Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I think the title is self explanatory really.. Lately WoW has been all meh..

Went to SSC, meh.. Didn't really want to go, but my hours on the soapbox over "never getting into raids" kinda hogtied me into it. I got a great offhand.. meh. I was happy to get it, but I have totally tunneled and only Tier Gear and my alts really matter to me now. Selfish? yes very. Rude? Probably yes there too.. Honestly my alts are plain and simple THE priority. While having Tier 99 headpiece would be sweet.. I just don't think I care enough about it to really deserve it. This attitude, while until now was unspoken, I think ruffled some feathers. (thats polite talk for really ticking ppl off). I TRY to have enough where-withall to SAY when I get invited to do stuff that this new raid/thing isn't a real priority for me atm. I failed to do so last week. My guild is awesome. They are all fully bad mo-fo's and not to be fooled with. I have begun to wonder if my lack of push to become "attuned" or "geared" for the next great raid hasn't really removed me altogether from the guild proper.

Why? Why you say? Well I think the big reason is this.. PvP is getting boring, dailies are a grind and boring without enough money to do what I want (epic flying) in any short time frame. I can't RELIABLY get into raids at my typical signon time. So that leaves me with 70 and nothing of interest to do.

  1. stop playing, cause everything has gone to a shade of "meh"
  2. get someone else to 70 for the fun and thrill of "yeah I'm 70.. kneel at my all green gear!"
  3. just goof around and try to make the most of it
I've honestly gone with like 2.5 somewhere between 2 and 3. My druid is who I REALLY want at 70. They can do a LOT of things, and I want to be able to do that kind of thing.. However, he's not quite 40 yet so he's still unmounted. I ran out of rested xp like 2 weeks ago and haven't gone back to him.. so what have I been doing?

Dwarfenstuff returns!! I've been working with him. I'm chipping away at 60 and should have it before too long. At which point I'll have to decide if I want to push dwarf to 70 and get his flying and have him/mcgoo do dailies.. till I have the gold for a epic on my druid.. OR just leave him on his lvl 40 pewpew mount till my druid gets his epic and starts laying some gold down for the cause. I've tried to get the 2 (in my mind) hardest gathering professions to skillup. Mcgoo: mining (oh so awful to level).. and BigScryBear: herb (not all that fun to level as it is..).

Why gather then? Honestly its cause I want stuff. I WANT things like jewelcrafting.. engineering.. alchemy. And those things NEED the gathering professions to back them up. So there's a reason.. I'm debating on it being a "good" reason or not though..

Herb has netted me $0 to date. I keep it all in the bank. I will be making someone my new alchemist in the future. Who? I dunno.. I have a rogue as an alchemist but she's only 18. So unless I want to start dragging another alt up to 70 she won't work. Big could do it, but then I loose a skinner. Dwarf could do it, but I'd loose LW or skinning. I'm not 100% on keeping LW anyway. All my buds who do it whine a lot about how bad it sucks.. most of them are still not at max after a few months at 70.

so back to meh..
if you have something awesome to say.. SAY IT.. or go back to your meh..

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