Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well good ole dwarfenstuff pushed and pushed and finally kicked down the door to outlands. I hit 58 and moments later stepped through to meet the wild war in front of the portal on outlands side. Now knowing what I learned from Mcgoo doing this.. I know there is a griphon on the left of the portal to go to honor hold. (If you have read me for long you remember me getting stomped continuously as I tried to sneak past all the demons attacking.. not fun.)

I pushed and pushed and I am about 4 bubbles from hitting 59. I am LOVING it. So far I'm still mostly in my twink gear and doing just fine without any sizable upgrades.

** update dinged 59 on 6/3 post was originally on 6/2***
Now have a new 2her axe to replace my 2 1h axes.. and a new xbow and a new chest/head/belt.. so upgrades are flowing in much faster now..


Val said...

Yay! Congrats.

Are you planning to PUG very much now that you're in the Outland, or just grind through the plethora of quests that are available?

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Geek Gmr said...

I don't know that I ever "PUG" when I'm just trying to level. To be honest my ability to trap is apparently way way short of what is expected of a hunter at my level, so there is work to do there if I want to make it to an instance.. However.. I do plan on going in a few instances here/there..even if I have to be pushed through by better players..