Monday, March 17, 2008

Workin on the night shift..

No my new job hasn't forced me to work night shift.. its more my candid approach to raiding. I miss most of the raids for being not online till 8:30-9 on most nights.. I've complained how I WISH OH I WISH someone would raid post 9 for something..

Guess what?

Well my guild leader told me that I can arrange a run, no problem, just don't compete with the "real" raids (by real I mean the ones where they are pushing towards BT/MH).

SO tonight is my first "late shift kara run". We start at.. 8:45!! If you're on Medivh and you have some game, and are kara keyed give Mcgoo a shout at 8:45ish and we'll see if we can fit you in.

My main excuse is that I want the dagger from prince, I want to SEE prince.. and I want to kill the shade. The wicked ring off of atumen would be nice but, I'm not delusional.. that'll never drop, and if it does I won't get it. My real hope is that I will have some wacked out ubers from the guild push through all this with me and since they all have better gear than me, I'll get all the good stuff I want. Greedy? Yes, a little.. But I want it, and I hope I get it sometime, even if it doesn't drop tonight.

Wish me luck guys!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah that's great that you can get into some of the raiding once in a while. I have some friends considering switching to a West Coast server because their jobs take them to 8 pm and they can't find a guild on our server that raids starting at 9. There's one that starts at midnight but then that's too late...

I've got my Hunter "alt" (well, used to be my main but now it's the lesser-geared and my new guildmates know me more by the Mage than the Hunter) into Karazhan 3-4 times now and picked up a couple pieces of gear but since I'm an "alt", if there's a "main" who needs the gear I pass, so most runs are more for rep and fun.

It's interesting going through with two different toons, however - the responsibilities and duties and positionings are a challenge at times ;)

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