Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Questing

Well I FINALLY hit 69 last night, (no applause, please) in doing some random grinding after turning in some q's in Netherstorm. Now for anyone who is a caster, you won't really like Netherstorm, a lot of the mobs are magical resistant. For a mage, this could be terrible. As a DoT-master, it didn't bother me much. The little crab people were shrugging off my shadowbolts, but my drain life/soul was working just fine. I am making a note of this so I know not to run here till I am high enough to really put out damage as a mage (since she'll be probably my next one here).

Wow.. Ok so I hit 69, and immediately flew to shat, port to Stormwind. Ran to the slaughtered lamb and got trained up.

Then I met up with a hunter buddy of mine to do some (group) quests in Nagrand. Personally, I like Nagrand, but everything is spread way the heck out for questing. Nothing is ever just right HERE. Its some here and some on the other end of the freaking zone. The good part is that there is always some elemental something or other patrolling near you. Thats the bad part too.. if you stand still too long.. a big rock elemental will try to pummel you.

Anyway so we meet up and I immediately want to take down durn the hungerer. We knew of a MM hunter to help out so we snagged her, then a priest/druid came to finish off the group. For me, I thought the tank was low (64), but we steamrolled durn in a quick way. I have seen many fights with elites take much longer, but with the BM hunter, the MM hunter and me.. we had a crapload of DPS. I consider myself a big bad dude when it comes to dps.. my unbuffed +dmg is almost 600 now and I'm just 69.

Anyway this night was a grindfest with a good group running through many hard q's (I could've solo'd probably tho). I am now about 3/8's into 69 so not quite halfway, but I'm moving there tonight. Tonight I am pushing through a quest in zangarmarsh for a good trinket to up my damage a wee bit more. Then off to shadowmoon to get acquainted and find the altar of shadows, etc etc... I am not excited about finding a NEW place, but thats just me being huffy. The goal is to level, and then get my gnomey butt to azeroth to finish my mining (I mean once leveling is no longer a point of pressure). I want to get up to 300 so I can round out my mining in outland.

And then I get to push to get a better ranking than my friend Yara.. He's got a big headstart, but we'll see.

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