Tuesday, September 23, 2008

alchemy0-300 in almost no time

Well I had long decided that I needed to drop LW on my hunter and push alchemy for the mojo that is PRIMAL MIGHT. I had been chicken and not done it for a LONG time. Well I switched not long ago and pushed up a decent amount..

Then the other night I pushed HARD. I hit 298. I blew more gold than I'm comfortable talking about... But I'm close to 300 and will be going to the outlands guys to push the rest of the way in a single night. I'm done horsing around with all this foolishness.. I want to start transmuting stuff asap. Mostly because I have a few primals in my bank.. Not enough to DO anything with but enough to keep a transmuting fella like myself busy till long after WOTLK pops.

Stay tuned.. I'm sure I'mm do something crazy and have to fix it and then complain about my noob-ness shortly there after...

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