Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Behold the Fist of Verigan!

Through some sheer luck, and a helpful guy I met in SW, I got ran through the WHOLE questline for verigan's fist last night. Dinged 21 and everything.. Was a neat little run, a buddy of mine (atikam) has a pally who needs the fist asap, so we're going to make that happen on tonight.

Note.. hitting lvl 20 made it apparent as to just how overpowered pallies are at low levels. I do damage on par with my rogue (19, but pretty good).. All this while wearing mail, and being able to heal myself. Sick..

Tonight I will be helping ati, and then he helping me with pushing through some red quests for my druid (pally's not in rested xp, so I prefer him to REST). If worse comes to worse I can get my mage/priest involved to really help out in their respective roles. Sadly, I find I have no more patience for low level questlines. I want a mount, NOW.. And I want to be able to do things.. NOW. Being 70 and having the world there for you is really a spoiling experience.. or it has been to me.


Valdesta said...

Pally OP? I found it a tough class to get into, myself, but I really love going into instance runs with a Pally tank because I know it's going to be a lot more relaxing for me as DPS. I'm sure the healers prefer other tank types who use more CC, at least until they're geared enough to handle the mass amounts of healing a Pally tank can require ;)

I look forward to hearing how your adventures with him progress :)

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Geek Gmr said...

Yeah.. well I don't know how far your pally got but at 20.. mine's a monster. His tanking ability is as good as my druid, and his dps is better(got cat form last night so who knows.. could be on par now).

Numbers like 54-65 pop up all the time from my druid tanking in bear.. and my pally sees numbers like 140, 180 (weapon dmg, not holy additional) all the time. I guess a comparison from bear-pally is more fair than cat-pally, as cat doesn't have the armor of the bear.. Start a pally on Medivh Val.. just make her alliance and we can come up through the ranks together!