proving itself to be such now. I am pushing along in my 70's trying to hit 80 before my guild is DONE with everything already again.. And I hit a wall.

The wall is what I call it when I am leveling at a crazy speed and then suddenly.. there's nothing. I end up with quests for all 4 corners of the zone, and spend 80% of my time online running, instead of killing(what I do best). Duskwood is the first BIG signpost I can say is a wall for me. I stall out something terrible in my late 20's to my early 30's. Then the magic that is STV comes to me and I start leveling again like a madman.

Well I hit the wall. I ended up goofing around and ran my buddy atikam to the wrong end of Zul Drak, so I made him go through dragonblight entrance (cuz really most of the q's I started with were there and were easy at 74). My goal was to hit 76 and move to the basin (sholazar, to be exact) and do my quest pickups so I could beat out another level in a night or two. What happened is I only finished 4 quests and barely barely barely moved the XP bubble. Ati's running in Zul Drak now and probably having an easy time of it, (don't ya just hate BM hunters?). My guild is showing e-peen for having the new badges.. "I need 20 more to get all the badge epics".. I threw up "how many do you guys have?" they were all like 200.. 150.. 400.. So I was like holy crap. How on earth do they do all that dren that fast?

So it already sounds like my guild is about ready to run naxx.. (yeah, I miss it again!!, I mean .. CRAP). Will I catch up? I doubt it, but I'm going to hit 80, that is a promise. Then I may start throwing my time around with dwarf and my DK. I really wanted to play my DK last night, but it wasn't meant to be. We'll see what the future holds for my peoples.. sadly Mcgoo has a neverending amount of rested xp to burn off so I may never get to say "well Mcgoo is done with rested, so I will burn it off of dwarf/Grim now"..

I know I know.. I whine too much. "boo hoo.. poor warlock stomping over everything in northrend.. wah wah baby.. " yeah yeah.. I know. I just like new and exciting things, and right now my DK is new/exciting.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Azhole-nuub or something like that

Well I made it into the second real instance.. Azjol Nerub.. or something. Well whatever its called..

It was pretty cool really. Lots of spiders. The only caveat was the waves of autopulls. One guy in the group called it an "event". Well whatever, they come in 3's. and there is no downtime. So make sure your tank is good at holding aggro on multiple mobs, and your healer keeps you topped off.. lifetap early if you are a lock so your healer can top you and your mana off. These aren't terribly tough fights, but a prot spec tank is a must really(or feral tank, or DK frost spec..etc). We started with a ret pally tanking, and that was a fail, so he respec'd and then it was a breeze. Mana efficiency was kinda rough at this stage still for me personally. I did manage to top the damage meter (yeah me!!, and over higher level folks with better gear!!!)

It was a neat run but make sure you don't go in half cocked at 71-73 or you might get smacked around pretty good.

Nexus... FTW!!

Well this past weekend I made a run into my first northrend instance. Nexus.


I really liked it. It was simple simple and went off without a hitch. We had 3 pallies me and a shadow priest. So we were just healing and dps'ing everything into dust. I was the lowest level. I represented well with 15% of the dps. The big DPS'er was a 75 ret pally, who was spanking everything in sight. I was 71 at the time, so I felt my dps contribution was good enough.

All in all, an easy instance, healing wasn't intense.. Most everything was tank/spank.

The gear that dropped was all crap everyone didn't want. So I think it went to the vendor.. OH wait.. it went to the shadow priest. Sadly my frozen shadoweave may never leave me.. i may never get new stuff.. :(

Got a ton of xp from the run since I had a bunch of Q's there anyway.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Arthas.. you son of a...

Well I'm truckin along in Northrend with Mcgoo.. Dwarf has yet to show up there at this point. Probably won't until Mcgoo runs out of rested XP (I mean seriously.. I have another guy to level).

Initial thoughts: This expansion is lame. I was fairly well geared but by no means rediculously so.. And I stomp on everything. I can only imagine what the rediculously geared folks are doing. My hopes is that this will allow dwarf to actually be useful in Northrend.

Initial complaint: Are you serious? Every quest gives like 20k xp. All of them.. just about. And I do a crapton of questing. I Did something like 24-40 quests yesterday and FINALLY pushed over 70 into 71.. and got most of the way through 71. Do the math and you'll see the rediculous amount of XP needed to go up a single level. Now I don't think it should be insta-leveling... But none of the 60+ levels were this long (or they didn't seem like it). If this is merely my perception, sue me.. otherwise I think its noteworthy that doing 4 quests in outlands at level 1 would get you to level 20.

Challenge: My son when i was loading the expansion saw Arthas (the lich king) looking menacing, and said...
-"Daddy.. is that the bad guy?"
---"Yup that's him, he's the Lich King"
-"Lick king? That is a funny name daddy"
---"No LICH.. not lick.. he's a zombie kinda guy"
-"Oh. "
-(menacing look)
-"Kill him daddy"
---"You got it boss.. "

So you heard it here first (rather you read it).. First WoW was a fun game, but I've been tasked with killin Arthas' Monkey @ss. Am I talkin crap for a lvl 71? yes. 2-3 people in my guild hit 80 this weekend. This means the gearing process is beginning. I BELIEVE I'm the highest warlock, so I should be competitive for when that starts up. My mentor Sanath might be there before me, but who knows.

So Arthas.. watch your back.. Well mostly for rogues. If you see a little gnome /roar-ing at you. You better get that sword of yours and cut you some gnome sticks fast.. That little guy.. He's got orders.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Watch for the Rpr

As silly as I am I did start a DK. The beginning quests were a breeze. The biggest issue is taking on mobs that can easily kill you if you don' t know WTF you're doing. The bad news is nobody knows wtf they are doing, its a NEW class. So I died a few times.. what did I care? Ok it bothered me a lot, but lets not mention it ever again.. EVER.

Moving on... Since my buddy was held up in getting the expansion pack, I had nobody to level with in Northrend, and even more importantly no hunter to track what we're after (I love hunters). So I pulled my DK who's name is Grimrpr (as in grim reaper).

My setup:
I'm blood spec, it has a self heal aspect from bloodworms and blood aura that is awesome for me. I chose this because I heard blood=dps, frost=tank, unholy=aoe. Well I wasn't interested in tanking or Aoe-ing. So I went for DPS. I have since found out that unholy may be better for pure dps, but more on that later.

Fight Coreography:
Almost all a DK's melee abilities are buffed by how many diseases the target has. So its important to maximize your damage by putting your diseases up and leaving them up. I usually start with plague strike, then the freezing (ranged) magic attack (I forget names, deal with it). That means I have 2 diseases on the target, and my weapon has a rune that CAN increase frost dmg. So THEN.. I start with my serious abilities.. I do death strike first because I can convert runes to death runes (like a wild card rune), this is helpful in longer fights since you can cast your spells easier and without the hindrance of the "you don't have enough runes" to do that message. After Death Strike I go for heart strike. They both get buffs from diseases as I have said but heart strike does more damage by far, but lacks the death rune conversion I am after. After that I tend to flip flop.. 2 heart strikes, then 1 death strike. Rinse... repeat until dead. What is nice is the abilities in blood spec make it so you're nearly invincible. I ran Ramps with some guys (all DK's) when I was 58. I feel as if I held up my end of the dps, and I never died. I only bandaged 2x's. Are you seeing what I'm saying now? I hope it doesn't get nerfed but seriously if you wanted to cry over OP, or imba.. this would be a good reason to do so.

I plan on leaving the rpr in the inn for a while and let Mcgoo run around in Northrend and collect some xp. My goals are non-existant at this point as I don't have questhelper (a crutch, I know) running I'm just trying to get a lay of the land. This is difficult for me personally as I have mental issues not grasping distances.. like oh its just over that hill.. mount up.. ride.. then look as the hill NEVER gets closer.. ah.. hm... ok.. so that hill's not so close.. back to the other area to finish up the other 2 quests. Its just me, I know.. but its a problem that Questhelper fixes. I need some UI tweaks since ace is out of the picture.. I just don't know where I'll go for all that.

If you have some UI customization hints hit me with them.. I could use a hand.

TTYL.. oh and.. watch out for the Grimrpr.. I don't know how long he'll be insanely OP.. but I 'm loving every second.

Wow.. getting the ball rolling

Well.. Like everyother noob-cake.. I started a DK. I did this for 2 reasons
  1. My leveling buddy was SOL when it comes to getting the cash for the expansion.. leveling alone, FTL.
  2. It starts at 55 or something right? well thats awesome..
So I rolled a DK, I'm full blood spec ATM, although I will be dipping into frost to give my own personal idea of a DW guy with a rune weapon smacking ppl in both hands a try. If you know this sucks.. please STFU so I can figure that out alone. HAHA.. ok so if you know it sucks.. tell me why.

I have only had Mcgoo tiptoe into Northrend a VERY small amount. I believe the starter area is Valiance Keep? Anyway I've done like 8 quests (I told you I tip-toed). Then last night.. When I was loggign on to tip toe a bit more.. my buddy sent me a whisper.. FROM A DK. /dance. So he has the expansion now. We managed to meet up in Valiance keep, only to find out we couldn't see each other. I don't mean we were blind.. I mean his character was invisible to me, and vice versa. The world server crapped out on us before he got there, and I assume this is part of the issue. So we are both parked ATM in valiance keep waiting to stomp through everything. I am not terribly hopeful in this regard, but so far I have been drain tanking 6 guys at a time even still. The new mojo from the affliction tree makes this a bit easier. I mean if I dot you up and then haunt you.. I can fear you and know that you will probably be nearly dead when you return, and that I can Lifetap if need be and get a big heal coming my way. So far my impressions of Northrend are.. This place is a zoo. Too many people, not enough mobs.. not enough anything. Is it cool you ask? well hell yes its cool, but I mean really when we have 5 groups of 5 waiting in line to kill a named mob for a quest chain.. seriously... SERIOUSLY.. jack the respawn rate to like every 40 seconds or something blizz.. it was like a free cheese line out there. But I digress..

Friday, November 7, 2008

More on the meh...

Wow has really kind of stagnated for me.

I play still about 3-4 nights a week and I have a good time when I do, but I'm apparently all excited about the expansion and cannot see getting beyond that into the other stuff. I played dwarf a bit in "the Isle" to get some gold.. did that.. then played my druid and got him to 52.

