Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Like the title says.. my blogging has been on hiatus.

Well new news... :)

I have been playing mcgoo well until 3.1 dropped. I actually swapped spec back to heavy affliction (yeah!! dots return!). I am sup'ed up and ready to go for some raiding right?... RIGHT?? Well not entirely. My gear doesn't suck per se, but it surely isn't good enough for the "woo hoo wipefest" that guilds are having in Ulduar. Although I think my guild has recently finished Ulduar 25.. I don't have the gear to really be a help there. I'd like to get some of my 200 level gear up to 213 or 225. So I plan on hitting EoE, and OS25 a few times and see if something happens that way. Aside from that all Mcgoo has been doing is pounding away at Sons of Hodir Rep.


That got boring so I bought the herloom shoulders with the XP boost for ole Grimrpr.. And within 3 days.. he went from 65.. to 69. I burned all his rested, moved him to Northrend, and have already completed the first leg or so of the borean tundra quests. Which, by the way, are much easier with a DK that can handle taking on 5 mobs at once. The most substantial of all my upgrades is my new axe the "blubber clubber" and the sword from a noob quest in borean tundra. I measured at least 4-5 crits above 2600 which seems ungodly high for only 69.. I managed to completely exhaust my rested on Grim and nailed about 69 and a half or so. Then I parked him. I PLAN on leaving him there for a week or so to do that last big push to 70 and onward afterthat. (To me 70 is a milestone for abilities so its good to get to it and master them so that you can move ahead well). I spec'd my 69 talent point into.... Corpse Explosion! It just sounds fun, doesn't it? We'll soon see..

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