Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dailies, and my stomp through tailoring

Well where to begin... I've been away from blogging for so long I 'm not sure where to put my 2 cents. Well for starters, dailies..

I hate daily quests. I don't really, but its fun to say to shock people. I hate the daily PvP quest. I seem to check it on just the wrong days so its Arathi Basin. My server, the only time AB is a win for alliance is when we run in with a premade. That is fun and all, but I kinda miss the spontaneity of PvP pugging. I have been casually trying to complete this popping into a few bg's here and there, but not much on the way of dedication. I'll talk more of Eye Of the Storm in my next post, by the way.

Mostly I am all hyped up to get a skyguard epic mount. I've been pounding out both of the dailies I have access to (keep reading) and slowly building rep. The big problem here is, there is only 2. Now Ogrila (spelling, bite me) has a few skyguard quests you can do daily too. I believe more than 3! However to get access to those, you first need to do some quests for Ogrila. These are basically (to my untrained eye) big monster elite guys that need to be killed. They also need to have a full 5 man to down. HERE is my problem, nobody is EVER doing these quests. I can get a healer, but no tank. OR I can get 3 healers and a shaman.. It's always something. So I'm hitting major roadblocks there, and it continually bites my rear that I can't get to the other dailies I want cause nobody wants to do the quests. I really like those mounts, never mind I don't have the crapload of gold it would take to BUY the mount. I just don't see a time when I'll have an extra few thousand gold pieces to just throw around. Maybe I'm just pessimistic, but I don't really see a need for it so much as I see it as a "neat" thing. My buddy Val, is an overachiever and seems to always have a ton of gold sitting on all her toons. Personally I don't.. I don't really worry about money too much on WoW, cause well.. I can go grind on blood elves for 20 minutes, which is kinda fun, and make 5-10g. So why sweat it? She doesn't sweat it, she's just a master planner..

My other daily quest I do is cooking. Cooking to me, is like the most fun profession. It takes nothing to level, the goods are immediately usable, and often provide me with some really good buffs (+20 spelldamage? +20str for your tank? +20 agility for rogues/hunters?, or even +20 spellHIT. all of which come with +20 spirit.. and the standby +20 stamina). so I can never stop cooking. I have no intention of leveling cooking with anyone else, as.. well I have all the recipes possible at this point so I see no reason to change or push someone up through there. Now I HAVE been working on fishing with my alts, cause fish seem to give some of the better buffs pre burning crusade. PLUS in the eventuality you get to Nagrand, you get the bonus of fishing for motes of water, which are always nice to have, and SELL.

A lot of my gold stores have gone to pushing me through tailoring. I had all of the linen/wool/silk/mageweave that I needed to push through there. Maybe I bought a few stacks of mageweave, I forget.. Anyway, runecloth is where I got bitten. Now a funny thing about runecloth is, on Medivh server at the time I was pushing through... The bolts were cheaper than the cloth itself. So after a few wasted gold on buying cloth, I bought the bolts and pushed through easily. I sighed deeply as I could FINALLY use this enormous stockpile of netherweave I had saved up. I had, by a rough count, 1k netherweave. Wow you say? incredible you say? well to level quickest/cheapest, you need 2700! So I pushed through all my netherweave in about an hour (making bolts, etc..). So this left me with about 1/4 the imbued netherweave I need (for further crafts to top out) and a lot of goods that are flooded in the AH. No worries there my trusty enchanter friend will DE that crap and send me the goods back (less anything he needs) and I sell those on AH. The biggest shocker was that my problem pushing things was.. BAGS. Nobody buys mageweave or runecloth bags anymore. All these spoiled toons are rollin up to netherweave really early. Well I've had netherweave since it was possible to HAVE netherweave.. but thats because I had a ton of money and nothing to spend it on. I'm just about to 350 on tailoring in a blazing streak (thanks to mages for the int buffs, and druids for their buff for int). I almost never had a missed opportunity for a leveling point in yellow or green.

So to make a long story short, (no pun intended) this gnome is a merc. I'm grinding rep for scryers in Terrokar.. and doing these dailies till I can get access to more dailies for skyguard. I imagine eventually I'll be doing the dragon mount quests (to get one, I don't know what faction it is at this point). I'm not in a huge rush cause everyone has a dragon mount these days, and quite frankly I like the blue-ish looking sporebat that skyguard can get me. It looks dark and evil and stuff.. the dark dragon just looks silly. I'll have one someday, but it still looks silly.


Valdesta said...

Woot woot sounds like you're rocking through stuff right now, especially Tailoring.

I was lucky enough to get a recipe drop in Botanica or Mechanar for Arcanoweave Boots which used regular bolts of Netherweave instead of Imbued, but then use plain Arcane Dust as the extra mat. Easy Enchanting mat to get :) The recipe was 350 and yellow right up to 375 and I think there's 3 pieces to the set that drop in the dungeons in Netherstorm.

I would have taken weeks longer to slog through advancing tailoring through from 360 to 375 if I had to use Imbued bolts the whole way... *shudder*

WoWGrrl player blog

Valdesta said...

I got lucky getting the Ogri'la stuff done on my Hunter - timing more than anything. My Mage has done one quest because I came across the corpse of Maggoc in Blade's Edge, but the other two+ still sit in my log.

My excuse, however, is that my friends are still gearing up and not quite there. We might be there now actually, I'll have to coordinate an attempt over the next week or so.

Letcha know how it goes if it goes.