Monday, December 15, 2008

Frostweav'ing my @ss OFF!!!

Ya know.. I pick up 20-100 pieces of frostweave cloth a night, and just recently spent some time burning through it all making bolts and all. I found two things..

1) It takes a holy-jeez-I'm-going-to-die-from-all-this-cloth amount of cloth to make a decent pile of bolts of this stuff..

2) You would have to have TWO-THREE times the amount in 1) to have enough cloth to level tailoring.

Sadly I have only about 200 bolts of frostweave at my disposal now, I sold 2 stacks of 20 a while back for a quick cash infusion (has anyone SEEN the prices?!?!?!), but since then have done very little to level tailoring at all. Unfortunately frostweave may be more of a pain in the butt than netherweave was... sigh..

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