Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Destruciton spec

I had a "crackhead" spec part demo/part destro for a little bit with mcgoo.

It was oddball, but I did really well with it. I hated it for grinding. It was awful. Period. I lacked all the survivability of my SL/SL spec, and my affy spec. I did a LOT of damage though. My average hit non crit with a shadowbolt was >3k. For me thats outstanding. Crits were kinda rare for me though ( not enough +crit gear). I don't know that I've seen shadowfury in a raid, but I thought it was an AWESOME ability. Near instant, AoE shadow ability. I'm still mostly +shadow dmg so hellfire doesn't hit like it should and seed takes a while to cast and spam. Most of my trials were on the new Isle of Quel.. whatever.. But it gave me an excuse to kill blood elves, and I jumped all over it.

Raiding: Raiding with this was the-shiz-nit. There was so much less that I did. This alone meant a lot of damage pounding on the boss. My guild usually runs with at least 2 locks. They are typically uber. Both are affy though. Basically all I did is drop agony on the boss and then spam shadowbolt (other affy lock with malediction put shadows on the boss, so I didn't need to). Thats 1 instant cast and then spam my big gun. I was hitting for 4k regularly in all that. Plus by what I was told I was way closer to the top of the DPS guys. Something that hasn't happened since I changed from affy to SL/SL due to lack of raiding.. So I was much happier. Did I top dps? no. My guild has too many ridiculously awesome people in it for my partial epic gnomey butt to be able to compete with. I did well though. Out of 25 total people with what 4 healers and 3 tanks.. ( I include off tanks as dps, cause.. well thats how I see it) Out of those numbers I ranked 9th in dmg. So I actually beat some of the bad asses in my guild. I loved that, but they probably had an off night, I'm not cocky enough to think I could really beat some of them as they are just too good.

But shortly after I ran SSC the second time for a few bosses I dropped onto my SL/SL spec again. This means my spelldmg went up pretty good, and so did my survivability. Did just a little bit of PvP as the bg/arenas were all screwy. I won an EOTS with my buddies.. Tuaren shammy was wailin on my buddy (hunter) and I was being ignored. I HATE being ignored so I started a shadowbolt after I dotted him. I hit him for 3400. He stopped.. turned slowly to me.. and then ran at me to stomp me. Now get this sports fan.. he LEFT the tight range he was with the hunter.. who has better gear and is now pissed at him. Needless to say my buddy finished him. I just thought it was funny.. ignore the gnome lock.. until holy crap... where'd my life go.. lets kill the warlock!! Moron..

Winning in EOTS is something to savor. I won't play it for probably another 2 weeks just to make sure I savor it enough. But that win.. was sweet. Pretty decisive although they TRIED to loose it about 2/3 of the way in. Even though me/my buddies were on D in the mage tower, we still had #9, in damage.. (me). Which means as bad as our team sucked.. Horde sucked more. Which is always nice.. :)

I'll try to get some more mileage before too long though so stay tuned.. and sorry for the long lapse of no posting!

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