The druid.. Jeez louise. I seem to find myself in these situations once in a while when leveling.. When I'm too low level to go to a new zone, and to high really to get any good XP in the zone I'm in. That is where my druid is. I finished up a bunch of quests in UnGoro and Felwood. I am really waiting for 53 (of which I am halfway through 52 anyway) so I can go to the plaguelands. You do realize what happens after plaguelands don't you? Outlands.

I plan on hitting plaguelands for a few days and get a few levels knocked out and then at 55-56 roll over to blasted lands to finish my approach on the black portal. Will this happen Pre-XP? no. I seriously doubt it anyway. With my select skills I use killing is kind of easy I don't seem to stop to heal ever, and I tend to help out others when they are soloing just to get some good druid behind the back attacks in. There is a new talent from mangle called infected wounds. Basically its like the pally talent in ret where you gimp the mob from your hits.. THAT little talent was worth every penny. I was taking on 3 level 55's last night and easily solo'ed them in cat almost the whole time. I kept mangle and rip up on everything as well as faerie fire. So I was (in my mind) gimping them 2x's. I was removing some armor (faerie fire) and removing some of their attributes (ala infected wounds).

Tonight I won't be playing because I never get to play on Friday's. Real life closing in on me as it would seem. I have high hopes to get in on some WoW-time this weekend pre-sunday (my biggest wow day). May consider taking a day off around XP release so I can get some all-day gaming done. Mmmmm my new death knight... if you have ideas for funny names for a death knight (most certainly a gnome.. ) let me know.. I'm not 100% on any names yet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hardly blogging..

Ok I let it go for too long before I updated here again.. so here's whats going on..

Dwarf.. Now has epics.. I'm shocked too, so don't feel bad. He has all the "new" scourge invasion epics, 2 rings from headless horsemen, 2 trinkets from brewmaster. Plus his bracer he got from PvP goodness... So he's doing well. I am sporting a wasp as a pet, mostly for the armor pen ability that he grants me and my party. Pet is 68, and is very nice. I really can't complain at all about him. He's not really the sort of pet I wanted, but he's good enough. I named him Mosquito.. cuz.. well a wasp named mosquito seemed funny to me. I still have chump bow.. and chump arrows.. and... chump head/neck/boots/cape.. but really that doesn't bother me. I do a lot of damage now. Am I as good as a Tier4 guy? GOOD LORD no.. But I think I do decent. Shot rotation needs work, and I'm a bit spacey with new abilities and such.. It is to be expected. I will get better as I thunder through the expansion. Maybe even get ole dwarf decked out in some epic 80 gear (ZOMG).

Mcgoo... Well I have only done bit of dingle danglin around with Mcgoo. I play around with dailies.. and I killed a ton of undead for the invasion. If you don't remember Mcgoo got himself his last epic from Brewfest, a +spellpower pipe (don't ask). So he's in all epics (woot) and with my new spec I do more damage than should be rationally possible. I went into TK mech last night to help ati out.. and we were with 2 other 70's. I don't think either were geared as well as ati, or myself. I did what I do now.. I just dotted the hell out of things and started bolting them. and I don't know for sure but I am reasonably sure I was at the tip top of dmg. The tank commented on it.. and tanks tend to watch aggro/dmg meters to see who's getting crazy. Well anyway.. i was happy to know that I could crank out that kind of dmg.. So now it beckons the question as to how well I'd fare against other locks... My thought.. poorly. My build is almost totally set up for PvE, Raids.. I think I'd be a GREAT asset in raids.. but then again my spec is hardly unique.. oh well

Last update for now...
I bought my expansion preorder saturday. That means it's time to rock very, very soon..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Headless horseman!! zomg

Well the gathering of "leet epix" has all but stopped for me and my toons..

Or has it?

Behold.. some headless guys in the silk farm I call "scarlet monastery".. and he drops epics.. not great.. but good enough.

So I put dwarf in a group and beat him up really good and got myself 2 EPIC rings.. ok so they aren't amazing.. but a lot better than what I had. Then while I was laughing at how easy the HH was.. I thought.. wait doesn't mcgoo need new rings? Well it helped that all of the caster rings dropped and nobody wanted them in our group with dwarf.. but I digress.

So last night I took Mcgoo in for HH-fest. I managed to get myself both caster rings.. and a broom. Ok so I don't care about the broom.. still it was great to round out my epics in that way. I realize everyone in my guild thinks the drops are "lame" but I didn't get in to the same things they did.. and these rings were awesome for me. Now to see how many weeks until all my epics are just rags compared to my 72 questing greens.. ROFL!!

Ati and I have taken to doing nightly runs of the isle of Quel (what I call it). Firstly for my pet.. dwarf's wasp is only 65 so he needs to go up a lot of levels just to be of use.. Secondly.. well I need some cash. I have 2 70's and almost no money. I don't even have 1k gold anymore. Of course me cessation of selling my crud on the AH hasn't helped that but I hate dickering with the AH.. I like doign it with auctioneer but my POS PC won't allow me to monkey with more than 1 or 2 addons.. and now my server has a wait to log on!! So who wants to logout as my banker and then back in so he can sell my crap with the correct addons? (I know you don't have to do this, but I never have the foresight to set the guy up legitimately..)

Ah well.. counting down to WotLK.. and LOVING it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

alchemy0-300 in almost no time

Well I had long decided that I needed to drop LW on my hunter and push alchemy for the mojo that is PRIMAL MIGHT. I had been chicken and not done it for a LONG time. Well I switched not long ago and pushed up a decent amount..

Then the other night I pushed HARD. I hit 298. I blew more gold than I'm comfortable talking about... But I'm close to 300 and will be going to the outlands guys to push the rest of the way in a single night. I'm done horsing around with all this foolishness.. I want to start transmuting stuff asap. Mostly because I have a few primals in my bank.. Not enough to DO anything with but enough to keep a transmuting fella like myself busy till long after WOTLK pops.

Stay tuned.. I'm sure I'mm do something crazy and have to fix it and then complain about my noob-ness shortly there after...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Well this is the score from a winning AV we had. It was a sick win.. seemed to take no time at all. I don't really have the gear to do much "surviving" so I'm not competant to solo anyone on the field. So I play highschool and run with the group. The group did the old fashioned thing and zerged FW RH and capped fast.. I was astonished how well I did with the dmg.. and was scouring this.. and I saw this...

I read Megan's blog "Out of Mana" all the time.. and knew she was in my battlegroup but never saw her.. I did once.. sadly I was on my scrubby hunter toon at the time. I am awaiting her blog post about how the morons in a AV pushed RH and she saved us by defending (which she and her counterparts did, BTW).. Sorry I couldn't help!!

check her out at Out of MANA

Friday, September 5, 2008

Compelling post numero Uno

Like the title? Well that's what this is.. a post of compelling information... of stories.. Of how-to's..

Ok so its not really.. Really its fluff.

I haven't done much in wow lately. Real life issues and the continued obvious procrastination of not having my main rig running wow.. Its just been a pain. Even with ati back.. Now I seem to have so much fun goofing off that I'm not pushing any toons up. I'm running around killing 70 hordies in lakeshire.. or.. killing belfs in southshore.. or.. killing belfs anywhere.. I have lost interest in PVP where I am often outgeared more than outclassed.. and outnumbered (due to poor alliance teamwork). So the real world aspect of PvP is better for me. I come accross some 70's flagged.. I wax em. I have said it before on this blog, but 1:1.. I am REALLY hard to beat. REALLY REALLY hard. I have lost about 2 duels.. maybe 4 ever. EVER with mcgoo. I duel a lot too. I try dueling any class at all times with any pet I have out. So far I have lost to a full s3 priest (holy if you believe it), and the best Enh shaman I have ever seen (we ended up about 50/50 so I consider that a point of pride). The priest.. simply burned me.. then healed himself everytime my felpup left him for a second.. he had like a dozen things healing him at once.. and I couldn't get him below 10%. This was his resilience beating my (at the time, almost no PVP gear) +dmg. I still think that the affliction and destruction tree need a bit of a boost to overcome resilience in their dots, or bolts. I mean it seems odd that a sl/sl lock can roll with you and has no pvp gear.. but mcgoo would loose to him even though all this other stuff.. due to the high resistances of the felpup (fine, demo's need that), and the rediculous utility of soul link and siphon life (neither of which should be nerfed, btw). What I am saying is if you are that deep into affy you should be given a 'this talent negates 100,200 resilience to all dots' addition to UA. This allows the other trees to PVP also. (and of course I meant that shadowfury should do the same for destro's..).

I don't want to PvP all the time anyway, or level. But right now killing random looser hordies makes my day.. (again.. I'm full affy raiding spec, so its not like a reasonable pvp class in pvp gear shouldn't be able to stomp me, the fact that they don't means they suck).

Friday, August 29, 2008

Strat.. and EPIC FAIL

Ok so we stomped through scholo like it was a joke (it kinda was, actually)..

Our group was bound for Strat. Nobody had been there before so it was bound to be fubar from the word GO. Yara had scouted it, and there are some disease givers that reduce your healing by 100%. To a mage this is not a big deal.. to an affy lock, this is terrible (explanation at the bottom). So we fumble looking for a dispeller to take that off of us. We got one!! YEAH!!

So we were...
  1. 70 frost mage (epic'd out, scarry powerful)
  2. 70 BM hunter (epic'd out, scarry powerful)
  3. 64 BM hunter (along for the ride, but always helpful to have a spare hunter)
  4. 70 Elem Shaman (ok so not a dedicated healer, but what's wrong wit a little dps?)
  5. Some gnome that calls himself Mcgoo..
So we stomp through EPL to get to Strat. Suddenly.. my lag spikes. Like it was 140 (not terrible) and then hit 4k. So everything got jacked up. I got booted. Came back in... lag is normal.. then BOOM.. back to 4k. OK so now I'm ticked.. wth is going on here? shut down wow completely.. Windows is updating to SP3.. son of a vocational school drop out monkey.. OK so how long could this possibly take?

Try over an hour and a half. SO when I got back in not only were they DONE, they were all logged but 1 and they asked me wth, so I told them. I promised I was going to unleash hell on strat tomorrow, I promise!

Now its Thursday night... I log on late (bah, real life.. always getting in the way of zombie killing), and I find only 1 person on. We immediately push to Lights hope to wait for others. I throw it out in general chat, "lfm strat, pst".. A pally (61) answers the call. SWEET. Most people resent pallies.. I personally think they rock. He was a tankadin so not ideal, good news is he could prolly take a beating better than me.

