Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tempers flaring..

I'm mean. No I don't mean like periodically. For the most part I am mean all the time. I usually tend to be in control and not blast off with my temper also. Last night was different..

Ok my longstanding buddy Atikam was running my lowbie druid around helping him pound out some high level quests.. I had ran to moonglade (druid haven) to train up (dinged 30). Well he's doing whatever ati does when he's waiting on me.. and a blood elf mage starts attacking guards.. So ati opens up on him. He gets close, but the mage pwns him. Then CAMPS him..

Ok.. I'm level headed.. I'm very calm. Then he tells me the mage's name. Its the guy who was farming my lvl 29 druid (at the time) a week ago.

Ok so I immediately logon as mcgoo and burn all I can to get to southshore to kill this guy. In the mean time he's just WAITING for ati to rez so he can kill him again.. I land and immediately sac my succubus and pull my felhunter (known as the "I win" button for fighting mages). I run up on the scene, he sees me and blinks away.. I mount, and then chase him. He tries to get away on his mount and I go "full tilt boogie" on his booty. I put curse of exhaustion, corruption, siphon life, and cast searing pain at him.. (all while felpup is running him down). Then, he unflagged. How? I don't know. I thought you had to be OUT of combat to unflag.. but whatever. He got away but in a short burst was down to 70% life.

Ati, and myself decided that we should go to Tarren Mill and level the place. So we're in Tarren Mill killing guards all over the place.. I apparently out of luck, pulled a lvl 60 melee mob. He's nothing special but I can't get him off me and all that jazz so he's interrupting my casts. Ati was busy nailing down mobs too (he managed to get like 5-6 guards on him at once. Ok so we died. Now I ran back to my body cause I hadn't had sufficient blood for the evening. Since I saw no casters, the felpup was a waste.. so I summoned my succy. SHE can put out some pain on folks, and is more than a handfull for the guards. So ati and I are getting ready.. well to get ready.. and my 3's team-mate signed on. Wulven. So I tell him to come kill some horde with us and he's all about it. When we were finally doing well 2 70 pvp folks showed up. A enhancement shaman, and a rogue. They sucked. Rogue got ati, but I got him.. and almost killed the shaman even with 3 guards on me. Wulven I believe polished them off.. only to die before we could get back cause they both had a 20" run from the GY to their corpses. When we were 3 again, we took out the flightmaster and his bats and we toyed with the noobish defense group that showed up. As an arena team we covered each other well.. I dotted everything, ati's pet whipped booty, and wulven used his pet to keep guards busy while we dps'd the PvP guys. Well they eventually got tired of us stomping them and started resing and running into town (with full respawns) to hide. I thought that maybe a shaman looked bad without dots on him so I put 3 on him and drained him out of range of his totems and his defenders. I got him to 20% FAST, so his gear was more lame than mine. I don't meet many folks with gear as poopy as mine for PvP but when I do, they notice it RIGHT away. Anyway we got bored with them no longer rushing us.. and I didn't want to be TOO much of an jerk.. So we rode/hearthed back and were satisfied in the killing spree that resulted.

** To the 49 Belf pally who tried to heal the shaman, I'm sorry I had to kill you with a shadowbolt crit.. Not really cause I hate blood elves.. but better luck next time. Maybe leave the PvP to the grown ups (70's). Much respect for trying to help your buddy tho..

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