Monday, November 24, 2008

Arthas.. you son of a...

Well I'm truckin along in Northrend with Mcgoo.. Dwarf has yet to show up there at this point. Probably won't until Mcgoo runs out of rested XP (I mean seriously.. I have another guy to level).

Initial thoughts: This expansion is lame. I was fairly well geared but by no means rediculously so.. And I stomp on everything. I can only imagine what the rediculously geared folks are doing. My hopes is that this will allow dwarf to actually be useful in Northrend.

Initial complaint: Are you serious? Every quest gives like 20k xp. All of them.. just about. And I do a crapton of questing. I Did something like 24-40 quests yesterday and FINALLY pushed over 70 into 71.. and got most of the way through 71. Do the math and you'll see the rediculous amount of XP needed to go up a single level. Now I don't think it should be insta-leveling... But none of the 60+ levels were this long (or they didn't seem like it). If this is merely my perception, sue me.. otherwise I think its noteworthy that doing 4 quests in outlands at level 1 would get you to level 20.

Challenge: My son when i was loading the expansion saw Arthas (the lich king) looking menacing, and said...
-"Daddy.. is that the bad guy?"
---"Yup that's him, he's the Lich King"
-"Lick king? That is a funny name daddy"
---"No LICH.. not lick.. he's a zombie kinda guy"
-"Oh. "
-(menacing look)
-"Kill him daddy"
---"You got it boss.. "

So you heard it here first (rather you read it).. First WoW was a fun game, but I've been tasked with killin Arthas' Monkey @ss. Am I talkin crap for a lvl 71? yes. 2-3 people in my guild hit 80 this weekend. This means the gearing process is beginning. I BELIEVE I'm the highest warlock, so I should be competitive for when that starts up. My mentor Sanath might be there before me, but who knows.

So Arthas.. watch your back.. Well mostly for rogues. If you see a little gnome /roar-ing at you. You better get that sword of yours and cut you some gnome sticks fast.. That little guy.. He's got orders.

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