Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zomg, WotLK is coming!!

Well as I was patiently reading news on some blogs.. a hint of WotLK was put out there. I immediately swarmed to WoWiki to see what they had to say again..

Here's a quote: "A public beta has been announced, but no date has been given; the game itself is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2008"

Wait.. second half of 08?


So I've given myself June to get dwarf to as high as he can get before I park him and spend the rest of the time allotted (I'm betting on a close to christmas release) to get my druid to 70. The druid is really the priority, but dwarf is closer, and for insurance purposes he's my sure thing bet. So now its not a slow grind to 70, its a paniced-screaming-mad-dash to 70.

Stay tuned for more details of how I whine/cry to get Atikam/Wulven to run me through places or quests to make things faster for me..

(get ready you 2..I'll be calling)


Val said...

I heard on the Trade line yesterday that November 3, 2008 is the proposed release date.

That's the first official date I've heard, so going by how the last expansion went, I think it should be out by March 2009 ;)

Did you see the great note on my blog about what to do with a new Deathknight toon? I didn't even think about how that toon automatically has room for professions powerlevelling straight to 375 right from birth... I might have to rethink my professions a bit, and my bank toons as well.

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Geek Gmr said...

Holy Crap.. That's a lot of time.. I think I'll still convince myself it'll be around December.. This way if it is December, I'm prepared.. if its November I should still have enough time from July to November to get my druid up and have enough gold to push ahead into Northrend. I only wish I had enough time to get my paladin up.. Man I love that toon..