So we get in.. and we're immediately lost. Trying to find "the key guy" so I can have a key too. We wonder aimlessly until Yara comes on and we start moving with some speed. We make it all the way through to baron and he was a chump.. Got nothing good as drops.. but we got so many friggin blue boe drops it was SICK. Lots of gear that was designed to be super leet before TBC, which is all but DE fodder now.. Was hoping for Baron's horse, but alas.. no luck. I hit honored and now have some of the mats necessary for my attunement.. I may log on briefly tonight to purchase it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's that? Naxx? oh HECK yes..

Sitting at my PC, and my buddy pops me a note saying..

"Did you hear about us trying to get a group for Naxx?"

This is a single sentence that stopped my whole night. I have always wanted to raid Naxx especially before its retooled as a lvl 80 instance in Northrend. Well also the prospect (all be it slight) that I COULD get the staff of Medivh. The only Caster legendary weapon that I know of. Not to mention, I'm in a guild called.. "The ORDER of Medivh". I just think it'd be fitting for me to have one.. well not fitting there are certainly more qualified raiders who would deserve such a legendary weapon.. but still. I wanted to go there and see what this place has, and experience it while I am technically overpowered for it.. unlike in the expansion when I will most likely be on the shallow end of the gear pool.

So quick reading of our forum, and lo and behold.. we ARE trying to go there! So I quickly give them my "I will be there, please dear lord let me go!"... only in a cooler tone. Well I hoped.. So I made my druid sleep a bit longer in the inn and I dusted Mcgoo off for a tromp through the plaguelands..

Last night we stomped all over Scholo.. I mean ALL over scholo. The kills and badges got me sufficient rep to get me about 2-3 bars from Honored. Honored, by the way, is the minimum to do the attunement to even get IN to Naxx. If you are Exalted with Argent Dawn you go in for free, otherwise.. you gotta pay. Things that aren't that hard to come by now.. but I'm sure they were hard to get to originally. I have the disposable funds to get attuned even at just honored so I see no real reason to push beyond that anymore.

Well last night it was scholo... tonight.. Strat. Our group? BM hunter (mostly in S1 epics), frost/arcane mage (FULL pvp mojo), and me (mixmatched epics from S1 and raiding, affliction build). Notice we have no healer? I would prefer one honestly, but Que sera sera.. We had 2 deaths in Scholo.. and those had to deal with us being kinda vein and trying to do AOE fest on 60 elites.. which takes 2-3 aoe cycles to bomb. I never died. Mostly cause I am awesome like that.. or maybe cause I was so undergeared/outclassed that I didnt' top dmg... ever.. ever ever. So I was either really rusty or they really outgeared/played me. Any of these could be the answer but it stung, since I wasn't SL/SL I didn't have that to fall back on.

So I'll be pushing hard in Strat.. since it is loaded with undead I'm thinking my "OS" button (fear) will be worthless. Ah well.. I'm going to take care of this rep issue so I can go on Saturday to Naxx..

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I was looking for things to do on my pally and found that he had 3 quests in the stockade. Stockade? at 29? sure why not..

So I popped into LFG and quickly found 3 other 29's wanting to go in (apparently I'm not the only bonehead). The druid dropped out at the last second (who knows why).. So we went in as..

29 Ret Pally (me)
29 Prot Pally
29 warlock with VW

This made things really easy. We pulled a whole room at a time and in a few instances it turned into 2 rooms. I was SS'd so I took that to mean I get to heal... YEAH FOR NO MANA!! oh wait.. no that sucks. So I popped heals on them as best I could. For the first several pulls I didn't do DPS (squeemish much?). The tank told me to get into it.. so I did. AND HOW! I popped up righteous fury (keeps em off my locky friend with his shadowbolts). Typically one of us would judge crusader.. the other would judge Justice. So no runners (usually), and all the dmg you could ask for.

Dinged 30 after I got done with all that non-sense and flew to.. I think southshore to start questing there after a few days of rest. Also note.. I now have a new aura!! Sanctity aura. So in the future a duel pally situation can have me with imp sanctity aura (cuz I helps ppl) and him with ret aura. Should be time for HOLY DAMAGE BATMAN!! ok so that was a little weak, but I think it holds as a good pun. Also got the "take one for the team" ability (divine intervention), not that I see myself using it anytime soon (I prefer not to wipe at all). All will be seen in the future though kiddies.. so stay tuned!

Loosing focus..

Well I'd love to update everyone and say.. "druid now at 47!".. But I can't.

Or even "druid now at 46!".. but a big negatory there too.

So. What HAVE I been doing? I ran out of rested on my druid and then got BORED. I leveled my shaman up and got water totem abilities (mmm healing stream). Then I got bored with him, so I leveled my pally up to 30 (almost 31!!) and got his mount (woot!).

Why you're asking? Why would I start horsing around on alts now?

Focus. The social aspect of the game being tantamount to me rather than the actual GAME itself.. I find that without a leveling buddy, things aren't nearly as much fun. I will return to my druid tonight, unless I get a buddy to run my pally through SM for some gear upgrades in later levels.. Who knows.

Druid is sitting in Tanaris waiting on more stuff to kill. With any luck at all he will have sufficient rested bonus to get him up a level tonight and maybe get into the next one a bit. I may do some dailies-days for when this happens again. I seem to burn rested REALLY fast solo, not so much in group.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well last night I got griefed..

.. and then turned the table on the little fella!

Ok well as you'll see in my post after this, last night was ati's last night for... well for a while. So I told him, his last night.. whatever he wanted to do we'd make that happen. He wanted to level his pally.. in duskwood. Sounds good to me, but then I let him choose which toon I would be. He chose my recent 70, dwarfenstuff. Sounds good.. pallies have movement issues, so having pack aspect will help with travel.. DOH.. he has a mount now.. nvm. So I don't know why the hunter was preferrable.

So I was killing everything in the cemetary, and some rogue for no explicable reason said...


Well I'm not a "nub", so it didn't bother me but I caught on he wanted to bait me.. I can type at like 50 words a minute so I went round and round with him.

"Why am I a nub" - me
"70 and in all greens, nub" - him
"yeah I'm mostly in greens atm.." - me
"yeah you nub all greens, my hunter [made up guy on another server] could 1 shot you" - him
"yeah look him up {explicative deleted}.." - him
(first just know I didnt' look him up.. I can easily name off 10 guys in the top raiding guild and SAY they are mine.. they aren't.. but who can prove this?)
"convenient they are on another server, huh?" - me

It went on and on... and then on some more. I referred to him as "little boy" and "junior" almost constantly. I went as far as to accuse him of making up his toons who are "so much better" than my 70. He continued.. this lasted like 20 minutes.. maybe longer. So he kept on saying how lame my 70 was compared to his. I didn't report him. I won't. It was an entertainment to me that someone would try to be such a troll.

In the end he did a mass spam of
"NUB" about 200 times. Which made me laugh again.. cuz, I didn't need to talk to ati.. I was killing he was looting.. that was our makeup. I made sure I didn't runoff from him and kept him alive, so there was nothing to say till Questhelper told me he was done. So he disrupted no communication (his hope), and he made me laugh when he wanted to make me mad.

Griefing.. Well personally I don't do it. If you REALLY know how to play, you just do and others opinions of you don't really matter. I know what I'm doing.. Am I the best? well you can check and see I'm not in SWP gear.. so I could not be the best. I will chance to say that I'm good. I have almost NEVER lost a duel be it with a same level or higher level character. Nobody has ever pwned me in a bg 1:1 (with mcgoo.. dwarf was a twink, so thats really kinda mean since I used to take on 3-4 guys solo and kill them all). Could someone? possibly. Like I said I 'm not in the best of the best.. I'm in some good gear, I'm not denying it.. but nowhere near sunwell or brutal gladiator.

So this guy had an epic fail as a 25 rogue. Epic. he talked trash (when it meant nothing to do so), then when I wouldn't stop talking with him (Not harrassing.. just challenging his points and his integrity) he ignored me. Yeah.. a griefer who no doubt wanted to have me /ignore him.. now has me on /ignore. EPIC... FAIL...

Lets look into this.. firstly.. my guy just hit 70 and did 1 round of dailies, followed by 1 pvp match (EOTS, which I won and placed 5th in total dmg 3rd in HK's.. in greens/blues). So he's not epic. Not even close. He's there to go to 80 though when WotLK pops, and do dailies when my druid hits 70. So he was kinda weak for a 70. No epics... I could buy a few.. but why? again he can move from 70-72 in this gear easy and then get questing upgrades to get better so why drop big gold on it?

Lets see some points as to why this guy was cracked..

  • no epics = nub..
    • Not possible, as not everyone has hit 70 since the 3rd day of TBC.. so he's cracked
  • my 70's are better than yours!
    1. first.. he could be making this up.

    2. second he could have bought his...

    3. third.. could be his dad's or brother's..
Honestly.. I think this guy was a kid being a kid. The whole "mine is better than yours" thing..kinda tired. And since it was unprovoked, obviously just a troll. I consider this a victory.. I didn't let it bother me at all. We did dabble in some name calling (well I'm no saint.. c'mon..) and some yo' mama issues.. But in the end we were merely discussing his legitimacy that he could evaluate MY gear as a 25 rogue (as that was the only toon I could prove he had). He gave up.. and I'm on ignore. If anyone wants his name so you can tell him what a dork he is.. let me know. If he wanted help he just had to ask.. if I killed a mob he wanted, he just needed to say so. Griefing accomplishes nothing. And in his case he lost a guy who would have helped him out if he wasn't a jerk.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Druid pounding up the levels

ZOMG.. With real life kicking me in the head daily I have neglected my loyal readers!!

Well enough bs.. what is up? Let me TELL you.

With my hunter now lvl 70 and being moderately effective in all things, I started pounding my druid up in levels..

Initially I wanted to finish the Nessingwary q's in STV. I did. Then I marched my bear-hiney (get it.. bear, not bare?.. oh bite me it was funny) up to Hinterlands.. with a pit stop in Guild chat to say...

"Um.. its been like a year or so since I had to FIND the Hinterlands... anyone know where it is?"
Quickly answered by my astute friends in my guild by..
"map.. North East of your location"
Very nice.. well at least people with excessive sarcasm group together eh? so I followed up..
"great.. thanks now that I can read the map.. is there a path.. THROUGH the mountains?"

Ok so NOW I get the sensical answer of where the path (if you haven't discovered all of southshore you're SOL cause I would never have found it otherwise) was located.

