Friday, May 9, 2008

Nifty at 50..

I have been getting SO bored with my druid. My leveling guide makes things un-challenging while maximizing xp and time.

“I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...”

So I logged on to all my alts. Looking for what I was after.. Then.. when logged into an alt.. I thought: "this is what I want.. I don't know why but I want it"

So I ran to Tanaris.. and hit level 50 with Dwarfenstuff. It felt weird.. Not "bad" but not all that great either. So I started picking up quests and turning them in. Then I hearthed back to SW and trained.. well there was more than that. I respec'd to BM. It works so well for Atikam why wouldn't I try? My damage is ridiculous now. I was mowing down mobs at level or 1 below so quick it was really kinda silly. I am following no guide with him as he's more of a distraction than a serious toon to level. Although I fully intend to do quests in appropriate zones he's not a priority. Mainly because his mounts will be all out of pocket where my druid will get his flight form for free.. and 2 70's can stir money faster than 1 flying 70 and a non flying one. I have sufficient gold to get both toons all the way to their flying mount. Although this would all but drain me completely.

Me and some folks ran through Maraudon in some wild time. We wiped, and by WE I mean.. THEY wiped.. (FD FTW!!). My damage was crazy high I outdamaged everyone significantly.. and by significantly I mean I did 38% of our groups total damage, beginning to end. All this with a shammy in good gear and a lock doing dps with me. I don't know how I'd have faired as a MM, but this definitely worked well for me.

I have pushed so far as to even ding 52 last night. Putting my first of many points into MM to get some decent damage out of my new crazy fast shooting speed. I'm using King B as my pet still ( no ravager, :( ). I may swap out to get another pet.. just to horse around with till I can get a raptor and or ravager in outland. I should probably do some planning.. I know I want 3 pets in my stable.. scorpid, ravager, and probably raptor. I don't know when I'd want them but I don't really like leveling pets.. although BM spec makes even a lower level pet do great damage..

More to come on this guy.. He's not stopping.. can't stop.. won't stop.. Looks like I may get my 3 70's by expansion.. but instead of lock/pally/druid.. it'll prolly be lock/hunter/druid..

but it is real nice horsing around with the dwarf again tho..

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