Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well I have been barely on WOW in like 5 days. I'm shaking a little, but my small bursts keep me from loosing it.. So I'll be okay.

What have I been doing when I'm on?

Playing Grimrpr (my DK). I have been sending him stuff to mill (since I am only sitting at the PC for like 5 minutes at a time), and I leveled him a bit.. It takes almost NO time at all to push up a level at this point with him. Ironic I think as I don't remember it being so easy with Mcgoo or Dwarf at 60. Dwarf had an easy time, but hunters always do. I mean i fall you ever had to do was Send pet > shoot > loot, you'd notice almost no downtime. Then add in Viper aspect (as it WAS, not IS) and everythings great. Not the case with Grim.. Grim is actually having SUCH an easy time its somewhat rediculous. I made a few mistakes here and there, like doing the telhamat quests before I did the honor hold ones. Which if I remember I had a bit of a time with, with mcgoo, weren't an issue with Grim. I can't stop this nagging feeling that DK's are going to be hit with the "nerf stick". Its sick to see a lvl 61 DK take out a 63 undead mage. I really wish I could get to 70 before my buddy Yara gets his main toon (yara) up to 80 so I can duel his warrior (well geared, not great, but good) with Grim to see how Grim sits vs a warrior at level when the warrior outgears him. I KNOW a warrior can't level the way Grim does.. I run with my friend atikam's warrior and he can't run like that, so I know that PvE wise DK's smackdown on warriors.

I plan on pushing my inscription up to about 125 or so in the next week. The problem is I also plan on pushing mcgoo to 80 by 1/1. Is this pure hopes/dreams or can I do it.. I think I can. I know I need to do some mining in zuldrak and do the ampitheater quests (like ring of blood) and then I can roll out of that zone ( I missed a few quests but not enough that I'm hurting for xp, I mean I'm 2 bubbles into 76). After that I'm going to the Sholazar basin and kill everything, mine everything and pop up maybe a level or 2. THEN I'm off to the next zone to push up a level or two. The last level I plan to sit in the highest level zone and just go kamikaze on everything. Then I can get done with my leveling, respec to affliction/destruction hybrid and hit instances whenever possible.

sigh.. more leveling.. with mcgoo..

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