Get there and bring in my good buddy Ati's druid. So we start stomping through everything.. doing things like taking out a group of 5 47's at lvl 43/41 (Myself and him). So to me, I thought we were doing GREAT. Then we hit what is known as a concrete wall.

We did all the quests we could do due to our level in Hinterlands... So.... now what?

Well we logged in frustration and came back last night where we lept down to Tanaris for a bunch of q's I had stored since around 40. We collected them all and then started doing the dance of crazy druids. Pounding all of those out.. or close to all of them.

So progress is good.. I'm at 44 and about 1/3 of the way into it. Just got my First aid leveled to mageweave (not heavy just yet)..

Now for the bad news..

My good buddy Ati may be taking a hiatus.. having a real life seems to get in the way of WoW? Glad I don't have one... (or much of one..) So my relentless drive to 70 on the druid will most likely be a solo one for the foreseeable future. Ya know... I don't really think WoW is that great a game. I certainly have other games I prefer.. its the SOCIAL aspect of it. Reading other ppl's conversation in guild chat.. or local chat.. running around meeting people and questing.. and so on.. its just very interesting to me. THAT is the part of the game that is compelling. Sure I like that I have reached some milestone of success in the game (to me having a lvl 70 is some success, and mcgoo is pretty decent.. not to mention having 2).. but again its the SOCIAL nature of it.. I mean if you want to run out and quest all the time and grind on mobs for money.. I mean.. you can get a older non-online RPG and do that till your nose bleeds.

So on top of my "Woot!! level 44!!! WOO HOO".. I am adding this.. Please try to branch out a bit and meet new folks on your server around your level. I know of a lot of people and remember friends from other guilds.. and groups.. Unfortunately they don't share my passion for leveling alts up so I have a selection of people to play with at the level cap for raiding/instances.. what not...

Not sure what I'll do without my home-boy to talk to when I level.. this just in.. guild chat becomes spammed by a lowbie druid.. ROFL!! beware guild... BEWARE!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ding!! 70! (for real)

Wow.. so I finally hit 70 last night a full night behind schedule. I only needed from my reserve funds about 140g to get my flying mount/training.. So I did.

Did my pre-req's for skyguard dailies in terrokar.. also did a battleground.. I came in like 5 in overall dmg (remember, no pvp gear.. I'm in mostly questing greens). I WON.. (if by winning you mean I died the most of all the alliance in this particular EOTS).

Tonight it will be dailies for Mcgoo and Dwarf... so that I will have plenty of gold for my up and coming druid to get his epic ground mount and any training he wants.

(YEAH!!! DWARF IS 70!!! YEAH!!!.. a full month behind my original deadline..)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

YES LVL 70!!

I finally made it to 70 with my hunter!!


Ok so last night me and good ole krinkor were looking forward to decimating everything in shadowmoon (there's a questline there that yields a buttload of xp plus is long as crap.. Plus I just like that place).. Well we got there and Krink is still sitting at 66. Now if you know wth you're talking about you now are laughing as almost ALL the quests in shadowmoon are for lvl 67 minimum.

What are 2 dwarves to do? Well I took out my frustration on the blades edge mountain area instead of shadowmoon. We got him all the way to 67...


We got him to about 4 bars from 67. A big deal? Not really there is a ton of quests in the first ogre camp that we can push through really quick tonight if need be. If I don't see him I personally will be in shadowmoon... killing demons and hoping for Kiljadeen marks and the other ones.. whatever the lvl 2 turnins for aldor are (I don't know at this point). I have like 5 Fel Armaments sitting in my bank as is, which is what people call lucky.. Until they realize just HOW MANY FRIGGIN THINGS IT TAKES TO GET UP TO EXALTED!!! But I digress...

So running around in the BEM I managed to get about 4 bars into 69. So I'm about at 30-40% of 69. My typical rotation is that I go into a zone get all the q's then just follow questhelper and stomp them out. TYPICALLY, the first night in a new zone is my low xp night. If Krink is on I'll be dragging him up to 67 so we can go there and perform our deadly duet.. If not I'll go there solo and kill everything... maybe 2x's. I did get the FP there (since we didn't figure out he was too low for the area until we were there and he told me "hey why now q's?".. So we spent abotu 10 minutes not even playing just BS'ing in party chat.

I'd like to finish my shadow labs experience, if I am left solo tonight... But again that puts me at the mercy of the LFG tool.. which is aptly named TOOL. I want the sonic spear pretty bad, plus the bracers from the quest I'm on would be nice.. Aside from all that.. my Valanos' bow is in my bank I have the scope with +crit on it (crit makes my pet happy.. and when he's happy.. I'm happy)... I really want the sonic spear (not a necessity, but it would be nice).. and I WANT the trinket from BM.. I need it.. Don't make me explain.. but I'm going to have that.. and maybe the spear.. we'll see. But 70 is close at hand!!

Then on to the druid!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

69, and the shadow labs run that never should've been

Well as you can tell I dinged 69 last night.. Not questing though.. in an instance! Shadow Labs (my least favorite of all instances, more on that later).

A buddy I met leveling in Nagrand had a crew assembled to run shadow labs. I was 68, he was 69, tank was 69, warlock/priest were both 70 (and had a few epics). Sounds bad from the get-go right? Well anyway we manage to get in and we wipe on some early trash mobs. Its like you're reading my mind.. only from the past.. its getting worse.

Ok now we manage to get through to the room with the first boss. He's a joke and we all know it. The problem is the felguards he has that do AOE fear and have more HP than all of us combined. But after a few wipes (yes a few) We got to the first boss. I did all out mojo spank-tastic DPS. Well I thought I was anyway. I assumed I'd be last in dps just because.. well there's a 70 lock there (and I know a little something about locks), and a enhancement shaman (of whom I have great respect cuz everytime one of them hits mcgoo they get the windfury triple crit smack down and kill me). After the first boss I ask if anyone has damagemeters up (sorry val, I know you just posted a groin punch of a post about this very thing, and I laughed when I asked in party chat too just because of it).. I said specifically.. I don't need a figure, I just want to make sure I'm pulling my weight.

Me = 37% of damage
lock =36% of damage
(I don't remember the shaman because of this figure here)

He immediately started either teasing or belly-aching about how he can't believe he was loosing a dps race with a hunter. I was still wearing my WWdN "don't be a ----" shirt so I totally just kinda kidded around back and forth with him.. What I was thinking was.. SCRUB!!! I'm in crap gear, 2 levels beneath you and I'm beating you in DPS? Please delete your character, and never roll a lock again! Could he have been having a bad night? God I hope so. I want to say it publicly here, I have trouble beating hunters in many DPS scenario's.. I have NEVER lost a dps race to anyone 2 levels beneath me.. EVER. EVER EVER EVER.. (I digress)

Now looking at his spec and stuff I don't really know why he was so gimped. I mean sure he did as good of damage as me.. but why wasn't he blowing me away? Anywho I think all these guys knew each other but me, which is fine. The healer was awesome. The tank was good (all be it, unexperienced in shadow labs). Shaman while not maxing out on DPS certainly played a vital role (tremor totem for anti-fear.. poison cleansing totem for.. guess what..you got it.. Poison. And the biggest help mana stream) Mana stream totem earned every bit of its worth last night as we were a group of ALL mana users, (pally tank). With Mana stream and blessing of wisdom on me I could pretty much churn the dps out. I rarely stole aggro, and on those occasions FD'd to ditch it. There were some points where the pally gave us all salvation blessing (I know Val will have something to say about it), and I literally remembered how Val removed the buff just to show the guy/gal that hunters don't need it. I mentioned in her comment area on her blog that I take this as a challenge.. Can I pull aggro with salvation? I did.. on purpose 2x's.. but a quick FD sent the mob back to the tank.

This really wasn't a "brag fest" for me.. so if anyone wants to gander at my gear and say "zomg wtf you're awesome gear is leet" or "noob... your gear is poop" be my guest. I kinda think I keep reasonable gear for what I want to do, but by no means scalable for a 70 (hunter) any way you slice it. I'll have to get some new duds.. finish shadow labs.. and maybe do a few other instances to get some odds/ends I want.

All this being said.... I'm now 1 level away from having 2 70's (you are forbidden to go back and read about how I planned on having 2 70's by 7/5/08.. FORBIDDEN!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Being sorry... and meaning it

I was questing in the BEM zone a few days ago..

There were 2 of us after the same mobs (some buggy like folks.. like flayers or something..) and a druid and I were doing what I call leapfrogging (you take one then I take one.. ) ungrouped of course..

When I screwed up. I multishot and hit his mob as he was charging in.. I got credit for both his kill and mine. Here is a transcript..

me - "OMG, dude did you get credit?"
him - "no"
me - "dude.. I'm so sorry, my bad "
him - "hey thanks man but its no big deal "

Why does this stand out? First, 6g for 1 mob? are you freakin kidding me? Truth be told I was feeling bad.. I've been on my "last XYZ mob" before and had some butt-munch come steal the credit. There are plenty of these flayers around here but just doing that burned me up (at myself) so I thought some recompense was worth it. He was thankful for the apology and offer of gold, but we left it there.

It felt GOOD to actually give a reasonable apology for stealing a mob.. hopefully karma will smack those jerks that always steal my mobs...


I put the title as it is to try to lure in the porn surfers.. LOL!!!

Well the dwarf is now giving dirty looks at 69 (about 5 bubbles from it). I'm happy with his progression since I started giving the game more time and less time to my dead PC(the one I like.. its still down atm).

This puts my schedule at 69 by tonight... 70 by thursday (why thursday? well I might want to get some sleep for a change..ROFL!!). I have a few quests that I HAVE to do that involve long drawn out processes. Firstly there is a quest in shadowmoon that eventually (and I mean eventually cuz this quest line goes on so long, mcgoo still hasn't finished it) grants me one of the "your toon won't get a better one till kara" upgrades.

Then there is the auchunai bracers (spelling?) that I get from doing a mana tombs run I think. After that I need to start pounding at the instance everyone hates.. dark portal (black morass for those who don't know) in the caverns of time. I will devote precisely 1 night to this endeavor of doing each. This puts me at tuesday at the earliest (of next week remember) to start pushing my druid up from 40 to 70.


