Monday, December 15, 2008

sigh.. stuck in Zul Drak

Zul Drak. Funny thing is when I first heard the name I thought immediately of the Sci Fi show "Farscape". (If you don't know of this show, go watch it all now.. its great.. trust me, you'll thank me later). In Farscape, the word "Dren" is the curse word for poop. So I have always thought of Zul Drak, as Zul Dren. it is proving itself to be such now. I am pushing along in my 70's trying to hit 80 before my guild is DONE with everything already again.. And I hit a wall.

The wall is what I call it when I am leveling at a crazy speed and then suddenly.. there's nothing. I end up with quests for all 4 corners of the zone, and spend 80% of my time online running, instead of killing(what I do best). Duskwood is the first BIG signpost I can say is a wall for me. I stall out something terrible in my late 20's to my early 30's. Then the magic that is STV comes to me and I start leveling again like a madman.

Well I hit the wall. I ended up goofing around and ran my buddy atikam to the wrong end of Zul Drak, so I made him go through dragonblight entrance (cuz really most of the q's I started with were there and were easy at 74). My goal was to hit 76 and move to the basin (sholazar, to be exact) and do my quest pickups so I could beat out another level in a night or two. What happened is I only finished 4 quests and barely barely barely moved the XP bubble. Ati's running in Zul Drak now and probably having an easy time of it, (don't ya just hate BM hunters?). My guild is showing e-peen for having the new badges.. "I need 20 more to get all the badge epics".. I threw up "how many do you guys have?" they were all like 200.. 150.. 400.. So I was like holy crap. How on earth do they do all that dren that fast?

So it already sounds like my guild is about ready to run naxx.. (yeah, I miss it again!!, I mean .. CRAP). Will I catch up? I doubt it, but I'm going to hit 80, that is a promise. Then I may start throwing my time around with dwarf and my DK. I really wanted to play my DK last night, but it wasn't meant to be. We'll see what the future holds for my peoples.. sadly Mcgoo has a neverending amount of rested xp to burn off so I may never get to say "well Mcgoo is done with rested, so I will burn it off of dwarf/Grim now"..

I know I know.. I whine too much. "boo hoo.. poor warlock stomping over everything in northrend.. wah wah baby.. " yeah yeah.. I know. I just like new and exciting things, and right now my DK is new/exciting.

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