Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arena fun

Well its been a while since an update, and the reason for that is the BT:DT kind of things I've been doing. Nothing exciting.. nothing cool


Last night held 2 good things for me
  1. winning a few in arena
  2. got enough honor for my pvp bracers

Well arena is rough.. I don't have to tell you that if you go there. Seriously its one of those "barrier to entry" things. You can't outperform a team in season 3 goodies, in zero pvp gear. And you can't perform really at all without pvp gear (bg or arena). So to do well in arena.. you must first do well in bg's to get your gear up enough so that you aren't just there for eye-candy in arena. By the time I get some S3 points racked up, S4 will be upon us. So I'm not so much doing arena for S3, as I am stockpiling points for S4.. since my rating is poop, on both teams, I'll not be grabbing tons of points anytime soon. So its a gradual system..

Anyway though, arena has daunted me with perpetual losses for a while now, but this has started to fade. I think we've sunk low enough that the ppl we fight might suck more than us. Of course none in my group is in great gear.. I think all of us are in "good" gear. Personally, I like doing damage. My armory page will highlight that, as I am stacked higher (by about 200 dmg) than most locks in arena/pvp. I do this cause I like to hurt people, plain and simple. Although, analytically.. in arena "kill the lock" is a common strategy. Usually trumping "kill the healer". So being able to do damage even after death, to me, is important. I don't want to die though, and the majority of the battle's we've won were when I lived. I'm half joking, half not when I say notice we win more when I'm alive? I'm an SL/SL lock. We are known to LAST, not to do damage. I can put out some serious damage if I need to. Nothing like my old affy days, but this isn't pve. I'd be willing to stack up mcgoo to almost any lock out there and I think I stand as good a chance to beat any of them. Reasoning, is expectation. You expect a lock with 700+dmg (standard sl/sl makeup).. what you GET is a lock with >1k dmg (not uncommon, but also kinda freakish for sl/sl.. only me and the real bad-boy locks have this). Now granted, I don't know specifically the breakdown of dmg vs benefit to dots.. What I DO know is in a 5's match, 5 ppl with corruption means I WILL proc a nightfall at some point. At that point you WILL get blasted with it. With any luck it will drop you enough that my ensuing drain life will finish you.

Mostly its nothing more than us going against casters that allows us to win more than other times. I mean, considering we have typically a Shadow Priest, Lock, hunter/mage doing DPS.. With counterspell, felhunter, mana burn/viper sting.. We can handle a caster or 2. Our losses seem to spiral around Melee dps. Good locks are hard to kill also, while I don't find their damage all that impressive, they do put a lot of damage out there, but its cumulative. I typically try to wait when I get dotted.. at least 3 seconds. Reason for this? most locks, like me, lead with corruption 1, SL1, and max agony curse. My spellstone (which all locks should have for a lock battle) will remove all but agony. This reduces mana waste, and also forces a less experienced lock to burn spellstone. I wait a few seconds.. This can send a false positive to the lock saying "I have no spellstone cause I'm a noob". He then drops his big dots on you. Only then to have them dispelled by the spellstone. What has happened? Now he must RE-apply dots to hurt you. AND he's wasted a lot of mana getting 4 dots up on you that went bye-bye. I do this a fair amount of times cause I don't really mind hitting OOM, as its rare I live that long (remember, kil the lock?) At the same time all this is going on my dots are on him, so is my felhunter.

2) Finally getting my bracers tonight. They really aren't that huge you say? true.. but I'm pumping a good gem in them, and getting the +15 spellpower dropped on them. The only other equipment piece that i'll have a high price ench for is my weapon. That will get soulfrost(depending on how soon I can get it) or +40 spellpower. I personally LIKE my shoulder/head/chest armor pack that dumps 30 stamina on me. My shoulder ench from scryers is lame still so why waste the tomes? and I have almost NO rep to get the good head enchant. Shoulders are a bonus with this 10 stamina armor kit.. so rocking out is key. Probably will get a resilience enchant on my cloak (if there is such a thing) as I don't care for armor (I have like.. none now anyway.. so whats 100 armor?)

Alas once this is all said and done... I'll have to decide whether its more feasible to get the s1 gear (shoulder/robe/feet) or keep FSW for the dmg. I would want another FSW set for PvE though cause I would stack resilience on the gems hoping for a good enough showing in the end. I see NO locks running in FSW in the top tiers.. but.. I'm still pretty new to it all and running in the S3's before S4 seems highly unlikely.

Stay tuned to find out how my bracer enchant rocked my financial world!


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