Friday, June 13, 2008

100th post.. WOOT!

Well I pushed all the way out of hellfire peninsula and into zangarmarsh. I've completed all the quests from the druid encampment and have started picking up quests at talredor and the camp near the BEM area.

And... I'm still not 62...

According to my schedule I had worked out I would need to be.. Oh.. 62. So I'm like ALMOST there.. and I haven't even leveled 1 level a night. How the crap did THAT happen?

Just as well though. The optimum goal is to be 70 by 6/23 so I can start dailies and spend a week or so pushing gold accumulation. Although on 7/1 I start playing the druid every day to push him up to 70. I think the druid will be the most fun personally but we'll see. Right now he chews through everything and with ati's druid running with me (if he doesn't get distracted)


Val said...

Wow, did you even ENJOY your playing while you were putting so much pressure on yourself to level?

I could just see myself getting caught up on how very much running around there is to do in Outland, if I were putting myself under pressure like that...

Remember, ultimately none of this matters :)

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Geek Gmr said...

Oh I enjoy the crap out of it, don't doubt that for a minute. I have been leveling with Atikam's warrior (dps not tank) and we stomp around like some maniacs. I'm now 2 levels ahead of him (with storms and moving I'm getting ahead..) so I may have to go it alone a bit or catch him up.. either of which is painful for me as a gamer, but whatever.. I may start a hordie on your server someday just to try your hints/tricks out on horde side.. and maybe say hello.. :) (I promise no gold begging, LOL!!)