Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Watch for the Rpr

As silly as I am I did start a DK. The beginning quests were a breeze. The biggest issue is taking on mobs that can easily kill you if you don' t know WTF you're doing. The bad news is nobody knows wtf they are doing, its a NEW class. So I died a few times.. what did I care? Ok it bothered me a lot, but lets not mention it ever again.. EVER.

Moving on... Since my buddy was held up in getting the expansion pack, I had nobody to level with in Northrend, and even more importantly no hunter to track what we're after (I love hunters). So I pulled my DK who's name is Grimrpr (as in grim reaper).

My setup:
I'm blood spec, it has a self heal aspect from bloodworms and blood aura that is awesome for me. I chose this because I heard blood=dps, frost=tank, unholy=aoe. Well I wasn't interested in tanking or Aoe-ing. So I went for DPS. I have since found out that unholy may be better for pure dps, but more on that later.

Fight Coreography:
Almost all a DK's melee abilities are buffed by how many diseases the target has. So its important to maximize your damage by putting your diseases up and leaving them up. I usually start with plague strike, then the freezing (ranged) magic attack (I forget names, deal with it). That means I have 2 diseases on the target, and my weapon has a rune that CAN increase frost dmg. So THEN.. I start with my serious abilities.. I do death strike first because I can convert runes to death runes (like a wild card rune), this is helpful in longer fights since you can cast your spells easier and without the hindrance of the "you don't have enough runes" to do that message. After Death Strike I go for heart strike. They both get buffs from diseases as I have said but heart strike does more damage by far, but lacks the death rune conversion I am after. After that I tend to flip flop.. 2 heart strikes, then 1 death strike. Rinse... repeat until dead. What is nice is the abilities in blood spec make it so you're nearly invincible. I ran Ramps with some guys (all DK's) when I was 58. I feel as if I held up my end of the dps, and I never died. I only bandaged 2x's. Are you seeing what I'm saying now? I hope it doesn't get nerfed but seriously if you wanted to cry over OP, or imba.. this would be a good reason to do so.

I plan on leaving the rpr in the inn for a while and let Mcgoo run around in Northrend and collect some xp. My goals are non-existant at this point as I don't have questhelper (a crutch, I know) running I'm just trying to get a lay of the land. This is difficult for me personally as I have mental issues not grasping distances.. like oh its just over that hill.. mount up.. ride.. then look as the hill NEVER gets closer.. ah.. hm... ok.. so that hill's not so close.. back to the other area to finish up the other 2 quests. Its just me, I know.. but its a problem that Questhelper fixes. I need some UI tweaks since ace is out of the picture.. I just don't know where I'll go for all that.

If you have some UI customization hints hit me with them.. I could use a hand.

TTYL.. oh and.. watch out for the Grimrpr.. I don't know how long he'll be insanely OP.. but I 'm loving every second.

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