Well I'm going feral cuz I'm lazy. I like doing dps, and I like tanking. At this point the gear difference is like 2 items. Do I foresee doing both in outlands? no. I plan on dps'ing my kitty heart out till I hit 70 and then running back and trying to get some "gear" if I have time (expansion remember?). Regardless my guy will be competitive to other druids. I'm not saying your T6 uber druid is a pushover and mine in green will be up there with him on damage-meters.. what I AM saying is that if you looked at my gear after we ran an instance.. you'd say "dang.. you need new gear". All the while thinking, "dang.. he did THAT ... in THOSE?". That is kinda my hallmark with all my toons. I want to surprise you with my gameplay and then shock you at my gear. I have always WANTED "kewl epix", and Mcgoo actually has a few.. but I never expected them. So I have built my guys up around "what I really want to squeeze from them" gear. With Mcgoo, pre 70, I had almost 980 +shadow dmg. Thats NON-epic, NON-70 gear. What did I loose? Well not much, since locks worry about only 2 stats before raiding.. dmg, and stamina. Most dmg gear has +stamina if its good anyway.. I had a ton of both. As a matter of fact.. even when I made some of my gear transition to epic, I actually held my greens in my bag, just due to set bonus'.. With Dwarf I want attack power and int. Why int? am I nutty? no. I concentrate on killing fast and moving on. INT has been my secondary stat I worry about but I do have a little. I have found i could probably solo ramps with a decent healer thanks to my pet's massive hp pool and dps provision.. what I couldn't do is last more than about 1 minute without going OOM unless I go into viper aspect and loose the crunchy goodness of hawk aspect (all that AP? are you kidding me?).

So the future is again getting "the look" and I groom my original main on the Medivh Server to take his proper place at the level cap..

More to come... as I hit 69 tonight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ding ding ding!!! 2 levels left on dwarf!!

Well last night I finally hopped over the limbo bar to ding 68 on my dwarf hunter.. aptly named.. dwarfenstuff.

I tamed a wolf for bite 9 to give to my ravager (rema in bem in case you wondered).. which should help with some dps on his side. Not that he is at all gimped as is.. I just like to be OP all the time. Krinkor dinged 66 which made him happy.

Tonight I plan on pushing krink and myself up to deaths door questlines and then see about the gnome camp quests.. Killin stuff.. looting stuff.. setting up nets and such. Plus a FP which is the awesome. My biggest excitement comes from skinning the dragons to get nether dragon scales around there.. Thottbot says that is a decent place that they drop <70. So since me and krinkor can steamroll just about anything I imagine that'll be a big bonus for me. Don't know if I'd sell them or if I'd just hold them for possible leatherworking joy.. who knows. Personally I like drums but they've been nerfed.. and plan on being nerfed again.. so not likely that they'll matter.

Long story short.. I'm knocking on lvl 70's door. I got about 3 bubbles into 68 and feeling frisky. I should be close to 50% done with it by the time I finish the quests around the gnome encampment in BEM. So I should be close to 69 when I go into shadowmoon or netherstorm. Either way things are looking good for a meteoric rise to lvl 70. A shame that krinkor won't get there at the same time, but ati has 900 alts he's leveling all at the same time.. so who's shocked? not me.. He works even better as an aggro magnet now than before!! can't wait for 70.

Can't wait for 70. I have just enough gold to get dwarf his flying mount (if I so choose, may not just to keep gold and to get mcgoo's epic flying done faster), and "bear" his epic land mount. So things financially are solid.. not great.. but solid. I should follow more of Val's advice.. but at this point I'm just much more focused on getting multiple 70's..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*&^$!!!!!! Stupid lag!!

Well the awesome-ness that is NOT my current PC I'm playing on further gimped me last night.. It was night 3 (of real play) at level 67. I am 1.5 bars from dinging 68. Me and krinkor (god bless him for helping me, mobs have a way of just showing up and me dropping instantly to about 75% health (again.. *&^$-ing lag!!). He helped by being 2 levels lower and an atomic aggro bomb in the blades edge mountains. So nobody ever attacked me, I could just assist him.. I still put out a dumptruck load of dmg in a short time aferall. So our pairing was a huge success. Except he apparently has to begin a job hunt today, and had to sleep (pansy, j/k). Knowing I couldn't go it alone without a ton of luck I logged as well.

Since my leveling foray with my hunter/druid/pally.. I have learned that seeing the end like at 1-2 bars makes it nearly impossible for me to log. If I had my REAL computer (the one laying in defeat on the kitchen table) up and running, I'd have stayed on.. pwned BEM and rolled into shadowmoon or netherstorm. I can't complain.. Krink says he rocked out with about 100g at the end of our joint venture into BEM. I admit I'm whiney about my PC, but the biggest hurt is reconfiguring my gameplay around a ... less customized UI. I have toolbars/quickbuttons setup all over on my REAL PC (due to some awesome addon love), and have almost had to relearn how to play. Did you know Macro's were saved on your machine, not the server? Ok, big deal smart ellic.. so you knew and I never thought of it.. Man I hate it when you guys are goofin on me. Well anyway so my fubar that tells me how much money I made.. how much xp I made.. how much all my vendor crap is worth.. All gone. My bank toon has a FAT load of stuff to AH off as soon as I can get my REAL PC running. Motherboard RMA's suck.. they do. Well just trust me, ok? They suck.

Hoping to hit 68 tonight.. and maybe march midway into that level, but at the pace I'm going I won't have but 1 70 at expansion launch. Which will be depressing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Friggin Ogre's...

No offense to you ogre lovers.. But those butt-monkeys in BEM are way outta line. I managed to eek by them last night for the ridiculous vindicator's quests (5 ogres in a hutt, 2 norms, 2 elites.. 1 named). and I did those by.. well by thinking like a hunter.. I sent my pet in BRK mode (only he's a ravager), and marked the named.. (after kiting the 2 non elites out and killing them).. This leaves 2 elites and a named pounding on my poor ravager (EatsFaces is his name). So I laid my frost trap and multishot. Most everyone knows this is an awesome way to pull adds off of your pet and freeze trap them.. Good news is I kited them into the frost trap and ran right through them to multi/arcane/poison shot the named and kill him.. (by now ravager is charging, teeth bared at the 2 elites). I Looted him and ran. My poor ravager couldn't take the beating any of the 3 times I did this.. but FD pulled me far enough out of the hut to pop up and res him and then bandage/eat/drink to full power again.

So if you haven't done these stupid quests.. .this is the way to go if you are a hunter. As a lock I remember dotting the named and AOE fearing the others and looting and running. Curse of Exhaustion has very limited uses in PvE but running from 2 elite ogres.. its the money baby.. the MONEY.

Tonight I totally plan on polishing off 67 and driving up to 68. At this point that might be all the use dwarf gets before the expansion ( I feel it coming like a storm on the horizon), and I'm not yet ready with my 3 lvl 70's to storm into the frosty northern reaches of Azeroth.. I think my pc issues have compounded the stranglehold time has me in.. I'll keep ya posted!

Friday, July 18, 2008

MIA again... sorry

There has just been a slew of problems around me and WoW lately..

I've been having PC issues (first my PSU, then my mobo). So my MAIN PC is DOA until I can get my RMA from my mobo. What this means is WoW is a painful exercise.. my selling/buying at the AH has STOPPED (too many addons.. slows my dinosaur standby PC to a crawl).

Dwarfenstuff dinged 67 after my night o adventure running almost all the remaining nagrand q's. His next place to go is BEM mostly for some decent quest rewards and possible upgrades. Then its off to netherstorm. I'm way behind in leveling and zones.. For highest XP/hr you really have to be in a zone that is at or above you (if of course, you can be effective as a player there, which I am). Nagrand has SOME mobs at my level but they really aren't a challenge now so moving on is way past due. Ati's warrior hasn't moved nearly as fast he's just recently dinged 65 or so, which is good since I've been of NO real help at all lately.

Then there was the patch I was waiting for... Now we're running our "almost 30's" through SM for xp (I mean really am I alone to think thats nuts to allow a 20 into SM?). So I've pushed him through 1.5 cathedral runs, 2 library runs, 1 armory run. I think he's out or almost out of rested which makes it kinda slow at that point but he still levels a full level each run (just about). I may beg/whine/cry for my pally at 28 (or is it 27?) to get a SM armory/cath run. I'll be good, I promise!! I've actually been terrible at running him through here cuz I have um... well my PC is garbage that I play on now. So he's died a few times.. which is regrettable since he's the one that can rez.. not me (pally).

Druid (BigScryBear) got his mount. Spotted nightsaber or something or other. I have a snow leopard mount is what I call it. (Is this new? I dont' remember seeing these before)

Nobody else has done a DARN thing (with me only on for about 30-40 mins a night due to fighting with my good PC to try to get anything to do anything on it...

That... and I bought a wii... LMAO!!!
wii rules..

Should have my mobo and be back into some better stuff by middle of next week maybe week after. So my updates will probably be lame.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

OMG long time no... blog?

Wow updates updates updates...

  1. Dwarfenstuff: He's chilling in Terrokar right now. Why? well he ran out of rested and I thought with the xp buff leveling some lower toons WITH full rested was just a better idea. You'll see why soon...
  2. BigScryBear: He um.. slid from 37 to 40 in like 2 nights of partial attention. I'm not buying my mount because #1 I don't need it atm and #2 the cost will go down with the new patch (whenever that comes)
  3. Brepalan: OP-Pally goodness. He's jumped up several levels and I now LOVE fighting zombies/undead. I've pushed through the vast majority of the duskwood quests (working on stalvan ATM) and should be done with the area after another night off attention. Oh did I mention He's gone up 3 levels also? Well he did. He's even more rediculously OP than before. AND I pushed his engineering skill to max.. Which cost me a lot of gold, gold I hadn't intended on spending.. oh well. I plan on using Mcgoo's Epic riding around tanaris to gather the >100 mithril bars he'll need. I bought 100 thorium in the AH last night (cuz I'm not mining that.. I hate thorium) so I'll need about 90 more bars that I'll have to buy/mine. I may just do a few laps in EPL and see what happens.
So I've been busy. Mcgoo has been taken out of SL/SL durability and thrust back into the LOVE build (full affy/some destro). I have no qualms about him going back into arena/bg's as a affy lock, I really doubt it'll matter. When we won I was ignored in arena, when we lost I was immediately killed.. and that was with sl/sl.. So I can't see there being a big difference there. Sure I'll spend LESS time getting hit and more time getting dead, but whatever.. I'm too late in the arena game and my schedule too wonky to ever compete at the level I probably should be at. PLUS I arena with buddies, not necessarily complimentary classes.. So while we can dish out the dmg, we don't do ... well anything else very good.

