Monday, December 1, 2008

Nexus... FTW!!

Well this past weekend I made a run into my first northrend instance. Nexus.


I really liked it. It was simple simple and went off without a hitch. We had 3 pallies me and a shadow priest. So we were just healing and dps'ing everything into dust. I was the lowest level. I represented well with 15% of the dps. The big DPS'er was a 75 ret pally, who was spanking everything in sight. I was 71 at the time, so I felt my dps contribution was good enough.

All in all, an easy instance, healing wasn't intense.. Most everything was tank/spank.

The gear that dropped was all crap everyone didn't want. So I think it went to the vendor.. OH wait.. it went to the shadow priest. Sadly my frozen shadoweave may never leave me.. i may never get new stuff.. :(

Got a ton of xp from the run since I had a bunch of Q's there anyway.

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