Friday, November 7, 2008

More on the meh...

Wow has really kind of stagnated for me.

I play still about 3-4 nights a week and I have a good time when I do, but I'm apparently all excited about the expansion and cannot see getting beyond that into the other stuff. I played dwarf a bit in "the Isle" to get some gold.. did that.. then played my druid and got him to 52.

The druid.. Jeez louise. I seem to find myself in these situations once in a while when leveling.. When I'm too low level to go to a new zone, and to high really to get any good XP in the zone I'm in. That is where my druid is. I finished up a bunch of quests in UnGoro and Felwood. I am really waiting for 53 (of which I am halfway through 52 anyway) so I can go to the plaguelands. You do realize what happens after plaguelands don't you? Outlands.

I plan on hitting plaguelands for a few days and get a few levels knocked out and then at 55-56 roll over to blasted lands to finish my approach on the black portal. Will this happen Pre-XP? no. I seriously doubt it anyway. With my select skills I use killing is kind of easy I don't seem to stop to heal ever, and I tend to help out others when they are soloing just to get some good druid behind the back attacks in. There is a new talent from mangle called infected wounds. Basically its like the pally talent in ret where you gimp the mob from your hits.. THAT little talent was worth every penny. I was taking on 3 level 55's last night and easily solo'ed them in cat almost the whole time. I kept mangle and rip up on everything as well as faerie fire. So I was (in my mind) gimping them 2x's. I was removing some armor (faerie fire) and removing some of their attributes (ala infected wounds).

Tonight I won't be playing because I never get to play on Friday's. Real life closing in on me as it would seem. I have high hopes to get in on some WoW-time this weekend pre-sunday (my biggest wow day). May consider taking a day off around XP release so I can get some all-day gaming done. Mmmmm my new death knight... if you have ideas for funny names for a death knight (most certainly a gnome.. ) let me know.. I'm not 100% on any names yet.

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