In the end, Mcgoo will always be my main focus. My focus on my alts is to provide me with a better launchpad for mcgoo, in lieu of daily quest gold, supplies, farming.. you name it. Majorly I want my nether-ray flying epic mount. thats 5k gold. Do you have it? Not me.. My thought was I could get my hunter up to 70 have him do (skyguard dailies for the trinket, which I think is awesome for farming with a hunter) dailies. My take-home gold for running skyguard and Ogrila dailies was around 80g (before the Shattered Sun Offensive happened) 80g a day is good but for 5k gold? My thought was doing that in 3's. Even if I JUST did those 2 zones' quests.. That plows me up to a daily contribution of 240g. So about 1/4 of a thousand gold, and that's assuming I get NO drops of any merit at all doing those quests (which I always run home with about 4-5 greens).. Then take into consideration the SSO quests in the isle of Quel.. Q'uel.. well whatever its called. SSO q's I don't NEED a flying mount so my dwarf hunter will probably hang out there until I get the sufficient gold for mcgoo to be Epic'd, then He'd get a flying one.. and consequently he'd get the next epic (if there is time before expansion).. Since the druid epic is a friggin crazy quest line in a instance nobody goes to.. He'll get the last one. I hope to get my pally into the 60's but I have some doubts about it since we're talking about getting my 40-70 then my hunter to 70.. then pounding out 5k gold in dailies.. So I doubt he'll make it into his 40's realistically, but he is by FAR the most fun at this point. ( I took on 6 skellies in the cemetary of duskwood all at my level or 1 above and I killed them without bubble and had 20% health left. I mean thats pretty awesome)

I'll let you know after the holiday weekend (maybe sooner if something cool happens) where I'm sitting on all the goals.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well even though my rise has been meteoric until outlands I've stalled horribly. I was doing 1 level in 1 night from 50-61 really. 62 took me several nights (all be it shorter periods of play so who knows on the time scale) to get to and 63 is starting off that way also.

Really unsure of reaching my 70 by 7/1 goal, but I'm still pushing. My rate of ascent has slowed considerably though so it is doubtful. Ati has started dealing with more "real life" things like moving, etc.. So he's gaming a bit less, which leaves me to solo. Well don't cry for me argentina, I'm a BM hunter. The premier solo class for ever and ever, amen. Soloing is great for xp progression, but it sucks butt when it comes to speed, I mean with me and ati doing dps, and my pet tanking we were running through mobs at light speed.

I think a big slower on my time right now is mana. I have been away from my hunter forever so this thirst for more mana is new to me, probably not to the seasoned hunters though. I'm considering checking my enchanter buddies for +int or +mp5 enchants (if they are even worth it). When I was dual wielding my twink 1'handers I put mana oil on them and used that to supplement my mana sucking. I find that mana is my biggest problem. I can almost kill a lvl 66 elite (don't ask) at 63, but I run out of juice and the guy is at 20%. What? 20% is pretty F'ing close for a 63, don't be a jerk! Of course he kills my pet (my ravager I named "eatsfaces"), who I am trying to keep armored and HP'd up for his tanking job (yes I know he'll stop tanking when I'm in instances, and only need resistances but still makes him more effective as my tank). Right now he's got big armor/hp, and decent showings in frost/nature resist.. Why? poison = nature.. rooting by freezing = frost. Holding down most of that poison keeps him alive longer, and keeping him from being rooted means I don't have to think like a warrior and melee ppl.

Ah.. now if I can just hit 65 by monday..

"Shyeah.. and monkeys might fly out of my butt.." -Wayne

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

timeline issues..

Well my elegant timeline of getting to 70 has crumbled at my feet.


Well at my current rate of progression I won't ding 70 till after 7/4 weekend. That puts me at least 5 days past deadline.. and leaves NO time for money raising to get epic ground mount for the druid. So this whole thing has become a big debacle that I just don't know if I'll be able to fix and still have 3 70's at launch (with mcgoo flying on his epic netherray).

So now I'm eating into my druid's timeline unless I get really lucky with the questing in higher levels.. but I doubt it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

100th post.. WOOT!

Well I pushed all the way out of hellfire peninsula and into zangarmarsh. I've completed all the quests from the druid encampment and have started picking up quests at talredor and the camp near the BEM area.

And... I'm still not 62...

According to my schedule I had worked out I would need to be.. Oh.. 62. So I'm like ALMOST there.. and I haven't even leveled 1 level a night. How the crap did THAT happen?

Just as well though. The optimum goal is to be 70 by 6/23 so I can start dailies and spend a week or so pushing gold accumulation. Although on 7/1 I start playing the druid every day to push him up to 70. I think the druid will be the most fun personally but we'll see. Right now he chews through everything and with ati's druid running with me (if he doesn't get distracted)

Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow.. The best laid plans..

Ok so my dibble dabble in black temple set me behind a level. I managed to get that back, but I remain a level behind my schedule (I should be 62, but that hasn't happened yet). I dinged 61 last night and kept pushing until I found a good stopping point. I'm about 10-20% into 61 now, and things are getting a bit taxing. I think even with quest helper the craziness that IS outlands may mean I'll need to utilize a leveling guide also if I'm going to ding 70 in the allotted time. This brings all new issues to bear on when or if I'll get my druid up to 70. Which worries me..

Well time will tell.. we'll see what tonight holds

Friday, June 6, 2008

Priorities.. and overlap

Wow is a priority to me. Not the TOP priority.. but I find if I go too many days without playing SOME video game.. Life tends to beat me down a bit too much.

Now in game of late my priority has shifted off of Mcgoo and onto my hunter (dwarfenstuff.. just "dwarf" when I talk about him). Goal is to have 3 lvl 70's by expansion (what Val says and scares me, might be november) which shouldn't be hard by any standards. I've been ignoring raids and ignoring invites from ppl doing heroics for a while now (by ignoring I mean I say no thanks), to push these guys up to 70. Last night.. I got weak.

Raid leader: "Hey black temple?"
me: "um.. gosh no but thanks for asking!"

Sounds like I said no right, and its not a big deal. BUT in guild chat.. the poor guy is like BEGGING for a dps for BT. Now I feel like an ass. This guy has gone out of his way to help me out in ways that no other guild has.. and in ways many guilds could not. So my first thought is..

"dude.. you gotta go.. They've been awesome to you, even when you are in greens they took you to SSC, thats rediculous! don't be an ass log onto Mcgoo and put your hat in the ring"

Sounds sensible.. Then my second thought...

"zomg.. BT?!?! are you friggin kidding me? YOU are not a spec for any REAL damage.. You're PVP spec'd still. Going will hinder them more than anything else as they'll be waiting on your friggin corruption and shadowbolts for dmg, and the damage just won't be there like it would for a raiding lock spec.."

Also logical. Its Black-friggin-Temple. Until the sunwell thing fell out onto WoW it was the NEXT TO THE LAST raid for the WHOLE HONKIN GAME. How awesome is this guild to even give an SL/SL lock a invite for this? Sure my help will be marginal.. sure I'm close to the same damage level output as the healers.. but they need a guy.. so I'm going.

Well guess what...

We got STOMPED. Horrendously. I don't even know the guy's name, but was told he's the first boss and not really hard. For some reason we couldn't do anything right and it was a huge cluster.. well you get the point. Nobody reacted to the "spine", people popped the bubble early.. it was ridiculous. We got him down to a pitiful 15% and that was as far down as we ever got him. We wiped 3 times on him also. So I think to myself.. man it'd have been nice to blow this guy away and see what kind of goodies he drops.. (another thing.. my guild gives me a fair shot at loot, even though I've been in less than 20 raids EVER. I'm not a regular.. I'm not a top dmg dealer.. and they give me a /roll on stuff. These guys ROCK. I have gotten a few goodies in raids, most of it is stuff that nobody else wanted, and thats fine with me.. one of the benefits of everyone being better geared than me, is that I get a few goodies nobody wants. My one thing I got that a LOT of people drooled over was my sword "fang of the leviathan". It was precisely this win that made me smile big and be proud of the open mindedness of the guild. Nobody even complained.. There were only "grats goo" on vent/raid. Now they prolly all hated me but I was the only guy without an epic weapon.. so I feel no shame in taking it). I log back into my dwarf and start pushing to 61 again now almost empty of playtime and send a msg to atikam who I left to go raid..

me: "hey man"
ati: "hey how was Black Temple?"
me: "sucked, all I got was a repair bill.. LOL!"
ati: "LOL"

A good T shirt idea? I think so.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boom.. lvl 60

So last night keeping with my 1 night = 1 level idea.. I hit 60. I made it about 25% into lvl 60 before logging so there is SOME cushion to deal with on tonight.. Me and Ati's alt are all push, and all business..

At this rate I might actually reach 70 ahead of time.. although I remember the xp grind to be painful at 68-70. I think my new addon (questhelper) is like MONEY in the BANK! I don't have 7 lvl 70's that I've gone from 1-70 with no help on.. all I have is 1 so I don't KNOW all the quests and where to get things.. This little dandy helps with that, and really well at that. Makes the lvl grind not so painful.. It has its bugs.. and its flat out wrong-ness.. but I still think it is a tool that everyone who is just interested in dinging 70 should have on them almost immediately. It even shows me Ati's quests just in case I don't have one, I know where he's going and what he's doing so there's no "zomg.. wtf are you going?" Ati's a hardcore guy really fast at leveling, but he's holding himself back for me since..
  1. Leveling alone is boring
  2. I'm really funny
  3. he's a warrior and its much slower without a OP hunter.. :)
Well see if tomorrow Its BOOM lvl 61 or not..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well good ole dwarfenstuff pushed and pushed and finally kicked down the door to outlands. I hit 58 and moments later stepped through to meet the wild war in front of the portal on outlands side. Now knowing what I learned from Mcgoo doing this.. I know there is a griphon on the left of the portal to go to honor hold. (If you have read me for long you remember me getting stomped continuously as I tried to sneak past all the demons attacking.. not fun.)

I pushed and pushed and I am about 4 bubbles from hitting 59. I am LOVING it. So far I'm still mostly in my twink gear and doing just fine without any sizable upgrades.

** update dinged 59 on 6/3 post was originally on 6/2***
Now have a new 2her axe to replace my 2 1h axes.. and a new xbow and a new chest/head/belt.. so upgrades are flowing in much faster now..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zomg, WotLK is coming!!

Well as I was patiently reading news on some blogs.. a hint of WotLK was put out there. I immediately swarmed to WoWiki to see what they had to say again..

