Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Running with the Bear..

Ok just because my character name is Bigscrybear doesn't mean I'm ALWAYS in bear from...

Well anyway.. my buddy and I are now parallel leveling some alts to try to hit 70 asap. You know.. doing all red/orange quests.. doing the better chains and popping it off quick. I played my druid for just a bit short of 1.5 hours.. and I got 27k XP. This was enough to level me and almost get me to 50% of the next level.

The goal for me and him is that we will perpetually have a tank/healer for a group. Seeing as the world of warcraft is LITTERED with dps.. And that he and I both have only had DPS characters, we know how tough it can be to get in a group.. Tanks/healers are persnickety. I know.. I have been too.

"come heal VC 4 us man!"
"what lvl is the tank?"
"16, are you nuts.. no way. Is anyone >30?"
"no, but we can do it!"
"sorry m8"

I don't like doing that.. but the hard fact is that I like healing.. but not as much as I like hitting 70. and not NEARLY as much as I like getting epic loot from moving QUICKLY through instances. Now I have healed some "rag tag" groups.. But its gotta be something I think would be fun. My healer is an alt, so is my pally.. so is my druid. For me to take time away from "the march to 70" to dork around with you.. it needs to be fun.

My financial burden seems to be growing though.. as my alts I want to keep their crafting prof's in good order (priest=JC, pally=engineer). So far the priest has the mats to push up to the cap, but I cant' seem to find time to make it to exodar to train.. bah.. My pally.. well I'm gathering things for the initial push in engineering which won't be for a bit. Seriously though I want him to have some grenades or something.. Don't get me wrong.. body pulling groups of 3 is fun, and survivable for a pally, but so is lobbing a grenade and THEN killing all 3 guys. What? You ask WHY I would push 2 expensive crafting prof's on my poor lowbies? Cause I WANT THEM! Seems kinda obvious to me really.. The only profession I want MORE than those 2 is a master transmuter for primal might. If I can do primal might xmutes for a bit of coin, or in my case.. I'll do it for a primal.. (my thought is for each one I do.. I get an extra primal.. so that I am eventually making my own mights, and selling them for fat gold).

As in life, my wow-life is littered with money making schemes. Funny thing is once I get a few 70's my money making potential will go up by leaps/bounds. Keep in mind, I'm being conservative..

If I do ONLY the skyguard quests in skettis.. ever. I'd make with 1 guy 24g, 2: 48.. and so on. Now keep in mind my feeble amount of dailies I was doing with Mcgoo (mcgoo alone now) was netting me about 80g a day. So carry that over with 3 iterations and my daily gold is 240g. Basically if I was to spend 5 days doing this.. I'd have over 1200g.

My longstanding goal is, since I FINALLY hit the level cap with mcgoo.. To get others there to finance his fun. The other guys are not going to raid. They are not going to do heroics. What they WILL do is jerk around enough to have a reasonable set of blue/epic gear so that when expansion rolls out.. Mcgoo will have a good nestegg for gold.. AND people to do crafting for him (1 JC, 1 miner, 1 tailor, 1 engineer, 1 blacksmith, 2 alchemist, 1 herbalist) {this plan requires 4 alts to hit 70.. but thats more or less me being greedy, the actuality will be all the same, but only 1 alchemist.. and no herbalist}

My mind keeps thinking of reasons to KEEP blacksmithing. I can't see it ever paying off for me big. It may be helpful/beneficial for my pally.. but I can't see it going beyond that. I really wish there were more options.. I mean I understand engineering is where you build ranged weapons.. but I just wish there were some smithing things you can do that are more BOE. Most of the good stuff (if not all) is BOP. Meaning if you can't use it.. it means nothing to you. Epic chest? nah got one from Hyjal.. oh well waste of armorsmithing.. Epic Mace? nah got one from S3, its rediculous.. So there really isn't MUCH you can get out of smithing that will pay off bigtime. I like making weapons and armor though.. So far thats all it has going for it though (that and sharpening stones/weight stones)

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