Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishing.. oh yeah.. and Cooking

Well I am a strict Heroes watcher. Heroes and Chuck. So I usually don't make it on to play WoW on Monday's, due to me being really old and not being able to stay awake long after Heroes. Last night, was... the exception.

I thought.. I'm not really tired yet.. why not just log on as Grimrpr and pound out the rest of my fishing/cooking. Good idea? No. GREAT idea. So off to Azshara. I fish my brains out in a "forever and a day" time period in the bay of storms. I get my fishing to 300 and my bags are totally full. No seriously they were totally full, I forgot to dump my inscription stuff in the bank so I've got 3 kinds of ink and 2 kinds of parchment and some herbs sitting in my bags.

Woo Hoo.. Dancing in the streets, I wander to shatt.. and fly to HH so I can cook all this fish and be done with fishing for a while. I cook and cook and cook.. (and cook.. but you get the idea). Boom. Look at armory and you'll see my pain. Made it within like 4-5 points of smacking 300 in cooking. They nerfed the heck out of spotted yellowtail or I'd have been 300 a long time ago*. For some reason its barely useful anymore and that is TRULY upsetting. Because I have 3 orange recipes and the rest are green or grey. Orange is lobster stew, mightfish steak and some kind of salmon (not sunscale). I'll be trolling around looking for a lifeline today but I'm hopeless in my persuit.

After a brief run on Wowhead, I've found my solution. Unfortunately the easiest way is to cough up gold and buy fish. The easiest way without gold is to fly to silithus and get desert dumpling recipe and kill worms. Sigh... Will Grim ever see WOTLK content? Not at this pace.. not at this pace.

I may just troll the ah a little and see if I can buy 4-5 mightfish for the steaks and be done with it. (I have so little patience)

*Spotted Yellowtail is one of the recipes dwarf and mcgoo used to cap out at 300 cooking in TBC expansion.

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Psynister said...

The dumplings are actually pretty easy. I believe the drop rate has been increased as I got the meat on all but one drop.