Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boom.. lvl 60

So last night keeping with my 1 night = 1 level idea.. I hit 60. I made it about 25% into lvl 60 before logging so there is SOME cushion to deal with on tonight.. Me and Ati's alt are all push, and all business..

At this rate I might actually reach 70 ahead of time.. although I remember the xp grind to be painful at 68-70. I think my new addon (questhelper) is like MONEY in the BANK! I don't have 7 lvl 70's that I've gone from 1-70 with no help on.. all I have is 1 so I don't KNOW all the quests and where to get things.. This little dandy helps with that, and really well at that. Makes the lvl grind not so painful.. It has its bugs.. and its flat out wrong-ness.. but I still think it is a tool that everyone who is just interested in dinging 70 should have on them almost immediately. It even shows me Ati's quests just in case I don't have one, I know where he's going and what he's doing so there's no "zomg.. wtf are you going?" Ati's a hardcore guy really fast at leveling, but he's holding himself back for me since..
  1. Leveling alone is boring
  2. I'm really funny
  3. he's a warrior and its much slower without a OP hunter.. :)
Well see if tomorrow Its BOOM lvl 61 or not..

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