Here's a quote: "A public beta has been announced, but no date has been given; the game itself is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2008"

Wait.. second half of 08?


So I've given myself June to get dwarf to as high as he can get before I park him and spend the rest of the time allotted (I'm betting on a close to christmas release) to get my druid to 70. The druid is really the priority, but dwarf is closer, and for insurance purposes he's my sure thing bet. So now its not a slow grind to 70, its a paniced-screaming-mad-dash to 70.

Stay tuned for more details of how I whine/cry to get Atikam/Wulven to run me through places or quests to make things faster for me..

(get ready you 2..I'll be calling)


I am an independent person. I don't really like waiting on others to get their head together or to anything. I'm not a people person.

These given facts are needed to understand how happy I was that my longtime amigo Atikam was able to run me through sunken temple to get my blue (har har) Hunter Trinket (devilsaur eye). He's a tough customer so I thought soloing would be easy, but nobody really ever says they just solo'd ST, so how would I know? We went in with another long time amigo of mine.. Veyona. She's just 47 at the start (dinged 48 at the end) but she did great. All 3 of us were hunters, and we all worked really well together. The group pounded straight towards Morphaz, who had a tooth we needed for the trinket I was after. I'll diverge a bit here..

If you have ever DONE ST, you know its a long drawn out very annoying instance. You run in circles for quests.. you run up and down stairs for quests.. it seems to never end. And just when you think you ARE at the end.. You go into a main hall with 900 friggin dragonkin in groups of 4-6 all waiting to smack you down.. We made a beeline to this room as its just a heck-of-a lot shorter than running around forever and ever. Now back to my story

.. Anyway.. So we started taking the groups apart, Ati doesn't really NEED help, but I wanted to push my dps so that I could account for a decent amount of it even though he was running US through. I'm always the guy looking for "scale". So I want to always compare how I do with how someone else is. Ati I know is one of the better hunters I've seen for pvp. I've never raided with him to know if he can even POINT the xbow in the right direction, but to a hunter.. you send pet.. you shoot.. there's no real science here. My goal was (admittedly low I think in retrospect) to be dealing 5% of the total group dps. I ended up in the 20th percentile for damage, which I think is REALLY good. Veyona did her part and nailed down my goal of about 5%. Veyona isn't really geared right (she's UBER casual as a player) and has been powerleveled a lot more than she probably should have been.. All things considered though she did as well as ANY hunter in her range could do, regardless of gear. Unlike Me, Ati, and Wulven (Veyona's husband) who had to wander around mostly confused and lost till we hit 70.. She is definitely reaping the rewards of others' experience. Jealous? nah.. V's my buddy and the sooner she gets to 70 the sooner me and her husband can put her on an arena team and watch another team tear her to shreds.. Ok so we will probably do that, but its all in fun. Sooner she is 70 the sooner I have 1 more person I know and can depend on at a high level for support (when needed, of course).

Anyway.. we stomped everything. Nothing lasted long at all.. Ati used his improved hunters mark, me and V shot and set our pets to support (growl off, of course). That is till we reached some quest area to use an egg to revive Hakkar or something..

Everything spawned FAST (first time for me/ati so we didn't know wth would happen), and everything killed her in like 3 seconds. Me and Ati stomped the event and a good time was had by all. BUT she had to do it again.. so we had to run out and reset the instance.. run back and do the thing again. This time we had traps all over her and pets left in the circle on aggressive (mine was anyway..) and ready to defend our lowbie pal. This one went like clockwork. Stomped out and laughed at how easy it was..

well easy if you have Atikam doing everything.. hey.. a win is a win, bite me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I think the title is self explanatory really.. Lately WoW has been all meh..

Went to SSC, meh.. Didn't really want to go, but my hours on the soapbox over "never getting into raids" kinda hogtied me into it. I got a great offhand.. meh. I was happy to get it, but I have totally tunneled and only Tier Gear and my alts really matter to me now. Selfish? yes very. Rude? Probably yes there too.. Honestly my alts are plain and simple THE priority. While having Tier 99 headpiece would be sweet.. I just don't think I care enough about it to really deserve it. This attitude, while until now was unspoken, I think ruffled some feathers. (thats polite talk for really ticking ppl off). I TRY to have enough where-withall to SAY when I get invited to do stuff that this new raid/thing isn't a real priority for me atm. I failed to do so last week. My guild is awesome. They are all fully bad mo-fo's and not to be fooled with. I have begun to wonder if my lack of push to become "attuned" or "geared" for the next great raid hasn't really removed me altogether from the guild proper.

Why? Why you say? Well I think the big reason is this.. PvP is getting boring, dailies are a grind and boring without enough money to do what I want (epic flying) in any short time frame. I can't RELIABLY get into raids at my typical signon time. So that leaves me with 70 and nothing of interest to do.

  1. stop playing, cause everything has gone to a shade of "meh"
  2. get someone else to 70 for the fun and thrill of "yeah I'm 70.. kneel at my all green gear!"
  3. just goof around and try to make the most of it
I've honestly gone with like 2.5 somewhere between 2 and 3. My druid is who I REALLY want at 70. They can do a LOT of things, and I want to be able to do that kind of thing.. However, he's not quite 40 yet so he's still unmounted. I ran out of rested xp like 2 weeks ago and haven't gone back to him.. so what have I been doing?

Dwarfenstuff returns!! I've been working with him. I'm chipping away at 60 and should have it before too long. At which point I'll have to decide if I want to push dwarf to 70 and get his flying and have him/mcgoo do dailies.. till I have the gold for a epic on my druid.. OR just leave him on his lvl 40 pewpew mount till my druid gets his epic and starts laying some gold down for the cause. I've tried to get the 2 (in my mind) hardest gathering professions to skillup. Mcgoo: mining (oh so awful to level).. and BigScryBear: herb (not all that fun to level as it is..).

Why gather then? Honestly its cause I want stuff. I WANT things like jewelcrafting.. engineering.. alchemy. And those things NEED the gathering professions to back them up. So there's a reason.. I'm debating on it being a "good" reason or not though..

Herb has netted me $0 to date. I keep it all in the bank. I will be making someone my new alchemist in the future. Who? I dunno.. I have a rogue as an alchemist but she's only 18. So unless I want to start dragging another alt up to 70 she won't work. Big could do it, but then I loose a skinner. Dwarf could do it, but I'd loose LW or skinning. I'm not 100% on keeping LW anyway. All my buds who do it whine a lot about how bad it sucks.. most of them are still not at max after a few months at 70.

so back to meh..
if you have something awesome to say.. SAY IT.. or go back to your meh..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update weirdness..

My favorite wild/crazy thing to happen after an update was when I was in Darkshore, and I caught the boat to Menethil.. and after it finally zoned.. I was in Dalaran. Literally. I was on top of a purple bubble and I totally freaked out.

I freaked out.. and by that I mean I checked the map to make sure I wasn't on crack.. and I immediately zoned back to darkshore and was in the water at the edge of the "dead" water.

So forgetting to take a screen shot.. FTL. :(

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nifty at 50..

I have been getting SO bored with my druid. My leveling guide makes things un-challenging while maximizing xp and time.

“I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...”

So I logged on to all my alts. Looking for what I was after.. Then.. when logged into an alt.. I thought: "this is what I want.. I don't know why but I want it"

So I ran to Tanaris.. and hit level 50 with Dwarfenstuff. It felt weird.. Not "bad" but not all that great either. So I started picking up quests and turning them in. Then I hearthed back to SW and trained.. well there was more than that. I respec'd to BM. It works so well for Atikam why wouldn't I try? My damage is ridiculous now. I was mowing down mobs at level or 1 below so quick it was really kinda silly. I am following no guide with him as he's more of a distraction than a serious toon to level. Although I fully intend to do quests in appropriate zones he's not a priority. Mainly because his mounts will be all out of pocket where my druid will get his flight form for free.. and 2 70's can stir money faster than 1 flying 70 and a non flying one. I have sufficient gold to get both toons all the way to their flying mount. Although this would all but drain me completely.

Me and some folks ran through Maraudon in some wild time. We wiped, and by WE I mean.. THEY wiped.. (FD FTW!!). My damage was crazy high I outdamaged everyone significantly.. and by significantly I mean I did 38% of our groups total damage, beginning to end. All this with a shammy in good gear and a lock doing dps with me. I don't know how I'd have faired as a MM, but this definitely worked well for me.

I have pushed so far as to even ding 52 last night. Putting my first of many points into MM to get some decent damage out of my new crazy fast shooting speed. I'm using King B as my pet still ( no ravager, :( ). I may swap out to get another pet.. just to horse around with till I can get a raptor and or ravager in outland. I should probably do some planning.. I know I want 3 pets in my stable.. scorpid, ravager, and probably raptor. I don't know when I'd want them but I don't really like leveling pets.. although BM spec makes even a lower level pet do great damage..

More to come on this guy.. He's not stopping.. can't stop.. won't stop.. Looks like I may get my 3 70's by expansion.. but instead of lock/pally/druid.. it'll prolly be lock/hunter/druid..

but it is real nice horsing around with the dwarf again tho..

Friday, May 2, 2008

Lazy dog..

I am like .5 bubbles away from level 35.

I was using quest helper but the thing is kinda bonkers to be honest with you. I can't get my pathing right on it yet. It is really pretty good for finding quest objectives though..

I should ding 35 tonight.. maybe even get a good run at 36 before I get too tired to go on..

If I can get a buddy of mine (Veyona) to log on to her hunter, I may start leveling my twink to 70 again.. but you just can't count on that kind of thing.. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Updates for all...

Well I've been a while without an update..

Its been a busy time, I was being powerleveled for some time with my druid by a buddy of mine (atikam).. He apparently HAS a life, so he's gotten kinda iffy when he can be around, and I don't want to monopolize his time... So I've been pushing my druid on my own. He dinged 33 and then 34 last night exhausting my rested xp gain. I finished my first big push in STV and my leveling guide has me running into wetlands, which seems odd for me, oh well. I doubt this guide all the time, but it is what allowed me to level Mcgoo at the speed he was leveled.. Actually I slowed Mcgoo down by doing a lot of warlock quests that left me way out of the way from the guide's points.

I will be installing a new addon that is to allow me access to my leveling guide via a submenu from the bartender such that I don't have to ALT+TAB to see what my next move is (very bad short term memory). I'll update you guys/gals with that info as soon as I have it.

