Monday, March 17, 2008

So much, so much..

Well a lot has been happening.. Firstly.. my alts

I have decided that burning through all my dailies, then doing 2bg a night with mcgoo is boring. I decided that I want to have more than 1 lvl 70. I went to my guildies for advice since I've never had anyone above 49 (ahh.. the dwarf) except for Mcgoo. The crowd mostly pushed for a 50/50 on whether I should push a pally up, or a feral druid (turning boomkin @70). My response.. Ok.

What? you expected something more complicated? I'm an easy going guy.. So I started with a lvl 16 druid. He's been pushed through and out of rested xp into 19. To be honest he's about 50% done with 19 also. I had decided to pass time fairly between my alts to burn rested xp, so once that rested was burned I started kicking other toons around. My pally, well I got him knocking on 20's door, he's less than 1 bar away, and I have 4 quests from VC to turn in, so I imagine its moments from happening. My rogue, I played for about 10 minutes (hey, I gotta sleep guys!) and totally fell in love with the dmg rogues can put out. I love the direct-ness of a combat rogue, but nothing beats a stealthed ambush followed by a stun/backstab for a quick death for a mob @ lvl. Much thanks to atikam my arena-mate for pushing my pally's tired behind through VC. Had a ball, and tried to help with some healing (well.. I said I TRIED). I suppose once I go through rested on the pally and the priest (sigh.. more priest grinding), I can maybe.. push my mage up a bit. Mages are fun too, like warlocks only with BIG hits. My mage is all fire tree so far so the dmg is really there, but I miss the flexibility frost gives.. Maybe I'll go elementalist if I ever get her to 70.. dunno.

My rogue is kinda my "last alt" to push up. I enjoy her almost as much as my druid, but the hard truth is, that its because I lucked out and got some good weapons. Rogues are like hunters only without the pet, if you have no good weapons, you die. Fast. I feel like I have a good feel for the class though, so pushing her up to 70 won't be too hard once I get to it. I think combat might be the spec best suited to solo play, while assassination seems better suited for grouping (if you get the bit from subtlety that allows better sap). Don't know how she'll turn out in the end, but she's wicked cool at this level.

There, now you guys are caught up with my alts.

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