Monday, March 30, 2009

Wowee zowee

Well I rarely find good groups for heroics and whatnot.. but last night was definitely the exception to the rule. I had a big night, and that was even before I got in group with these guys..

1) COS - timed attempt - failed.
Despite not getting the timed event done and me getting a chance to loose another roll on the epic drake.. sigh. It was pretty good though. My dps was consistent, and I pushed the tempo on a lot of fights (which is what I like). I either led in dps or I was narrowly defeated. Either way the COS event went well and if we had another 2 minutes we'd have gotten a chance to let me fail at that dragon roll.. ROFL.

2) Utguarde Keep (2nd group)
We stormed through here very fast, we did well with 2 dk's and a pally healer me and a hunter doing dps. I was pwned a bit here, but not by very much. We ran through crazy crazy fast. I finally got a shoulder upgrade.. FINALLY.

At the end everyone was still kinda pumped up.. so we decided to do a UP run since we were all here. The hunter crapped out on us, but we ended up getting another DK (very well geared) to help out.

3) Utguarde Pinnacle (same group except the new DK)
The new DK pwned me in dps most of the time.. I managed to end the instance with like 400 more total damage (yeah, that close). I think I got an upgrade here but last night was such a whirlwind.. Ah yes.. I got my belt. I have it updated with the buckle and all since I may avoid the guzbah belt now since this seems to be good.

Ok now the group stayed the same right? Nope.. the new DK left to go tank some such nonsense. Good for her. I got my ole buddy wulven in on the instance that came next.. which worked out well for him.

4) Violet hold
We stomped through squidhead boss.. then the birdman boss.. then even cyanigosa. My dps was off the heezy for sheezy this time. I topped all the charts by a long shot and managed to get about 2200dps. Which is where I want to be at the current point.

Wulvy got a new cape and didn't roll on the staff of tricks or whatever cyanigosa drops. I smacked him since nobody would use it.. but he's new to this heroic stuff. His dps was where mine was when I started he was nailing down 1300dps.

Then I dropped a buttload of gold to upgrade all my new stuff (gems and whatnot, buckles..). Check me out on armory now and you'll see a even more improved Mcgoo.

Later and hopefully updates will come more frequently.


N said...

On Medivh, eh? I just transferred there, and I already have my bronze drake. If you want, I can try to help you get your own. :)

Geek Gmr said...

As much as I'd love to have one, I remain anxious to achieve 5k gold in order to actually USE one.