Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am an independent person. I don't really like waiting on others to get their head together or to anything. I'm not a people person.

These given facts are needed to understand how happy I was that my longtime amigo Atikam was able to run me through sunken temple to get my blue (har har) Hunter Trinket (devilsaur eye). He's a tough customer so I thought soloing would be easy, but nobody really ever says they just solo'd ST, so how would I know? We went in with another long time amigo of mine.. Veyona. She's just 47 at the start (dinged 48 at the end) but she did great. All 3 of us were hunters, and we all worked really well together. The group pounded straight towards Morphaz, who had a tooth we needed for the trinket I was after. I'll diverge a bit here..

If you have ever DONE ST, you know its a long drawn out very annoying instance. You run in circles for quests.. you run up and down stairs for quests.. it seems to never end. And just when you think you ARE at the end.. You go into a main hall with 900 friggin dragonkin in groups of 4-6 all waiting to smack you down.. We made a beeline to this room as its just a heck-of-a lot shorter than running around forever and ever. Now back to my story

.. Anyway.. So we started taking the groups apart, Ati doesn't really NEED help, but I wanted to push my dps so that I could account for a decent amount of it even though he was running US through. I'm always the guy looking for "scale". So I want to always compare how I do with how someone else is. Ati I know is one of the better hunters I've seen for pvp. I've never raided with him to know if he can even POINT the xbow in the right direction, but to a hunter.. you send pet.. you shoot.. there's no real science here. My goal was (admittedly low I think in retrospect) to be dealing 5% of the total group dps. I ended up in the 20th percentile for damage, which I think is REALLY good. Veyona did her part and nailed down my goal of about 5%. Veyona isn't really geared right (she's UBER casual as a player) and has been powerleveled a lot more than she probably should have been.. All things considered though she did as well as ANY hunter in her range could do, regardless of gear. Unlike Me, Ati, and Wulven (Veyona's husband) who had to wander around mostly confused and lost till we hit 70.. She is definitely reaping the rewards of others' experience. Jealous? nah.. V's my buddy and the sooner she gets to 70 the sooner me and her husband can put her on an arena team and watch another team tear her to shreds.. Ok so we will probably do that, but its all in fun. Sooner she is 70 the sooner I have 1 more person I know and can depend on at a high level for support (when needed, of course).

Anyway.. we stomped everything. Nothing lasted long at all.. Ati used his improved hunters mark, me and V shot and set our pets to support (growl off, of course). That is till we reached some quest area to use an egg to revive Hakkar or something..

Everything spawned FAST (first time for me/ati so we didn't know wth would happen), and everything killed her in like 3 seconds. Me and Ati stomped the event and a good time was had by all. BUT she had to do it again.. so we had to run out and reset the instance.. run back and do the thing again. This time we had traps all over her and pets left in the circle on aggressive (mine was anyway..) and ready to defend our lowbie pal. This one went like clockwork. Stomped out and laughed at how easy it was..

well easy if you have Atikam doing everything.. hey.. a win is a win, bite me.

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