Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lvl 70 and flying.. high.

Well through a stroke of kindness (allbeit unexpected) a benefactor stepped in and gave me a quicky loan for a flying mount. I won't mention names not because he doesn't deserve the honor of being so kind, but because I don't want 900 people begging him for gold 'cuz they herd on blog he givz it away'.

His reasoning was sound, he said the daily q's he does on a regular basis are the skyguard q's that involve bombing. So he helped me get there and I have some juicy items ready for AH this weekend that should put me back square with the guy. The bombing q I've been doing awards me about 11g and I had to run around and kill guys in Skettis for another stupid q. Anyway I'm quickly approaching friendly, which is a long way from exalted, but.. I'm a long way from 6,000g or whatever crazy amount the epic flying skill costs.

I need to get logged on early one night and push through my dailies and then rush to karazhan and start my quest to get into that place. The people I prefer running things with will be doing so on christmas break. At this point it would take a subtle miracle to just get HALF the quests done in what is apparently 5 days. I'm willing to give it a go though, and I'll let you guys know how that rolls on later..

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