Thursday, May 1, 2008

Updates for all...

Well I've been a while without an update..

Its been a busy time, I was being powerleveled for some time with my druid by a buddy of mine (atikam).. He apparently HAS a life, so he's gotten kinda iffy when he can be around, and I don't want to monopolize his time... So I've been pushing my druid on my own. He dinged 33 and then 34 last night exhausting my rested xp gain. I finished my first big push in STV and my leveling guide has me running into wetlands, which seems odd for me, oh well. I doubt this guide all the time, but it is what allowed me to level Mcgoo at the speed he was leveled.. Actually I slowed Mcgoo down by doing a lot of warlock quests that left me way out of the way from the guide's points.

I will be installing a new addon that is to allow me access to my leveling guide via a submenu from the bartender such that I don't have to ALT+TAB to see what my next move is (very bad short term memory). I'll update you guys/gals with that info as soon as I have it.

I have a bit of reading I have been putting off (you know who you are, and I'm sorry its been delayed) which should prove useful for a LOT of people.

So much more to come.. I don't know how long it'll take me to reach 40 and get my mount (money in hand as of now) but I'd assume by next weekend I'll be on a saber mount. We'll see..

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