I have a bit of reading I have been putting off (you know who you are, and I'm sorry its been delayed) which should prove useful for a LOT of people.

So much more to come.. I don't know how long it'll take me to reach 40 and get my mount (money in hand as of now) but I'd assume by next weekend I'll be on a saber mount. We'll see..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tempers flaring..

I'm mean. No I don't mean like periodically. For the most part I am mean all the time. I usually tend to be in control and not blast off with my temper also. Last night was different..

Ok my longstanding buddy Atikam was running my lowbie druid around helping him pound out some high level quests.. I had ran to moonglade (druid haven) to train up (dinged 30). Well he's doing whatever ati does when he's waiting on me.. and a blood elf mage starts attacking guards.. So ati opens up on him. He gets close, but the mage pwns him. Then CAMPS him..

Ok.. I'm level headed.. I'm very calm. Then he tells me the mage's name. Its the guy who was farming my lvl 29 druid (at the time) a week ago.

Ok so I immediately logon as mcgoo and burn all I can to get to southshore to kill this guy. In the mean time he's just WAITING for ati to rez so he can kill him again.. I land and immediately sac my succubus and pull my felhunter (known as the "I win" button for fighting mages). I run up on the scene, he sees me and blinks away.. I mount, and then chase him. He tries to get away on his mount and I go "full tilt boogie" on his booty. I put curse of exhaustion, corruption, siphon life, and cast searing pain at him.. (all while felpup is running him down). Then, he unflagged. How? I don't know. I thought you had to be OUT of combat to unflag.. but whatever. He got away but in a short burst was down to 70% life.

Ati, and myself decided that we should go to Tarren Mill and level the place. So we're in Tarren Mill killing guards all over the place.. I apparently out of luck, pulled a lvl 60 melee mob. He's nothing special but I can't get him off me and all that jazz so he's interrupting my casts. Ati was busy nailing down mobs too (he managed to get like 5-6 guards on him at once. Ok so we died. Now I ran back to my body cause I hadn't had sufficient blood for the evening. Since I saw no casters, the felpup was a waste.. so I summoned my succy. SHE can put out some pain on folks, and is more than a handfull for the guards. So ati and I are getting ready.. well to get ready.. and my 3's team-mate signed on. Wulven. So I tell him to come kill some horde with us and he's all about it. When we were finally doing well 2 70 pvp folks showed up. A enhancement shaman, and a rogue. They sucked. Rogue got ati, but I got him.. and almost killed the shaman even with 3 guards on me. Wulven I believe polished them off.. only to die before we could get back cause they both had a 20" run from the GY to their corpses. When we were 3 again, we took out the flightmaster and his bats and we toyed with the noobish defense group that showed up. As an arena team we covered each other well.. I dotted everything, ati's pet whipped booty, and wulven used his pet to keep guards busy while we dps'd the PvP guys. Well they eventually got tired of us stomping them and started resing and running into town (with full respawns) to hide. I thought that maybe a shaman looked bad without dots on him so I put 3 on him and drained him out of range of his totems and his defenders. I got him to 20% FAST, so his gear was more lame than mine. I don't meet many folks with gear as poopy as mine for PvP but when I do, they notice it RIGHT away. Anyway we got bored with them no longer rushing us.. and I didn't want to be TOO much of an jerk.. So we rode/hearthed back and were satisfied in the killing spree that resulted.

** To the 49 Belf pally who tried to heal the shaman, I'm sorry I had to kill you with a shadowbolt crit.. Not really cause I hate blood elves.. but better luck next time. Maybe leave the PvP to the grown ups (70's). Much respect for trying to help your buddy tho..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Shnikies!

Well I logged on last night, thinking.. me and some buddies are going to kill everything in hammerfall.. Well mostly for fun, but also to help us work on our arena tactics right? Well I signed on.. nobody there. Then I get insta-invited to SSC for my guild. I like SSC, but since I paid my gold to go back to sl/sl I was kinda hoping that I'd be able to use it for what its intended to be used for.. So I grumbled about missing arena points and went to SSC.

Firstly, my guild is amazing. They must be 1 of 3 things:
  1. Crazy to invite a sl/sl lock to ssc for dps.. I mean how much could I REALLY be helping?
  2. love me (probably not.. but its possible)
  3. totally stretched when it comes to dps'ers
Now personally, I don't care. I like raiding. I don't have the time they all put into it, but thats why they roll with super-uber-mega gear, on all 8 alts.. And I still have a green ring. I think I add a lot to the raid such as:
  1. my dots (I have good dmg, and I do pretty well there)
  2. I'm durable (if nothing else, sl/sl gives a lot of utility to just staying alive)
  3. I take orders well (I usually haven't been there, or don't know wth I'm doing.. So if someone says.. 'stand there and do this' I STFU and do it)
  4. I'm a gnome, and you all know gnomes rule
  5. If for some reason you don't believe #4, I am also a warlock.. so I rule^2
I tend to be really meek in raids. I don't want to say OMG OMG OMG, if I get that I'll faint!. And I don't want to be a jerk either.. Last night though, Fang of the Leviathon dropped from Leo. Yes I know its awesome. Yes I know it lends a lot of utility by adding crit in case I go back to destruction.. Yes I know it offers me the chance to have another equipped item for more dmg/stam/int/crit/hit.. I KNOW. So when we rolled, and by we, I mean every caster.. since there really isn't that much better than this that we have seen yet. I have been to a few raids and not gotten anything (literally) so me and another person were at the top of the list to get this. Then the guild leader called it to me. I poo'd. Not literally, but close. So I got the sword of destiny.. (as I will call it till it bothers me to do so). I was in afterglow. Totally shocked that I had something that others wanted. Seriously, I don't really have anything on me at any time that someone else hasn't passed on cause theirs is so much better. So getting this gave me a bit of a boost, especially with mcgoo.

We roll in and take out another boss. Nothing there that I could even equip.. except the wand I have (it gives mana, shut up! I know its a healing wand). Then we go to Nagafest in SSC.. Fathom Lord Karathress event. I call it an event cause he's the last one to kill... you gotta kill all his buddies first. AND he gets their abilities.. So in the end he's really a tough cookie. Well we downed all those jokers without too much stress. Then nailed his snake-butt to the wall. Guess what he dropped? 3 tokens for warlock T5 pants. Guess how many ppl wanted them.. 3 (including me). So I got wicked new britches and a new sword.

I'm freaking out now. So I dash out to IF to get a gem and some mats for runic spellthread. Which, btw.. Nethers are now BOE. I didn't know and looked like a moron in front of a superior player.. I blushed for not knowing anything.. sigh. So now I have T5 pants, grabbed a offhandI had in the bank for 'just in case you get a good 1h'. Tonight I am going to look into soulfrost mats (if my buddy isn't on for alt-leveling-palooza) so that I don't have to buy all that crap for the enchant. I'm torn on whether or not I want orb of the soul eater or not. Its awesome, no doubt. I really wanted to tank Leotheras one day though.. Well with my current badge collection rate (about 2 badges every raid night I get to go on, which is about once a week) I won't ever hit 100 badges before the expansion anyway. It looks like a fun fight though.. I really do wish I had the time to raid kara weekly so I could get the badges to tank him.. oh well. Its not like the orb would eliminate my WHOLE stock of badges.. but it will dent it. Possibly though you could get the badges for a kara run and regain all those used.. well almost. So its not terrible.

I do know I'm getting the pvp offhand. Need that resilience! Need that stamina! It has crap damage though.. Oh well. This is a OMG update, but a good update none the less.. eh? I'll let you all know what I do with my badges, especially if end up tanking Leo!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Destruciton spec

I had a "crackhead" spec part demo/part destro for a little bit with mcgoo.

It was oddball, but I did really well with it. I hated it for grinding. It was awful. Period. I lacked all the survivability of my SL/SL spec, and my affy spec. I did a LOT of damage though. My average hit non crit with a shadowbolt was >3k. For me thats outstanding. Crits were kinda rare for me though ( not enough +crit gear). I don't know that I've seen shadowfury in a raid, but I thought it was an AWESOME ability. Near instant, AoE shadow ability. I'm still mostly +shadow dmg so hellfire doesn't hit like it should and seed takes a while to cast and spam. Most of my trials were on the new Isle of Quel.. whatever.. But it gave me an excuse to kill blood elves, and I jumped all over it.

Raiding: Raiding with this was the-shiz-nit. There was so much less that I did. This alone meant a lot of damage pounding on the boss. My guild usually runs with at least 2 locks. They are typically uber. Both are affy though. Basically all I did is drop agony on the boss and then spam shadowbolt (other affy lock with malediction put shadows on the boss, so I didn't need to). Thats 1 instant cast and then spam my big gun. I was hitting for 4k regularly in all that. Plus by what I was told I was way closer to the top of the DPS guys. Something that hasn't happened since I changed from affy to SL/SL due to lack of raiding.. So I was much happier. Did I top dps? no. My guild has too many ridiculously awesome people in it for my partial epic gnomey butt to be able to compete with. I did well though. Out of 25 total people with what 4 healers and 3 tanks.. ( I include off tanks as dps, cause.. well thats how I see it) Out of those numbers I ranked 9th in dmg. So I actually beat some of the bad asses in my guild. I loved that, but they probably had an off night, I'm not cocky enough to think I could really beat some of them as they are just too good.

But shortly after I ran SSC the second time for a few bosses I dropped onto my SL/SL spec again. This means my spelldmg went up pretty good, and so did my survivability. Did just a little bit of PvP as the bg/arenas were all screwy. I won an EOTS with my buddies.. Tuaren shammy was wailin on my buddy (hunter) and I was being ignored. I HATE being ignored so I started a shadowbolt after I dotted him. I hit him for 3400. He stopped.. turned slowly to me.. and then ran at me to stomp me. Now get this sports fan.. he LEFT the tight range he was with the hunter.. who has better gear and is now pissed at him. Needless to say my buddy finished him. I just thought it was funny.. ignore the gnome lock.. until holy crap... where'd my life go.. lets kill the warlock!! Moron..

Winning in EOTS is something to savor. I won't play it for probably another 2 weeks just to make sure I savor it enough. But that win.. was sweet. Pretty decisive although they TRIED to loose it about 2/3 of the way in. Even though me/my buddies were on D in the mage tower, we still had #9, in damage.. (me). Which means as bad as our team sucked.. Horde sucked more. Which is always nice.. :)

I'll try to get some more mileage before too long though so stay tuned.. and sorry for the long lapse of no posting!