Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The switch Evil to Holy

Well as the name of the blog implies I am a Warlock, I dabble in the forces of evil the same way fat people dabble in buffets...

My favorite, favorite character in all of World of Warcraft is my priest. I started him with the expressed intent to be a shadow priest, and he may well swing around and do that at some point. However I am LOVING healing. I was main healer for 2-4 VC runs, and it was grand. I heard that mana was a big consideration for priests, so I have a lot of spirit (for my level), as well as heal/mana pots on hand, with some good bandages. Basically my intention is to be able to heal myself with bandages/pots.. and my group with my mana and healing abilities. I do almost no damage at all. It's really pathetic. I did find in my last run I was doing more damage than a same level rogue. I took this to mean he sucked. My offensive abilities are described thusly, and are used only when the group has an "oh crap!" moment, or when we are fighting a boss:

1. Shadow Word: Pain
2. Wand (continually, and I'm wand spec'd so I do okay here if I had a good wand anyway)

That's it. I can DoT, and wand, and thats all I ever really do. I have been known to mindblast the runners to see if I can kill them.. but thats about it. DPS is for everyone else.. I heal.. If its not intensive I can do a little DPS but wanding is best (save mana for heals).

Being Dranny I can use a nifty spell called "symbol of hope" which increases mana regen. If you're in a group with a hunter/lock/mage.. they instantly love you for doing this in a fight. So Dranny priests get much love with our extra HoT (Gift of the Naaru), and Symbol of Hope.. we apparently rule all.

I'll try shadow someday, but now..I'm happy healing.

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