Thursday, December 18, 2008

76, FINALLY.. jeez

Ok I hit 76 last night after.. well after too long goofing off and not playing enough. It was refreshing to see the bright lights of leveling up. I don't use the abilities at 76 that Thottbot says I get, so I am not training yet for it (why spend the gold?).. Well there was health funnel and soulstone but I don't seem to have an issue keeping the felguard up at this point. Well if I need to get into an instance I'll go train.. Maybe that's better..

Anyway. I am hammering out the zul drak's quests I am now doing the troll quests where I run all over finding relics.. and all that nonsense. Its not hard, just time consuming. I think if my PC was better I could find them better as I lag a lot, and don't see the "sprinkles" or whatever to tell you that a item is a important one (quest related). Kill quests though... with Mr Felguard on my side, its not a problem. I pulled I think 8 undead in the ampitheater or wherever that is (where they are trying to over run the FP/inn).. and slaughtered them all relatively easily. I noted that my new last resort technique involves me popping a healthstone, a health pot, and then going metamorphosis on the group in front of me.

More and more finding that my lock is "ezmode" and not exciting to me anymore. Sigh... we'll see how things progress though..

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