Monday, September 22, 2008

Well this is the score from a winning AV we had. It was a sick win.. seemed to take no time at all. I don't really have the gear to do much "surviving" so I'm not competant to solo anyone on the field. So I play highschool and run with the group. The group did the old fashioned thing and zerged FW RH and capped fast.. I was astonished how well I did with the dmg.. and was scouring this.. and I saw this...

I read Megan's blog "Out of Mana" all the time.. and knew she was in my battlegroup but never saw her.. I did once.. sadly I was on my scrubby hunter toon at the time. I am awaiting her blog post about how the morons in a AV pushed RH and she saved us by defending (which she and her counterparts did, BTW).. Sorry I couldn't help!!

check her out at Out of MANA