Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So last night when I should have been studying, I took a break and jumped in 3 WSG matches. My record: 1-3. The final score seems much less about me than the rest of the team. I credit myself and at least 2 other folks who I seemed to be running with (even if not on purpose) with allowing the matches to last as long as they did.

I got a total of almost 300 kills, with close to 90 killing blows. And more damage than a raid group of lvl 70's could mitigate. In the end the 3 stooges (what I playfully named me and my running partners) constituted about 7-9 defenses, and 4 captures. So we were doing the bulk of the work for the team. The last game I didn't get my 2 partners with me, I ended up with some crybaby hunter twink (it happens) saying how the team sucked (nevermind that when we started it was me and 2 druids vs 7 horde... Nevermind that they HAD 1 capture before we had an even CLOSE race in manpower.. or that I had 1k more damage than him and 10 more kills). OK the team DID suck, but to condemn the group when you come in for the last 2 captures is kinda jaded. On MY watch they only got 1.. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Anyway so I made 5 WSG marks and now with a little over 8k honor for dwarfenstuff. I am still missing the +20 agi enchant for my 1h weapon. To be precise I am short the prismatic shards, and 2 Greater Planar's. So its not a long journey to get that up, and running.. just massively expensive. The goal is (since all the 49 trinkets seem stupid/lame) to get 2 rune's of duty to maximize my health regen and my stamina. I'm about 4 WSG losses(since, I don't count on wins) from getting my other rune of duty.. So that leaves shoulders. I have good shoulders, but they use spirit and not stamina/intelligence, and lately I am running OOM before I can possibly die. I have mana/health pots, but I HATE using them. I much prefer fending off 5 guys and then drinking to get my mana back. I just seem to ALWAYS be in combat.

Now I've been away from WSG for a LONG time, and the new hunter abilities with arcane/aimed shot are now in full effect. I've found a few things that made life easier.
  1. warlocks hate me
    1. this is due to me leading off with arcane shot (which removes demon armor), and follow that with viper sting. It seems a silly thing to do, but locks can effectively shut people down, and I should know. The best thing to do is handicap them. Locks can/will lifetap to get mana to hurt you.. This is something I use in MY favor. I viper sting them put the pet on them and then just do autoshot. Conserve MY mana while eliminating his. I got deathcoiled like 7 times last night, which I thought was great. Mcgoo's Deathcoil is reserved for what I call "Oh S*^%!!" situations. So the fact that someone used it on me meant that I was considered a serious threat.
  2. Paladins hate me
    1. this has more to do with me just kiting the live long day out of them. I use my traps for damage and not immobilization. I use my pet to keep pressure on him and I use arcane shot to remove his mojo that makes him tough. He still bubbles/heals, which is fine. That usually drains his mana and makes him a meat puppet for me.
  3. Shaman should fear me
    1. why? well cause as a dwarf I can ditch their "frost shock" that slows me, AND I can kite them using my pet to chew their sorry butt down to the bone. They can out melee me, but I can out DPS them. I actually went into monkey aspect and finished a shammy last night. With my Agility so high my armor is buffed from it, AND I dodge like every attack.
  4. Warriors pwn me
    1. I don't know if its that I don't know how to respond, or if the warriors last night were just exceptional. They just beat me down, every time. Don't get me wrong they died quickly after cause I leave people WOUNDED. I just couldn't take a warriro 1:1, and after being with Mcgoo where I can 1:1 take anyone but a shaman.. it was frustrating. Charge/intercept, hamstring.. beat down.. that is how it went.
  5. Hunters are a toss up
    1. depends on who sees who first. If I see them first I am shooting my "wad" at them and trying to make the battle terribly one sided. If they are BM spec, and their pet is on someone, that is just candy. I blaze through their HP before their DPS machine (the pet) gets to me. If MM spec, its a tie.. he can deal out as much dmg as me, probably more if he has an epic bow/gun.. So its just a matter of how much I got off on him when I started shooting him.
  6. Mage = +1HK
    1. I've just seen nothing that can stop me from annihilating a mage at 49 bracket. I don't know if they haven't come into their squishy goodness yet or what. I just haven't seen one that can roll with the dwarf.
  7. Priest = +1HK
    1. They Scream to get the pet off them and then realize that I'm going to hit them with aimed shot, all but neutralizing their heals. Shadow priests can't touch me, I drown them in their own blood. I still haven't been pushed by a shadow priest that could take my pushback with either Mcgoo or Dwarf. And aimed shot all but ends the healing goodness from holy priests.
  8. Rogue, tossup again..
    1. If I see them, they die and its painful. If they ambush me.. well its just a bad way to start from my perspective. Typically Rogues love going after clothies, as it makes them happy to 1-2 shot someone. So I get ignored. I consider it my honor to kill rogues trying to kill my team's mages/healers (locks should pwn rogues at 49, if they don't they might deserve their fate).
So things have changed, either with my new agility adding sauce to the mix, or people just sucking more than they used to. All but the stupid warrior knuckledraggers.. oh well.

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