Monday, November 3, 2008

Hardly blogging..

Ok I let it go for too long before I updated here again.. so here's whats going on..

Dwarf.. Now has epics.. I'm shocked too, so don't feel bad. He has all the "new" scourge invasion epics, 2 rings from headless horsemen, 2 trinkets from brewmaster. Plus his bracer he got from PvP goodness... So he's doing well. I am sporting a wasp as a pet, mostly for the armor pen ability that he grants me and my party. Pet is 68, and is very nice. I really can't complain at all about him. He's not really the sort of pet I wanted, but he's good enough. I named him Mosquito.. cuz.. well a wasp named mosquito seemed funny to me. I still have chump bow.. and chump arrows.. and... chump head/neck/boots/cape.. but really that doesn't bother me. I do a lot of damage now. Am I as good as a Tier4 guy? GOOD LORD no.. But I think I do decent. Shot rotation needs work, and I'm a bit spacey with new abilities and such.. It is to be expected. I will get better as I thunder through the expansion. Maybe even get ole dwarf decked out in some epic 80 gear (ZOMG).

Mcgoo... Well I have only done bit of dingle danglin around with Mcgoo. I play around with dailies.. and I killed a ton of undead for the invasion. If you don't remember Mcgoo got himself his last epic from Brewfest, a +spellpower pipe (don't ask). So he's in all epics (woot) and with my new spec I do more damage than should be rationally possible. I went into TK mech last night to help ati out.. and we were with 2 other 70's. I don't think either were geared as well as ati, or myself. I did what I do now.. I just dotted the hell out of things and started bolting them. and I don't know for sure but I am reasonably sure I was at the tip top of dmg. The tank commented on it.. and tanks tend to watch aggro/dmg meters to see who's getting crazy. Well anyway.. i was happy to know that I could crank out that kind of dmg.. So now it beckons the question as to how well I'd fare against other locks... My thought.. poorly. My build is almost totally set up for PvE, Raids.. I think I'd be a GREAT asset in raids.. but then again my spec is hardly unique.. oh well

Last update for now...
I bought my expansion preorder saturday. That means it's time to rock very, very soon..

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