Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rawr.. Bear makes it to 30.. almost

Well with the never faltering assistance of Atikam, my druid has RAN from 18 to 28. Pretty much stopped there too. I want this guy to ding 70 pretty quickly, but I am in doubt that this will happen at the speed I want. I think realistically to get to 70 fastest I would have to be "ushered" through the red quests I have through every zone I get to. That is what we've done so far. It works wonders, by the way if you can have a lvl 70 hunter usher you around, it helps. No other class will help as much (aspect of the pack for speed boost). Although after 40 I think a pally would be best. Since they can heal me and at the same time have crusader aura to again, help with speed.

He's been sick off/on for a while now. So basically my druid has a bunch of quests he can't possibly do. So I have been running around and herbing to skillup and at the same time skillup my skinning. Last night I swam from westfall to booty bay. Thinking, that every board I have read about herbing says barrens is "THE" place for it. So, I thought swim down there.. go to barrens do a few laps and skillup fast/hard. What NO boards told me was.. there's like 30 stranglekelp spawns in the water you can herb on the way down to booty. I got on the boat at booty with about 50 stranglekelp. I fared really well. So now I'm in my 100's for herbing, so I can herb most everything but the Wild Steelbloom. If you remember I don't really need all that much in herbs for alchemy.. I just want to be able to herb.. why? does it make money? Not that I noticed. I just thought it'd be good to have a herb person. I have a mining person, although Mcgoo made a fortune off of mithril, and it worked out well. There are some things that are hard to get in herb, and I imagine my druid will camp them out eventually to make some gold. After I have my portion that is..

Wednesday is our arena night so tonight I'll be pushing more herb/skinning to make sure that when ati runs me to higher content than I should be able to do that I can loot the appropriate things (herb nodes/skins). That's for tonight anyway..

Mcgoo has had some fun along the way also.. but more on that later.

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