Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tic ToC

I am in such a rush to get into the new heroic and normal dungeons Trial of the Crusader.

If you haven't heard of this... its the new Argent Tournament style dungeons (and a raid to boot!)

I'm not sure exactly how hard these new places are.. The reason for that is.. I can't get in a bloody group!

I think this is the new DK mecca so there are a million groups looking for healers/tanks.. but full on DPS. I have seen 2 groups with 3 DK's in it. The heroic version drops a axe (oooo yum!) that is the only REAL upgrade to titansteel destroyer (ahem.. my mace) until Late 25man Naxx. So its a big deal. My dps is holding pretty solid at the 2k mark, not shabby.. but I still can't find a group that needs my particular brand of mayhem and slaughter.

So in the mean time.. I'm running a ton of dailies on my 2 80's and piling up the gold for the eventuality that Grimrpr will be my only epic flying character.. on his nifty dragon.. So there..

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