Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2's are for fun!

Well last night my buddy and I pushed through 10 arena games. Took about 2.5 hours to do it too. Why all at once you ask? Well he's going on vacation and wanted to knock those arena's out so he could get some points (2's is his only team ATM). Well as a BMhunter/SL/SL lock, I think we do well.

Let me preface that by saying: I know we have no healer.. no one to gimp healing, and my DPS is painfully slow. I know that he will most likely outlive me 100% of the time (he does, by the way). I know that if I was "serious" about arena I'd have a resto druid as my partner. READ THE TITLE PUNK.. 2's are for fun (and points for ati {that's his name}).

Well we won 3/10. A poor showing? I dunno.. we were 0-5 the first week we played.. So I consider this a monumental improvement. We lost 3 we should have won though, but due to poor coordination (no vent!). That and my damage is too slow, and his damage isn't on point yet (we're still collecting s1's for him to beef him up).

For instance, mage/priest combo ( I know, but we suck.. so we get no good combos).. Priest is just running around a pillar and the mage is going nuts on ati . By nuts I mean he was all over him like a cheap suit, and ati was having trouble getting done what he wanted. Thus.. ati died. Then I have a mage at 40% and a priest at 70% running to me. Now, 1:1 I can smoke any mage. ANY mage. Warlocks are just bad like that.. but what I had to essentially do is eat the heals off him with felpup.. then put felpup on the priest to block heals while I feared the mage. Ok.. so I'm busy. Priest got a way too frickin lucky psychic scream off, which made the felpup run. Worry? No I pooped on the floor. SO the mage is down to like 2% and the priest is coming into range so he can heal his team mate. I get control of felpup and go nuts on the mage. Kill him.. Only then to get killed by the priest (remember all my ducks are on the mage). To my credit, I feel like I basically solo'd a 2 man team and got 1 down (poor ati.. frost mage ate him for lunch).

I'm new to arena, and ati is even new-er than me. So we're basically noobs trying to mess up some faces.

One we won. Warlock/priest. This.. was... yucky. I ran in.. dotted lock and feared him.. then had felpuppy/ati going batshit nuts on the priest. Killed him fast (can't do much against a felpup), then went for the lock. He was good. Standard sl/sl playstyle. Dot dot dot.. drain.. So I took the spell lock off of the felpup so I could control when it happened. We were basically in a drain race cause ati had been dotted pre dead priest.. and he croaked on me pretty fast. So its lock v lock. SL/SL vs SL/SL. My advantage... I had more +dmg. His advantage.. more resilience. We went down to the VERY last second. We both died.. I just did it after him. I got spell locked at a bad time and just threw out 2 searing pains who 1 crit on him the other didn't hit for much at all. Then I popped corruption on him and hit drain. Wait 3 seconds and then realize I said CRAP did I get him? and looked at scorecard.. We WON! I was pumped.. ati was pumped.. it was all good things.

Then we lost a bunch, close ones mostly. Except a druid/priest combo. They pwned us. More correctly they took out the lock. The druid must've been on point with dmg, cause he didn't hit me a whole lot but killed me sickeningly fast. Which left ati to take a 2 man team.. He's good, but not THAT good. So we lost. The druid was sneaky.. and the priest shadowmelded so I couldn't see him either. So we appeared to be alone in the arena for a while there.. I did what I do to get attention.. I ran around and swapped directions a lot (rogues like to get behind clothies for backstab crits). I just KNEW we were doing this against 2 rogues and I was pissy about not finding them (remember.. we both had "see invisible" buff I have, and paranoia from felpuppy). Had we not have lost me in 3 seconds.. we'd have won that fight. 1) because druids suck (sorry guys.. but you guys do many things good... nothing great) 2) because the healer was a priest. Pallies we have trouble shutting down, but priests.. we can kill those VERY fast.

We did 2 against a couple lock/shaman, hunter/shaman teams. We won one of them. Took out the resto sham before he could do much. BIG key in my new playstyle is knowing only a pally and a mage can decurse. So if there is neither on a team, the healer gets curse of tongues.. period. A few seconds on a holy spell means someone dies for us. So that's not an issue any more.

While our record was poopy.. I can say that we did well for a mishapen team. Hopefully more fun in 5's will keep me more optimistic (and the points ROLLING in..)

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