Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Put me in coach!

Well getting geared up for naxx and doing the more complicated things that are done in heroics (timed runs, etc..), as well as OS.. Well its been rough for me. I've made decent progress through the gear, and even managed to get some rep going with kirin tor.

So I log on, on Sunday..

I look at my spreadsheet of gear/location/time and see where I should go LFG for.. I make my normal comments about how all the cool kids are in Naxx.. (I think they are funny, but I'm probably alone on that). My guild leader throws me a bone..

GL: "wanna come?"
Me: "obviously, but I'm not much help.. gear is bad.. dps is about 1500 atm"
GL: "don't worry about it, should be fine"
Me: [giggles, and says outloud.. NO F'n WAY!
GL: [invite]
Me: [faint]... [quick hit accept]

Now my GL is very well geared. Very very well geared. Its sick really, but yeah he's just well geared. 3-4 others from my guild are in the raid.. oh wait.. this isn't naxx10, but heroic? Uh oh.. I wonder how long till I get shown the door for poor dps?

Well it didn't happen. I did what I had intended to do.. I did my best with my DOT's and trinkets and everything else and let the chips fall where they would. My DPS, btw, was stellar.. I pumped out a total (including trash/everything) 1500 dps.. on boss fights I ranged from 1200 (ew).. to 2100 (ROCK OUT). In looking at this I couldn't help to notice I was dead f'n last. by a margin of always about 1500 dps.

Knowing my margin of for dps now you will understand the following statements. I got a TON of gear. I won't bore you with what it all was cuz you can look at armory or wowheroes and see.. I've been to naxx 1x, so everything to date is from there. I didn't just GET everything, there was a ruling on who got what.. and really that was fine with me. When our guid's highest rated DPS'er (a lock) rolled on a trinket against me I immediately thought of passing.. luckily I rolled a 9.. so I got to still LOOK like I was a greedy SOB. I just kinda thought, while that would basically be my single greatest piece of gear.. if it would benefit her, then seriously.. she should have it as all her gear is stellar. Having greens/blues from 77's on you means everything is a upgrade, and getting ANY upgrades was a huge bonus for me.

My initial gear ideas put me reasonably high on the hit cap and still had reasonable damage. With my upgrades I will be better than that now. I still need quite a lot though.. I plan on raiding vaults tonight and pray for a upgrade or 2 to drop (why not? everyone else does..).

Here is my grocery list, at the moment:
Head (H-COS)
Shoulders (H-COS)
Waist (H-HOL, or wormrest honored)
Trinket(40 badges, and VH)
Neck (H-Ahn'Kahet Old kingdom/ 25 badges)
Wrist (H-UP)

Strat is my money pot at the moment.. I could get my 2 big upgrades that I plan on from there.. Head/shoulders (lmao.. you'll get it in a minute). UP is 5 badges and VH is 3. So I plan on trying to hit those 3 places after tonight if I can get vaults raided for the week. I guess I COULD save up badges instead of getting a trinket or a necklace.. I could get some of my T7 stuff.. My problem is impatience. I feel like, if I can get a few upgrades I can get my dps to around 2k.. THEN I can go anywhere. Well anywhere people are pugging, anyway. So if I get into a naxx a week or a OS a week.. or even get in on Malygos (got a quest to get a necklace there.. so that'd be nice) I always win on any upgrade that drops. I'd really like to get the badge belt sash of.. somebody.. Anyway, most every lock I see raiding naxx 25 seems to have that belt. Even if all their other gear is in good shape they keep that belt. I hate buying things, ever.. but if I am buying something I want it to last. Plus with a belt I can add a socket thanks to my good buddy the smith, which means I basically get to add 14-19 spellpower to anything I get there. I'd just go ahead and do that now on my green belt (which would make it pretty competitive.. gearwise).. But its not FREE to do, so I'd like to minimize the harrassment I put my friends through and minimize my gold output.. I mean.. Someday.. I'd like to have an epic flier.

Hopefully tonight will yield me some gold and some upgrades!!

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Sherry said...

Hi! I was looking for fellow bloggers on medivh, and i managed to find this blog.

The belt in question is probably plush sash of guzbah, it'll last you quite well until you get cincture of polarity or leash of heedless magics.

I'm unsure as to exactly what gear you have, but assuming you're a caster, i've found the 40 badge trinket to be a really huge upgrade.

When I was still gearing up for raid level entry, I found hat of wintry doom to be a decent placeholder until I found something better. I preferred the wrists from cache of eregos over the many other heroic wrists until i got an upgrade from razuvious.

I hope that helps, and good luck in getting an epic flyer! :D