Friday, June 20, 2008


Well even though my rise has been meteoric until outlands I've stalled horribly. I was doing 1 level in 1 night from 50-61 really. 62 took me several nights (all be it shorter periods of play so who knows on the time scale) to get to and 63 is starting off that way also.

Really unsure of reaching my 70 by 7/1 goal, but I'm still pushing. My rate of ascent has slowed considerably though so it is doubtful. Ati has started dealing with more "real life" things like moving, etc.. So he's gaming a bit less, which leaves me to solo. Well don't cry for me argentina, I'm a BM hunter. The premier solo class for ever and ever, amen. Soloing is great for xp progression, but it sucks butt when it comes to speed, I mean with me and ati doing dps, and my pet tanking we were running through mobs at light speed.

I think a big slower on my time right now is mana. I have been away from my hunter forever so this thirst for more mana is new to me, probably not to the seasoned hunters though. I'm considering checking my enchanter buddies for +int or +mp5 enchants (if they are even worth it). When I was dual wielding my twink 1'handers I put mana oil on them and used that to supplement my mana sucking. I find that mana is my biggest problem. I can almost kill a lvl 66 elite (don't ask) at 63, but I run out of juice and the guy is at 20%. What? 20% is pretty F'ing close for a 63, don't be a jerk! Of course he kills my pet (my ravager I named "eatsfaces"), who I am trying to keep armored and HP'd up for his tanking job (yes I know he'll stop tanking when I'm in instances, and only need resistances but still makes him more effective as my tank). Right now he's got big armor/hp, and decent showings in frost/nature resist.. Why? poison = nature.. rooting by freezing = frost. Holding down most of that poison keeps him alive longer, and keeping him from being rooted means I don't have to think like a warrior and melee ppl.

Ah.. now if I can just hit 65 by monday..

"Shyeah.. and monkeys might fly out of my butt.." -Wayne


Val said...

I hear ya, my advancement in the Outland is pretty slow as well, but well, life gets in the way!

In the mean time, my Priest which will be the next to 70 will ding 70 and have a full set of Primal Mooncloth to wear, plus a couple of epics from Season 2 PvP stuff via battleground grinding that I'm doing nowadays.

I'm looking forward to dinging 70, snapshotting my stats, then changing my equipment and snapshotting again, with a /played in between ;)

Don't stress yourself dear! None of it means much, it's all supposed to be about enjoying yourself :)

Easier for me to say since I'm not in a raiding guild with people who play 14 hours a day straight and do nothing but level (and complain about how poor they are) anymore... ;)

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Geek Gmr said...

I don't know if I'd call it stress or not.. I just like having a goal and a deadline. I dunno, I think since I've leveled 1 toon to 70 and I don't care about the story anymore.. I don't care about "oo that's neat" anymore. I just want to get another 70. I'm making good progress too, hit 65 last night and /danced in darnassus where I trained. Its fun.. I have 5 days for 5 levels.. can it happen? probably not as I don't usually play on friday or saturday, so that puts me in 5 levels in 3 days, and I average 2 nights per level.. I'll be blogging on some of this later tho.. :)