Thursday, April 17, 2008

Holy Shnikies!

Well I logged on last night, thinking.. me and some buddies are going to kill everything in hammerfall.. Well mostly for fun, but also to help us work on our arena tactics right? Well I signed on.. nobody there. Then I get insta-invited to SSC for my guild. I like SSC, but since I paid my gold to go back to sl/sl I was kinda hoping that I'd be able to use it for what its intended to be used for.. So I grumbled about missing arena points and went to SSC.

Firstly, my guild is amazing. They must be 1 of 3 things:
  1. Crazy to invite a sl/sl lock to ssc for dps.. I mean how much could I REALLY be helping?
  2. love me (probably not.. but its possible)
  3. totally stretched when it comes to dps'ers
Now personally, I don't care. I like raiding. I don't have the time they all put into it, but thats why they roll with super-uber-mega gear, on all 8 alts.. And I still have a green ring. I think I add a lot to the raid such as:
  1. my dots (I have good dmg, and I do pretty well there)
  2. I'm durable (if nothing else, sl/sl gives a lot of utility to just staying alive)
  3. I take orders well (I usually haven't been there, or don't know wth I'm doing.. So if someone says.. 'stand there and do this' I STFU and do it)
  4. I'm a gnome, and you all know gnomes rule
  5. If for some reason you don't believe #4, I am also a warlock.. so I rule^2
I tend to be really meek in raids. I don't want to say OMG OMG OMG, if I get that I'll faint!. And I don't want to be a jerk either.. Last night though, Fang of the Leviathon dropped from Leo. Yes I know its awesome. Yes I know it lends a lot of utility by adding crit in case I go back to destruction.. Yes I know it offers me the chance to have another equipped item for more dmg/stam/int/crit/hit.. I KNOW. So when we rolled, and by we, I mean every caster.. since there really isn't that much better than this that we have seen yet. I have been to a few raids and not gotten anything (literally) so me and another person were at the top of the list to get this. Then the guild leader called it to me. I poo'd. Not literally, but close. So I got the sword of destiny.. (as I will call it till it bothers me to do so). I was in afterglow. Totally shocked that I had something that others wanted. Seriously, I don't really have anything on me at any time that someone else hasn't passed on cause theirs is so much better. So getting this gave me a bit of a boost, especially with mcgoo.

We roll in and take out another boss. Nothing there that I could even equip.. except the wand I have (it gives mana, shut up! I know its a healing wand). Then we go to Nagafest in SSC.. Fathom Lord Karathress event. I call it an event cause he's the last one to kill... you gotta kill all his buddies first. AND he gets their abilities.. So in the end he's really a tough cookie. Well we downed all those jokers without too much stress. Then nailed his snake-butt to the wall. Guess what he dropped? 3 tokens for warlock T5 pants. Guess how many ppl wanted them.. 3 (including me). So I got wicked new britches and a new sword.

I'm freaking out now. So I dash out to IF to get a gem and some mats for runic spellthread. Which, btw.. Nethers are now BOE. I didn't know and looked like a moron in front of a superior player.. I blushed for not knowing anything.. sigh. So now I have T5 pants, grabbed a offhandI had in the bank for 'just in case you get a good 1h'. Tonight I am going to look into soulfrost mats (if my buddy isn't on for alt-leveling-palooza) so that I don't have to buy all that crap for the enchant. I'm torn on whether or not I want orb of the soul eater or not. Its awesome, no doubt. I really wanted to tank Leotheras one day though.. Well with my current badge collection rate (about 2 badges every raid night I get to go on, which is about once a week) I won't ever hit 100 badges before the expansion anyway. It looks like a fun fight though.. I really do wish I had the time to raid kara weekly so I could get the badges to tank him.. oh well. Its not like the orb would eliminate my WHOLE stock of badges.. but it will dent it. Possibly though you could get the badges for a kara run and regain all those used.. well almost. So its not terrible.

I do know I'm getting the pvp offhand. Need that resilience! Need that stamina! It has crap damage though.. Oh well. This is a OMG update, but a good update none the less.. eh? I'll let you all know what I do with my badges, especially if end up tanking Leo!

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