Monday, March 10, 2008


It is always good, as a instructor/mentor, to have your student/cohort move up dramatically in ability..

Ok not only has my buddy Wulven (a veritable noob at PvP) moved up several notches in his PvP gameplay, but now I find myself being overtly jealous of him. Why? He's a "noob", mcgoo.. why be jealous?? Not jealous of his ability, not yet anyway, but REALLY jealous of his honor grind so far. Want a ballpark? He hit 11k honor in a day.. a WEEK day.. I've done that on AV weekend, sure.. who hasn't.. but DANG!! for a weekday? That's an insane amount of honor. He pounded out and in about a week he got his S1 xbow (huntard).

My old days of causing un-familiar folks to oggle my dmg in battlegrounds, are long gone. While my +dmg is WAY up.. I no longer have the PUSH to really get it there. Once my gear is totally retooled to all arena/bg gear, I'll be loosing a significant amount of damage (roughly 50 dmg), and that is factoring in enchants for spellpower (no soulfrost till next season when I get the new S3 spellblade at a reduced honor amt). So his damage was about 40k off mine last night, in the one AV we ran. Yara was with us, and of course his damage was off the charts. We 3 defended Belinda against, what seemed to be ALL, the horde. Successfully I might add. We defended SH bunker/IWbunker also. Yara and I know that the best way to wipe a group in pvp is the same as in a raid. Overwork the healers, while overdamaging the dps. He(yara) runs in with arc explosion, frost nova, CoC.. all kinds of frosty/arcane goodness. I typically try to see how many seeds of corruption I can get on the dps group. Nothing drives healers crazy more than having all the melee dps (including tank) get hit for 1500 dmg 8 times within a minute(on top of regular damage). I try to cast curse of tongues too on the healers.. Mages don't want to decurse in AV, it slows their damage.. all the while not realizing I'm killing their group by slowing their heals and increasing the dmg needed to heal. I WANTED my buddy (wulven, the huntard in question) to put a explosive trap by one of the wing entrances to belinda.. Either forcing the dps/healers closer to melee.. or onto the other side to escape the dmg. Either way meant bigger group to have a AoE go off on. Personally my seed spell is hotkey2. So I hit 2+tab, 2+tab.. until someone kills me. Remember, I don't mind getting killed.. what i mind is LOOSING. So after that death I come back in find the healers and pop tongues on them then I do a AoE fear standing next to them. The undead folks don't mind it as much as the others, and on occassion when I see 1 tauren warrior tanking belinda while rogues are viciously backstabbing her.. I deathcoil the warrior.. just for giggles.

In about 2 weeks wulven should have as much PVP gear as me and be 2x's as tough to beat. Now if I could just get him into some instances so he can get a decent trinket! In the end I want him/atikam/mcgoo on a 3's team. 3 DPS is a bit rediculous.. but why not. Its just for fun and points anyway.. Atikam is BM, Wulven is MM, and I'm SL/SL. I'm thinking I should just aim to put my dots on all 3 adversaries.. More "kill the lock" strategies seem to be rearing their ugly heads, bah!

Was thinking about my next upgrade equipment wise. I think I will aim for either getting both rings at once (cause its a biggy) or the S1 spellblade+offhand. Either way will up my resilience a good amount, and my damage (although the weap/off combo naturally boosts this damage a lot more).. guess we'll see..


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