Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow.. getting the ball rolling

Well.. Like everyother noob-cake.. I started a DK. I did this for 2 reasons
  1. My leveling buddy was SOL when it comes to getting the cash for the expansion.. leveling alone, FTL.
  2. It starts at 55 or something right? well thats awesome..
So I rolled a DK, I'm full blood spec ATM, although I will be dipping into frost to give my own personal idea of a DW guy with a rune weapon smacking ppl in both hands a try. If you know this sucks.. please STFU so I can figure that out alone. HAHA.. ok so if you know it sucks.. tell me why.

I have only had Mcgoo tiptoe into Northrend a VERY small amount. I believe the starter area is Valiance Keep? Anyway I've done like 8 quests (I told you I tip-toed). Then last night.. When I was loggign on to tip toe a bit more.. my buddy sent me a whisper.. FROM A DK. /dance. So he has the expansion now. We managed to meet up in Valiance keep, only to find out we couldn't see each other. I don't mean we were blind.. I mean his character was invisible to me, and vice versa. The world server crapped out on us before he got there, and I assume this is part of the issue. So we are both parked ATM in valiance keep waiting to stomp through everything. I am not terribly hopeful in this regard, but so far I have been drain tanking 6 guys at a time even still. The new mojo from the affliction tree makes this a bit easier. I mean if I dot you up and then haunt you.. I can fear you and know that you will probably be nearly dead when you return, and that I can Lifetap if need be and get a big heal coming my way. So far my impressions of Northrend are.. This place is a zoo. Too many people, not enough mobs.. not enough anything. Is it cool you ask? well hell yes its cool, but I mean really when we have 5 groups of 5 waiting in line to kill a named mob for a quest chain.. seriously... SERIOUSLY.. jack the respawn rate to like every 40 seconds or something blizz.. it was like a free cheese line out there. But I digress..

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